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  1. I don't know what a nutbar is, however, it does not sound complimentary.
  2. Anyone know if there are any Conservative groups Lakeside?
  3. I have extra second hand suitcase in good condition I can spare.
  4. The hospital on the Libramento does not have an anesthesiologist and I need one for this situation. As to the hospital in San Antonio, I have had bad care there.
  5. I am checking around to see where to best place is to get an MRI. I have read some negative comments about San Antonio Hospital and, I must say, I also had a bad experience there when I had a procedure done. The staff really needs training on how to care for patients. The newer Riberas Hospital does not have an anesthesiologist, so that location is not an option. I'd appreciate any recommendations.
  6. Yes! That is the one I was suggesting.
  7. I don't know about the cow. However, I just drove through Chapala this morning and it is about a block from the plaza. You enter the area between the lighting store and the pet shop and it is in there.
  8. Yes, of course.. That occurred to me while I was looking at the business card (with no address!). Not sure how to describe the location. It is on the same side as the plaza. As you walk two or three blocks as though you were heading towards Soriana, there is a small lighting store right before you turn into this open area with a bunch of small shops. I did find this on the web: Hope this helps. Servicios de Fotografia y Videograbacion. Nuestro propósito es la satisfacción de nuestros clientes, somos especialistas en Fotografia. La empresa Foto luz le ofrece buen servicio con confianza de satisfacción. Estamos en Chapala, no deje de visitarnos. ¿Es tu negocio? Recuperalo Contacto Foto luz Teléfono: (376)7655765 Dónde estamos Francisco I. Madero 3 , Santa Clara o Centro CP: 45850. Chapala, Jalisco Coordenadas GPS: 20.3487465, -103.1891732 Mostrar mapa: Ampliar Mapa Vista de la calle
  9. I go to Foto Luz in Chapala -- 765.5765, 331.299.2126 331,422.4134 Paulina
  10. My usual driver is unavailable. Any recommendations (besides Miramontes family)?
  11. As to my original request, I just want to mention that I went to a very small shop in Chapala and got part I needed to get my original phone working, so no need for a new phone. The tech help though may still be needed.
  12. I need someone to come to my house to complete a printer installation and some software installs on a new laptop. Ruben is not doing house calls. I had someone start this task, then disappear when it needed to be completed. Recommendations appreciated. I also need to purchase a new cell phone. Samsung was recommended. Good place to make the purchase locally? Walmart does not sell them. I know about Telcel and a couple of places in Ajijic, however, I'd appreciate comments as I have not made those purchases locally as of yet.
  13. I am quite baffled. I have an appointment at the French Consulate which I was trying to confirm. I called the number and the woman spoke no French or English. From what I can understand, the appointment is in Mexico City! If here are any french citizens here who have renewed their passports in Mexico, please let me know how you accomplished it.
  14. Well, my wonderful handyman has turned out to be a thief, so now I find myself need of a replacement. I live in Chapala Haciendas. He was doing everything : yard, electrical, interior repairs, etc, so possibly I will need two people as not everyone will have all the skills. Reliable Referrals appreciated.
  15. Yes, well I was still told there was NO ONE to see me at the Lakeside location and that I would HAVE to go to Guad. I don't care where they live as it was not relevant to my request. I am well aware that many specialists are here just a day a week.
  16. They are really disorganized! I called the number for Dr. Ramos and evidently, she is with Quality Care, and sees patients locally. This is the same office that told me yesterday they had no one local!!!
  17. Thank you for that. Will call her.
  18. Thank you for that. I was finally able to reach them. The person who answered the phone kept me on the phone a long time after I asked for the name of the Gynocologist they now had. I then got cut off. She had no clue and NO LIST of doctors. Finally, I was given the name of a doctor in Guadalajara. I wanted someone local, so they were of no help.
  19. I just called all four numbers shown on the web for Quality Care. None are working. Anyone have better contact information? Also, any recommendations for Gynocologist?
  20. I want to have a security system installed in my house. Any recommendations?
  21. I called and he cannot provide a US prescription.
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