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  1. I called ViLuMa for an appointment about a month ago. They never showed at the appointed time and I waited way past the time. Yesterday, I called to get another appointment. Again, no show. They were to come at noon. I called them and was left on hold while the person had discussions with someone else in the background. I finally hung up. About five minutes, later they called my house offering a 3:30 appointment. Forget that! They have no common sense or courtesy, so we won't be giving them any business. I'd appreciate recommendations for someone to make a screen door.
  2. I just drove back from Chapala Haciendias. Not cars allowed to take the libramiento towards Ajijic. Everyone made to turn around. Best to stay of the roads for now.
  3. Both good suggestions. Where did you buy the Oaxacan rug? How can I tell which Sears is a large one?
  4. We are looking for a large colorful rug, at least 10 x 10. We also need a long runner. If anyone has one for sale or can suggests places to buy one, that would be great. I already know about Barbara's Bazaar, Meubles Placencia and the resale shops in our area. Haven't found anything. I don't think the Mexican rugs sold on the main road will work as they are too thin and would be hazardous for a lot of walking.
  5. There are actually, many strains which contain CBD. The seeds can be ordered and the vendor can tell you the percentage of CBD and THC in each strain.
  6. Legality of medical treatment is in the works. In the meantime, all those types of things are legal here in Mexico in small quantity. I know where you can purchase an oil with has a combination of CBD and THC. For many medical conditions, you must have both chemicals as they work in concert with each other. This is a complex topic, but that's the simple explanation. The other option, of course, is for you to grow it (very discreetly) and make your own oil. The insanity and stupidity of the governmental system is this. You can possess a small quantity, but you are not allowed to grow it, so that begs the question, if growing is illegal, then how to you possess any??? Anyway, that's a bit off topic from what the OP asked.
  7. I am also interested in Natasha's response to this as we have chronic problems with insects and have two cats.
  8. Yes. It is all peculiar. You can buy a home with a Tourist Visa, but not a car.
  9. I have noticed. I was wondering if anyone else had. I think it's good to coordinate the home furnishings to work well with the architectural style of a house and not try to force a look that just isn't compatible.
  10. We will be very happy to have them here. They sell many innovative and practical products. We redid our Kitchen in the US with their cabinetry, purchased knives and assorted items from them. I do agree their furniture is not high quality, but then again, not everyone needs that.
  11. What if you don't want any connection to CFE and don't want to sell them anything?
  12. Good luck with that. I got the service about three months ago. I has NEVER worked in our house in Riberas. Although I paid cash at the local office, they will not give a refund. Only way to get it is to go to Guadalajara. I do not understand this. Why couldn't they just request a refund for me to be sent to our address??? No customer service when you want your money back.
  13. Yes Ferret. You and I agree. Joco. I said nothing about an attorney's authority to override a Notary. He/She would be an independent reviewer there for OUR benefit, just as you would get a second opinion from any professional.
  14. I already acknowledged that fact in my initial post. Attorneys are not prohibited from auditing what is being done.
  15. I do realize the Notario is needed for the closing. We are not attempting one without a Notario, but we want an attorney as an independent reviewer.
  16. Some of the reasons you mention are why we want an attorney. Thank you for your comments.
  17. I'd appreciate some attorney referrals to go over some real estate contracts and verify closing documents. I do understand the Notarios do this. I want an attorney to verify the Notario's work. I already know about Spender, so if anyone has other referrals, I'd appreciate it.
  18. It is great to read consistently good reviews on this doctor.
  19. Yes. I am familiar with the licensing requirements and what is needed to be able to write these. We have been dealing with this situation for a very long time and there is no hope for another solution.
  20. Yes. I do realize that. However, this was a long term patient doctor relationship and he has all the medical records to back up the need for meds. He even agrees the legal amount is not sufficient for the issues and level of pain. I think that he has become extremely busy and has taken my spouse totally for granted as an easy office call each month. For him to say to us that he has patients to see is out of line because my spouse is a patient , is he not? We had paid for the visit. These types of prescriptions have to be written exactly as to the number of pills AND the exact brand name. In this case, that brand name (which we normally get) the pharmacy was out of it, so it had to be re-written in order to get another brand. Those are the rules in Mexico, so we were stuck and had to ask for a re-write. We even checked with other pharmacies first. He got angry that he had to redo this and we I suggested perhaps he call ahead to save everyone's time, he said he would not do it, and NOT in a nice way.
  21. Ferret: Thank you for your kind and helpful response. You are one of those I know who are consistently thoughtful. I will certainly consider that. Do you happen to remember the office fee? It seems those are pretty high. I am aware that most of those partnership organization typically have several specialists as part of their team even if they are not there full time. I am a bit nervous about that arrangement, because our first pain management doctor came from Guadalajara for those types of patients, sometimes did not show up. This really caused a crises because, as you know, you only get the exact amount of pills and no extras, so there is no allowance for unexpected events and delays. One time she left a prescription and we were charged for a full office visit anyway. We did not find that acceptable at all. One time we drove to Guad to her office and, evidently, she was called away on an emergency prior to our arrival and never bothered to call and let us know. The result was a wasted trip AND no prescription. What a mess that was. After two or three episodes like that, we are leery and said no more, so we switched to another doctor who is local. I am sure you can understand this.
  22. I found how to select Ignore all content by that user, so that is now done! His content will no longer show up on my screen. Nice feature the forum offers. I do my best to treat people nicely and kindly and I always hope for the same, but some are incapable of this. This just isn't in their make up. It's just feels good to them to be critical and attack others.
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