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  1. Are you looking for this? https://www.amazon.com/s?k=digital+audio+converter&crid=3AU90O7DEM8TS&sprefix=digital+audio+%2Caps%2C302&ref=nb_sb_ss_i_6_14 Usually they do not kill the speakers functions but you need to refer to the specs.
  2. That sounds very interesting; thousands of Japanese immigrants-------. Who told you the story? It can not be correct! Japanese immigrants in 1897, with the first thirty five arriving to Chiapas https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_Mexicans Actually, they are not the first; there were two Japanese who lived in the center of Guadalajara around 1675.
  3. Yes, I agree. It is not easy and simple to compare the counter measures taken by each country. As of today in Japan we have 1,128 infected person and 42 death numbers. Korea has 8,961 infected and 110 person deceased as of yesterday. Korea has conducted much more testings and put more severe restrictions and controls. Tokyo has been very quiet since February. But only amusement facilities, schools and big events have been shut down so far. Shops and restaurants are still open as in the past. One thing I really doubt drive through testing method is fair or not; If possible it is very important to change clothings every time testing conducted. Please stay calm.
  4. Today's breaking news; http://www.xinhuanet.com/english/2020-03/17/c_138887971.htm The stock price of the company hit the limit-up on Tokyo stock market already.
  5. Greetings from Tokio again. There is only one country, I can imagine so far, that have controlled or have taken effective countermeasures to the virus is Taiwan. Fortunately or unfortunately they had sad experience with Sars in 2003 if I remember correct. All other nations including Japan, US, Italy, etc have made some kind of failures and mistakes, lack of communications, misinformation, logistics control of healthcare products, and so on. Even the government made mistakes so the ordinary people do the same naturally. I found some questionable posts on the virus in the past that is why I made some posts on this board. There were only 2+1 infected people from China+Macau in Italy at the end of January (reported officially) who were released later and there was "0" case until Feb 20. But now,,, Don't be pessimistic which leads nowhere. We are still suffering from the virus in Tokyo but I am having fun as in the past. "Know your enemy, know thyself, and you shall not fear a hundred battles" derived from Sun Tzu, "The Art of War"
  6. Rally GTO Mexico is over now. Tomorrow sessions/stages were cancelled. Many infectious disease experts are claiming that New CoronaVirus is not the flu but different; Mortality rate is much higher; 2% vs 0.1%,  Infectivity is much much stronger, etc. No specific remedy is not available yet. Fear might destroy the economy but the point is that the New CoronaVirus will destroy medical system in the country easily. Look at what is happening in Italy, Spain, France and so on. Washing hands is effective and Try to AVOID the crowd, too! I have been to GTO many times to spectate the WRC and I have a feeling that the spectators got exciting experiences and a small chance of getting virus as well. Do not get too nervous but do not underestimate the New virus.
  7. Whether smoking and gene of races are relevant to the virus is not medically proven yet. They are urban legends! The "New Coronavirus" as it indicate,is very new and we have not understood the natures and are not ready for effective countermeasures yet. No jump to the conclusion. “libenter homines id quod volunt credunt” Gaius Julius Caesar described in the "Gallic War" in English, Men gladly believe that which they wish for. People will see only what they want to see.
  8. Greetings from Asian country! I really like to believe in positive prophecies, too. As national economies have been integrated into the world market through globalization, new coronavirus incidents on opposite shores have begun to directly affect your lives, too I think. as of Mach 2 the numbers of patients of new coronavirus: Italy 1,694 Germany 131 France 130 Spain 83 Are these yellow or Asian countries? I see some news medias and/or people have over reacted to the new virus. But, why the stock markets reacted so badly recently? D you see the defensive measures the countries and or people taken seems to be too much? Of course the death # of flu in the States are greater. The death # of traffic accidents are much more bigger. The homicides number by narcos in Mexico is unbelievable. It is a totally different subject. The new coronavirus is very CONTAGIOUS. Please stay calm but do not underestimate.
  9. Hola again! I feel sorry to have learnt the news saying Mexico has two patients with new corona virus. Generally survival rate of virus is higher with lower temp and lower humidity. That's why we see much flu in winter time. per G.J. Harper https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2134455/ However new research shows different results. as per Karen Kormuth et al https://pmc.carenet.com/?pmid=29878137 Anyway we'd use commonsense caution around. It is getting pandemic worldwidely. It is not wise or distant to compare with other virus such as flu spreaded in the States. I am happy to tell you that I am still a ok except my stocks on the market.
