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  1. What would be the "proper" preparation of the base?
  2. When you say you were not pleased using the landscape cloths, do you mean esthetically or weed prevention wise?
  3. Got it. No need to get annoyed.
  4. I asked the landscaper about this issue and all he could suggest was a chemical. I don't understand this as I am not the only person making this request.
  5. It looks really good. So, you have no fabric in the planter, only rocks and that is working. My planter currently has only dirt and weeds in it, so I need to get rid of weeds, then do everything else and I want to make sure I do it the best way for minimal maintenance.
  6. Very good idea, so then the fabric is worked around the plants after they are installed?
  7. Suggestions on how to kill weeds. I have tried may things, salt, vinegar, etc. I do not want Round up in my yard. I will be installing plants fairly soon. The only thing I know to do at this point is pull the weeds, put down mulch and then small red river rocks after planting the plants.
  8. I used to see how to edit my posts, but I no longer see that feature. Typing errors bother me when I see I have made them.
  9. This is an old post that I am reviving. Has anyone used Eduardo Galindo for landscape design and installation. My project was started by someone, and then, due to different circumstances, remains unfinished. I have the flower bed built and the water system almost completed. I need to rest completed.
  10. Who is Dr. Christina? Do you mean Dr. Justina?
  11. I don't know if stem cell therapy requires your own blood at all. I know for sure it does for PRP which is a totally different treatment.
  12. I think reliance of electronic money only is a terrible idea. That's all it takes to take down a country. The governments really like and are setting us up so they can eliminate cash and have control over everything and this is just a sampling of what it will be like. No privacy either. I like cash for that reason. It is best to have a reserve of cash as well as some emergency supplies.
  13. I am sure that info will help someone. It has been many years for me, so I did not remember the requirements. I just remember having such a hassle when we went from Tourist to Permanente car wise. I think it is ludicrous that a Tourist can buy a house, but not a Mexican plated vehicle.
  14. Or...you can walk into Migracion and ask for the list of requirements. They speak English. No need to pay a facilitator.
  15. It depends. I think it's a lot of bother to have to keep renewing a temporal and then have to rush to drive your car to the border because it is US plated. I don't know if you can buy a Mx. vehicle if you only have temporal. It any event, it is whatever works for the person. Not necessary to be judgmental.
  16. That's true. However, as stated above, you can add other income sources or show qualifying in the other ways that are offered. Also, each Consulate's requirements differ a bit. I am stating this from personal experience.
  17. I found no information on there with respect to the well or anything of substance. David directed to me to another web page I suggest those of us who live in CH start using and supporting. ChapalaHaciendas.org. It has the information on the meetings and update on the well. It is fairly new so the creator would like some content added. I think we can help it along by posting resources and whatever information is relevant for us.
  18. I realize this is not what you asked for, however, I don't know if you realize you can do this yourself. You apply in the country from which you originate, then you complete the process here. The first consulate will tell you exactly what you need. After you cross the border, you go to Migration here and they will also give you a list of documents to provide. The attorney just does the errand for you.
  19. Who is the crew that was hired? I want to make sure and not hire them.
  20. I have some serious cracks in my walls that are getting worse. I really need some ethical professionals who can advise me on this.
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