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  1. Yes. I did not want to have to do all that research or figure out the layout so that it is aesthetically pleasing and there is also the best way to combine them with Ornamentals. Lots to know.
  2. I am reviving this topic as I have not yet found a landscape designer who can incorporate herbs and or edibles in my garden.
  3. Thanks a bunch. Prasad had a couple of bottles. Yes. It is expensive, but a necessity for me.
  4. In any event, thank you those who responded, however, my original request still stands. If you have a problem with in person meeting, then no need to debate it or respond as I am no asking for opinions about the meeting method.
  5. I think you are answer should have been No that I am not mistaken as currently they only meet on Zoom. Yes, it was an in person meeting originally, but now that information is irrelevant.
  6. I am forgetting nothing. Personal choice as to how people chose to meet. It was my understanding that group was only on Zoom. Am I mistaken?
  7. Considering starting a widows support/friendship group. If anyone is interested, please PM me.
  8. I agree!!! Stick to the original post.
  9. The site opened. I tried many dates and it shows no facilities available. Has anyone had any success with this?
  10. I don't know why that word was eliminated. It is not a nasty word. I.d.i.o.t.
  11. Do not use R & R CONSTRUCTIONS. It is a nightmare getting him to come back to fix one leaking skylight. He is totally unreliable. He sets a time and is a now show. Warranty means nothing!!! He is an :() because we discussed him doing my foundation work, so now he will not get that job over his not giving a damn attitude to honor his word.
  12. I really to find some Slippery Elm capsules to help with my medical problem. I have checked El Jardin next to SuperLake and they do not have any. I checked Amazon Mexico and there was none. If anyone has any resource to get this, please contact me. I know there is another health food store in Ajijic on the Carretera not far from a butcher, but I don't know the name so I can call. Getting out there personally is not so simple for me right now.
  13. So, R & R came out and did the job. The roof is better, however, there are now two leaks. He said he gives 5 year warranty. He has failed to come out and repair the leaks after several unanswered calls. Finally, today we spoke and he is to fix things, so we shall see......
  14. To my knowledge, it is all membership and monthly rental. The salesman said nothing to me about purchasing.
  15. The pricing is under Membership types. I finally located it. A notation also states that there will be a adjustment of the monthly rate based on inflation, PLUS 0.5 % per year. I have a feeling if there is deflation, there is no adjustment.....
  16. I cannot do any correcting, because you may right. I have been there, but I do no remember the fees and did not save the information.
  17. Thanks for responding. I think the monthly fee also changes depending on what type of unit is selected. They have Casitas and the apartments in the building. There is also an automatic yearly increase.
  18. Okay. In any event, later I found a post from them directly, and so I responded with my request for prices.
  19. I agree. It is insane thinking the can lure a prospect in this manner. I just had an idea. The next time I see something like that, after I have made inquiry as to the cost, I wold post a reply to it stating the cost for everyone else's benefit.
  20. I don't know if you will see a message I posted in response to someone else's post. Please post your prices on this forum and on your web site. This should not be a secret and should be information available to everyone. Thinking you want people to go visit first is a waste of everyone's time, if it is our of the prospect's budget. Also, please post your yearly price increase.
  21. I don't see the post I just typed, so I am retyping and posting. Apologies if it is shown twice. I am asking La Pueblita to post prices on this forum and their website. There is really no reason to not do so. If the prices are not shown because they want prospects to come out first, then that logic is flawed, because if the price is too high, it is a waste of everyone's time. No matter how beautiful, etc. it may be, cost is a determining factor. Also, don't forget to mention that there is a percentage of price increase yearly. I did go visit there, however, did not save my cost and price increase information. I personally felt it was too costly. Others may have a different opinion.
  22. That doesn't work for everyone, even "going the extra mile." I have gone the extra mile, as you say, in helping someone, and still, I experienced a theft from that person. I don't want this thread to change topics to discuss theft. I only mention this because, although your experience, was a God sent, not everyone is that fortunate with care giver.
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