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  1. Anyone have recommendations for the largest selection of eye glass frames in Lakeside area?
  2. He's just a hostile poster, loves to attack, no matter what the topic may be if he doesn't agree. Doesn't have any regard for others or a sense of diplomacy.
  3. Posting specifics would also be a real service. Many of us do not or will not use Facebook and that should not be required in order to benefit from valuable information.
  4. I realize this is not exactly what you asked for, however, I think the idea is you want to rebuild your bones. I have Osteopenia and will not take any of those drugs as they do harm. Recommend you do some research before ingesting. I find that some people just trust their doctors. All they want is a pill. The problem can be corrected with nutritional changes, exercise (yes that dreaded word). If you have serious interest in this and are open to more natural, wholesome alteratives, are willing to take charge of this, you can help yourself. I have some good on line resources I watch. I can share. If you are interested, send me a PM.
  5. We have gone many times. It is busy with lots of cars, however, we can get a parking space. There tends to be more spaces on the Soriana side, past the supermarket, in the side streets, then we just walk across. The Tianguis really has a large selection of items and is it is less expensive then the one in Ajijic.
  6. Zeb

    Thanks for the offer to see you house.  I would love to do that.  Let me know when is a good time and your address.  I could probably come by on he week-end if you are available.

    1. sue


      You may come after 3 Saturday or Sunday I volunteer at the LFA shelter and am home by 3 Saturday

      333-903-1685  Give me a shout when you plan to come and I will put some of the dogs away.

      Cerro Colorado 3  This is on the mountain side Colorado runs behind OXXO up the mountain



    2. Zeb


      Thanks!  I will call you when I can come by.

    3. johs


      ..weekend is fine..please e-mail or call us....vandywells@aol.com   765-7446...probably afternoon is best  Judy

  7. It seems to me that it might be best if expats who are very handy (and whom you trust) might do better to help each other set up secret places in their homes to conceal things. The locals who build these places would then not know about them.....
  8. So then, where to keep valuables?
  9. Another option. Do some research on large doses of Niacin for depression. This has proven to be effective. I doubt that a regular doctor trained to use only big pharma products.
  10. Loneliness is not a mental illness. It's loneliness, an absence of human connections.
  11. Before buying hemp remedies, read up on it. Hemp remedies are not the same or as good as cannabis remedies.
  12. That's too bad. I don't want to have to deal with the bureaucrats for more than one process, so that leaves me with going to one of the Consulates and applying out of the country.
  13. Question: My spouse has Permanente. I was under the impression that the only if I want to apply within Mexico, I can only apply for Temporal. What I want is Permanente. Can I get that through his residency from here?
  14. The topic is not about opiod abuse. It is about a very ill person who is dying and needs help. I can tell you I know something about that. If you want to express opinions about that topic, start your own thread. This discussion is about helping someone in need. There is a lot of hysteria from government sources who have regulated the hell out of the pain relief. I can tell you for sure that there are people committing suicide because they cannot get pain relief. Lives have been ruined because some bureaucrat has no understanding of the suffering patients tolerate. This is a very serious issue. I hope you never find yourself in that situation. You may someday be dying and in unrelenting pain or know someone who is, and you will rethink what you have written here. Best to contribute to the discussion if you have something to help this person. Otherwise, don't criticize another being who is suffering.
  15. As stated earlier, I provided the name of a doctor than can prescribe those types of medications, and there are several others as well who have the proper licensing to prescribe them. I would prefer not to answer this question on a public forum such as this one, as it is personal. And, as you can see there are people just waiting to pass judgment on a medical situation about which they know nothing.
  16. Hi there,

    You had asked about pain management.  I really wanted to PM you, but don't see how to do that.  I wanted to offer some info that might help you.  Please let me know how to send you a private message, not through the forum.

  17. Dr. Alfredo Rodriguez Quintana at Ajijic Hospital can also prescribe opiates.
  18. Where is a good place to order contact lenses at a reasonable rate?
  19. I would also like to know who that is. It is important that we share this type of information with each other. It is good if we can help each other.
  20. I am speaking from our personal experience as I definitely don't know everything. He was unable to prescribe what my spouse needed, so we ended up having to go to someone else. I am just giving a comment as this is what happened with us. If others get good treatment from him, then I am happy for them. It is never about me being right or an expert. No need to attack.
  21. I second everything you just said. Government offers nothing but expenses and aggravation. It's all about control and getting money they have not earned.
  22. He is limited in what he can prescribe and this is not his specialty.
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