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  1. Maybe. However, I was commented on the fact that you said he assumed, which he did not. Yes. There are other options.
  2. Tomgates did no assume she is going to the US. It was a suggestion.
  3. Need house sitter for a few days in the last week of July. Please PM me if you know anyone who could it. I live in Chapala Haciendas.
  4. Is there power in Riberas?
  5. I adding a comment to this post as someone commented that it is an unsafe site and the numbers incorrect. I do not know what is true. However, I can say that my attorney's office looked up my RFC on the SAT website and results were identical.
  6. After reading all this about the RFC numbers being false, I searched for my auto title documents and found something which contained original my RFC number which did not come from that link I provided. It had the first two letters of my last and first name, followed by nine numbers. I don't know what to make of all this.
  7. I am posting this in case someone needs to find his/her RFC: https://www.mi-rfc.com.mx/consulta-rfc-homoclave
  8. Yes. I am looking and would like someone this week. Can you send me a PM with your info?
  9. Need a weekly maid in Chapala Haciendas.
  10. My plan with them is going to expire this month. Is there anyother way I can renew it besides the Ajijic shop?
  11. I can tell you why on my experience. I had Telmex phone with supposedly unlimited service. One month , as I was preparing for a trip to the US, I had to make a lot of calls there. My service stopped working. The Telmex office said they shut down my service because I made "too many calls" on my unlimited plan. The clerk also said this has been done to other customers. Telmex is also dishonest.
  12. I need some as well. I don't see any responses to this question.
  13. Any leads on one for sale? Or a shop recommendation in Guadalajara?
  14. Any other recommendations? This is for a labor issue.
  15. I would appreciate a labor lawyer referral. I know there are several corrupt ones in our area and I prefer not to use Spencer.
  16. Well..okay, but I really can't do much with that information. I would need names and contact info.
  17. Thanks a bunch. I will get back in touch. They JUST arrived.
  18. There is a Ukrainian refugee here I am helping. I thought it would be helpful to introduce her to someone who speaks her language. She has lost everything.
  19. Yes. I have that as a last option.
  20. Anyone know someone who speaks Ukrainian?
  21. I was not asking for criticism of people with whom you don't agree. If this is not something that interests you, then PLEASE do not respond to my post. Do not participate. Start your own topic. Only answer if you have information I have requested.
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