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  1. Looking for a repair person who can fix the door on my LG fridge. After searching this board, Gualberto has been highly recommended, however, he was unable to fix the fridge as he says he can’t get parts for LG. We also had Vincente from the repair shop on Colon. He could not help. We purchased the fridge at Costco 3 years ago. Hoping to find someone locally before bringing a repair person in from GDL.
  2. For future, I’d appreciate a copy of your document. Could you please PM to me? TIA
  3. Sadly, too late. Are you the person who created the document that chapalence posted? If so, it would be helpful to have highway numbers included.
  4. Thanks to all for the info. We followed the route provided in the link posted by chapalence and we’re mostly successful, with just one slightly off track. It oils be very helpful if that document included the highway numbers. Does anyone know who created it so I can. Make that suggestion directly?
  5. gee, thanks. Have you driven this route yourself?? GPS is not reliable.
  6. Yes, I’ve searched but after 15 minutes of reading unrelated posts, I’m resorting to asking. We’re travelling from Laredo tomorrow. Plan on stopping overnight in either Saltillo or Monterrey. Would appreciate info on staying on course. Friends recently travelled and got off track adding 2 hours to their travels. Thanks in advance.
  7. When driving to the McAllen TX area, where is the immigration office enroute? We understand that you should stop and get your passport stamped prior to exit and upon re-entry. TIA
  8. No need for you to explain yourself to a rude and judgementalhis response was a waste of time to everyone but himself.
  9. Tried to edit my post . Not Telmex, but Telcel.
  10. Yesterday, my husband and I applied for a Telcel plan rather than paying monthly. A matter of convenience for us. They ask for 3 references which we provided. This afternoon, a rep from a Telcel showed up at our doorstep asking how long we lived here and if we owned the house. Has anyone else had this experience? We think this is overkill to simply get a cell phone package.
  11. Also Jose Melendrez’s store on the Ajijic plaza.
  12. We are considering travelling to

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