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  1. I found how to select Ignore all content by that user, so that is now done! His content will no longer show up on my screen. Nice feature the forum offers. I do my best to treat people nicely and kindly and I always hope for the same, but some are incapable of this. This just isn't in their make up. It's just feels good to them to be critical and attack others.
  2. And there are those who made these remarks without knowing what all had already been done, but nonetheless, continue to make judgments.
  3. I will reply with PM to this post. Thank you.
  4. This person is totally judgmental , critical, with absolutely no facts or knowledge of the personal situation. Best to ignore his content and not respond. There is a way for me not to see it anymore and I cannot remember how to do that. If you know, please PM me.
  5. You come across as just plain nasty and critical. If this is your idea of being helpful, then please don't help. My post is about getting help for sick, hurting person.
  6. You haven't even heard mine. All I provided was minimal details. Wouldn't that be fun or do you just want to start an issue here? I have an extremely ill person in my household and I don't need criticism. I need help. He wrote a prescription for pain meds which we could not fill as the pharmacy was out of it. I nicely asked for his assistance in locating the medicine. This is a hard scrip to fill and he knows that. We had JUST left his office. He made me wait through an entire other patient's consultation and was going to see another patient while he kept me waiting some more. I stepped in to please ask if he could rewrite it, and he got irritated telling me how busy he was. This was urgent. The worse part was his tone of voice. We will relieve him of one patient and lighten his work load by going to someone who is polite.
  7. Pain patients are committing suicide because they cannot get help. My topic is about getting help with a serious medical condition, not about addition. If you want that discussion, please start your own topic.
  8. I am starting this topic once again. I so wish we had a separate section on this forum for Medical/Dental. We need to change doctors again. This physicians seem to be great for a while, then the whole picture and attitude changes. We have been seeing Garcia at Maskaras for a couple of years now. He has become rude and difficult to deal with. I really can't believe the tone of voice he used with me when I was there last. If anyone wants details, I can share it through PM. The result is we need to move on. I'm tired of being treated badly when we pay someone. We need someone who can write opiates and knows the rules. I realize there are specialists that come weekly or monthly. It would be preferable to have someone who is here all the time and charges a fair rate. The rates go from 250 pesos (Dr. Lastra) to 800 pesos, other doctors. Garcia is at 600 pesos, but you'd better not ask for any additional help if you can't find the medication or you will get chewed out. The problem with Lastra is that he will not provide a prescription as he gets it from someone else and you cannot take it and fill it yourself. You would only get the meds from him at a cost for us, of another 800 pesos.
  9. We met with her. She was not diabetic. She had Fibromyalgia.
  10. What else can you tell me about Dr. Aceves? Is he no longer a GP? What is his specialty? What does he treat?
  11. I do appreciate everyone's comments and input here. Although the topic was Stem Cell Therapy, in this case, it is good that some have mentioned similar type treatments as it helps me become of aware of other potential options.
  12. Zeb

    Hi there,

    I'm glad to learn that someone else goes to a Naturopath.  It seems all the advertising from Big Pharma has completed programmed, or should I say afflicted,  the entire population.

    Wanted to send you a private message as I am tired of the attacks by Angus.

    I think the Moderator is not doing his job.  It seems we have rules that he is not enforcing  I think the only way to stop this guy is for no one to respond to his posts.

  13. Warnings do nothing for this poster.  He just keeps on the attack no matter the topic. Please do something about this, so we don't have be subject to insults.  Rules about personal attacks mean nothing if not enforced at the onset.

  14. We have gone many times. It is busy with lots of cars, however, we can get a parking space. There tends to be more spaces on the Soriana side, past the supermarket, in the side streets, then we just walk across. The Tianguis really has a large selection of items and is it is less expensive then the one in Ajijic.
  15. Zeb

    Thanks for the offer to see you house.  I would love to do that.  Let me know when is a good time and your address.  I could probably come by on he week-end if you are available.

    1. sue


      You may come after 3 Saturday or Sunday I volunteer at the LFA shelter and am home by 3 Saturday

      333-903-1685  Give me a shout when you plan to come and I will put some of the dogs away.

      Cerro Colorado 3  This is on the mountain side Colorado runs behind OXXO up the mountain



    2. Zeb


      Thanks!  I will call you when I can come by.

    3. johs


      ..weekend is fine..please e-mail or call us....vandywells@aol.com   765-7446...probably afternoon is best  Judy

  16. Another option. Do some research on large doses of Niacin for depression. This has proven to be effective. I doubt that a regular doctor trained to use only big pharma products.
  17. Loneliness is not a mental illness. It's loneliness, an absence of human connections.
  18. Before buying hemp remedies, read up on it. Hemp remedies are not the same or as good as cannabis remedies.
  19. The topic is not about opiod abuse. It is about a very ill person who is dying and needs help. I can tell you I know something about that. If you want to express opinions about that topic, start your own thread. This discussion is about helping someone in need. There is a lot of hysteria from government sources who have regulated the hell out of the pain relief. I can tell you for sure that there are people committing suicide because they cannot get pain relief. Lives have been ruined because some bureaucrat has no understanding of the suffering patients tolerate. This is a very serious issue. I hope you never find yourself in that situation. You may someday be dying and in unrelenting pain or know someone who is, and you will rethink what you have written here. Best to contribute to the discussion if you have something to help this person. Otherwise, don't criticize another being who is suffering.
  20. As stated earlier, I provided the name of a doctor than can prescribe those types of medications, and there are several others as well who have the proper licensing to prescribe them. I would prefer not to answer this question on a public forum such as this one, as it is personal. And, as you can see there are people just waiting to pass judgment on a medical situation about which they know nothing.
  21. Hi there,

    You had asked about pain management.  I really wanted to PM you, but don't see how to do that.  I wanted to offer some info that might help you.  Please let me know how to send you a private message, not through the forum.

  22. Dr. Alfredo Rodriguez Quintana at Ajijic Hospital can also prescribe opiates.
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