  10. Greetings from Tokio where Corona Virus is going around for now. We feel sorry but we could not be snow birds this time. Fortunately, I have not heard any news about Corona things in Mexico except beers so far. Here are few things I would like to mention from what I have heard about Corona virus. FYI, I had been in a medical field for many years so I will try to be neutral. As of today, # of infected person in Japan: 170 , # of death: 1 (80yrs old lady) # of recovered: 23 excluding 691 infected and 3 died passengers on board. # of int'l infected: 79,391 , # of deceased 2,696 , # of recovered 27,878 Death rate is not big as of SARS for now. But the death rate of elderly person with diabetes, coronary and/or pulmonary diseases is well over 80%. Infectivity of Corona is much much stronger than SARS. As 80% of infected person get slight attack and/or no symptom. Incubation periods vary for 5~6 days and 2 weeks. So you may have a great chance to get infected or transfer the virus to the other without awareness. It is very difficult to identify the chain of infections. Do not take this too serious but do not underestimate Corona virus which, I hope not but I am sure, will be arisen soon in Mexico. My advice to you: Go and get a bottle of ethanol disinfectant diluted with water (not 100% pure one that is less potent). Wash your hands with disinfectant. Once you hear the news in Mexico, stay away from the crowd and be a hermit until this incident is over. Personally, I doubt the effectively of masks with regard to the virus. Have a good day and buena suerte!
  11. Generally speaking retails prices for the electric vehicle in Japan are set much much higher than the ordinary cars given tax benefits and/or subsidy from the government, for instance I got approx US$12,000 when I purchased. I can not imagine that you would get any reimbursements in Mex. I have also received US$400 from Tokyo metropolitan office to cover installation charges for AC outlet at my home. The actual cost was $500. One another intent to be added is acceleration feeling which is completely different you have ever encountered, smooth, linear and superb. I had driven Porsche 930 (911 Turbo). The feeling is very similar but linear up to the max speed without any catch. If you do not care about battery consumption and are able to manage ECU settings, you can beat NASCAR vehicles with regard to acceleration up to certain speed for sure. I believe a couple of days will not be enough to charge Tesla up by using solar .
  12. I would like to give some comments/thoughts on the electric vehicles from my experience. I had mainly driven sports cars besides racing cars for many years. But it happened: Right after my last sports car was delivered the earthquake occured on March 11, 2011. Many gas refinery facilities in northern part of Japan collapsed and short supply of fuel lasted for over a month. I decided to go for an electric car. First I wanted to get Tesla but it was not available in Japan then. I purchased Mitsubishi "i-Mieve" which I believe to be the first pure electric vehicle on the market in Japan. I drove it for about 4 years and I bought Nissan Note e-power which is operated with electric motors assisted with gas engine to feed battery housed. Here are my personal opinion on electric vehicles the Pros and cons; Almost no noise very quiet, sometimes pedestrians do not even notice the cars coming so the speaker equipped with the car makes noise to give them alert when running at low speeds. Excellent cool air condition function, no heat from no engine,so cooling function is excellent. However, heating function is not coefficient rather poor. Low maintenance: except brake fluid,no engine,no mission oil, nor coolant to be changed. Brake pads/shoes last longer because of less braking. Elec charging stations/spots; you should have high voltage feed at your home, say over 200v to get quick charge. Otherwise it takes time to get feed it up. There are over 21,000 elec charging stations and 31,000 gas stations in Japan. But this is one of the reasons why I switched to the present car from pure elec car. I got tired of checking batt level and charging spots before I drove. The actual millage is about 70-60% of nominal catalogue value.Of course it all depends on the temp and how do you drive. I believe Mexico will be a good place to have electric vehicles in the future as high elevation and warm temp. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mitsubishi_i-MiEV
  13. Hello, Chillin-San, I hope you will like Natto! Yes, Natto is one of superfoods and helps in preventing from forming blood clots. However, on the other hand, if you have coronary stents and/or artificial heart valves, do not take it. In that case Vitamin K of Natto becomes contraindication to warfarin. If you have a chance to grab Natto product at Japanese foods store in GDL, you can utilize one or two piece of Natto beans as a form of culture to prepare Natto products. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nattokinase
  14. I've been on diet for almost 6 weeks and I've lost nearly 15 lbs. I needed to lower HbA1c to get dental implants. I take fish, eggs, meats, dairy products, soy beans and related products such as Tofu, Natto, (mung) bean sprouts and vegetables. As you know bifidobacterium of dairy products help bowel control a lot. In a big city like Tokyo I see only one kind of tempeh on the shelf of supermarket. It might be difficult for you to find tempeh in Jalisco. You may find some nice Tofu and Nato stuff at Toyo foods in GDL.  But with regards to Nato you either love it or hate it. I am curious about what "SOFT"(protein) stands for?
  15. Ukiyo


    Chillin; I've never heard of chamoy. Will try next time. I found ciruela in Mexico taste similar to umeboshi. kgreenbury: hope to see you next time! cg: Hi Mike! Glad to know that you're doing sharpening practice!!!
  16. Ukiyo


    Personally, I do not use MSG when I cook but I am not opposed to using MSG that is easy to give the economic dish some savory. As you may know, MSG was discovered by a Japanese, Pro.Ikeda. His biggest motivation of exploring Umami is not well known. He simply wanted to help poor farmers whose main foods were rice and vegetables at that time and wanted to give them more tasteful life.
  17. Ukiyo


    Good morning, or buenas tardes! Right now I can not enjoy "mouthfeel" since I only have few teeth, ja ja. Ironically we have less words explaining texture of the foods as you do, such as crispy, crunchy, flasky, fluffy, and so on. With regards to "omobushi plums", we do eat a lot. You can find them at a Japanese foods stores called Toyo foods in GDL, they only carry sour ones, though. As far as I traveled over Mexico, I have not seen the Ume trees yet. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Umeboshi I always bring some with me to Mexico, so you can try them next time.
  18. Ukiyo


    Hi there! Greetings from Tokio! I feel sorry that we can not come to Mexico this winter because I need to get dental procedures (12 teeth implants)😪. We may visit Guadalajara after the Olympic games are over. Chillin, I might give you a wrong idea on Umami and Koji which are different; Umami, as far as I understand, was recognized and introduced to the Western world as the 5th taste. Please refer to: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Umami Koji is used to make Sake, Soy sauce, Soy bean paste, etc. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qū I will try to bring you some Koji-Kin with me when I come to Mexico next time. I hope I can pass la aduana sin problema because it is made from rice which is not allowed to import. If you have any ?'s, please let me know. Saludos
  19. I had been working in cardiac fields for decades and had worked with pacemaker companies such as Intermedics, Guidant, Sorin and Boston Scientific in Japan, I would recommend that you should visit drs nearby where you are now and ask for what kind of pacer would be suitable for you as there are many cardiac generators, single/dual chamber, leadless, MRI adoptive. The prices for devices vary a lot country by country as manufacturers mark up depending on the national health care coverage. And of course, the prices depend on the functions.
  20. I am happy to tell you that I had reserved a room with kitchen facilities at Hotel Villa de Angel 19th, and I have told and got a permission to have a couple of friends. So far I have 4 attenders. 2 more people can join us. Will PM for details for attendants. Cstone, thanks for info. Klm, appreciate your generous offer. Arigato!!! MG, CG, I became a kind of "loco" and not sensitive now. Do not worry I am happy. To see smiles is one of my wishes this time.
  21. AM, thanks for your input. MG, will get a permission before I conduct a seminar or meeting. The numbers are limited and no traipsing person is expected. CG, it is all right, I will not give up yet. The reason why I like to hold a seminar in Chapala are is simple, we do have a home in GDL where I can conduct without any husstle, but I thought it might be more convenient to do a course in lakeside area . My motive is very simple too, I just want you to learn what is authentic Japanese foods are. I have travelled many countries and understood only a few restaurants served me right. I'd be very happy if the attendees can pass on whatever learned to your family or friends.
  22. I am looking for a hotel with a kitchen space in lakeside area. I do not mind charges. I am planning a sushi seminar on or after the 19th of Feb., I will show you how to prepare gyoza and how to sharpen knives as well. The admission is free. There are still rooms for attendees (3 more) . First come, first served. Arigato in advance
  23. AM, I am no scientist, and I can not explain you why but from my experiences as a mechanic and a racing driver(I have overhauled many engines) I can tell that carbon deposits built onto spark plugs and valves will be blown away if you run engine under little bit lower the redzone for a while. http://www.ngk-sparkplugs.jp/english/techinfo/qa/q14/index.html
  24. AM, Generally speaking regular gasoline does not contain additives as premium ones because it does not produce cinders much. Of course it will formulate/accumulate carbon sludge and cinders for a long running time. Premium gasoline produces more cinders because of its octane natures=low ignition point. It has to have additives to prevent from engine deposits. However it is not powerful enough to clean up combustion chambers and/or fuel systems throughly as many oil companies advocate. It may be more practical to give a engine high rev shot once in a while for burning out carbon sludge.
  25. There is no any specific maintenance procedures as to German cars as far as I recall. I had driven German cars, and had maintained my racing cars by myself for years. I am not a professional mechanic but do have a mechanic licence (engines). I guess you just find some good experienced mechanics who will do good jobs.
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