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  1. Please stop this person.  Calling people snakes are personal attacks. Please do not tolerate this on the Forum.   I had blocked this Pedro person more than a year ago, but he must have re=registered under another name.   This last message he signed his name.

    These are attacks:


    "You and yer bag of snakes can not upset me. no nimrod on this board can do that and the ones who think they can, I laugh in your face. I have helped more people on this board than the likes of you ever will."


  2. Yes Lakeside. I feel the same way. There are nice photos of bad people too in this world. Anyway, Dr. V may be a very good surgeon. I just found him arrogant as well. To not bring water to a sick patient is really pitiful and inexcusable.
  3. Happyjillin just does not understand that we are describing our experience with this physician. It upsets him. He thinks we are creating fiction and is taking it personally. He is defensive child and you cannot reason with this type even though no one has criticized him. Best to ignore at this point.
  4. Wrong??? I described my experience. There is no wrong or right. It was what it was. Once again, this has turned int a personal attack from me just describing what happened. There is no agreeing or disagreeing of what someone's experience was.
  5. I agree based on my own experience there. I also had someone in the office block my e-mails when I mentioned their advertisement about accepting US insurance is not accurate. They have no understanding of customer service or handling a complaint in a professional manner.
  6. Wow! Are you critical and judgmental! Just plain mean.... I attacked no one. I described my personal experience as it happened. You are the one attacking me at this time and being insulting. Yes. I knew the cost. That does not mean I don't get to have an opinion about it.
  7. I fail to understand why someone cannot accept that their experience may differ from someone else's.
  8. Yes. I made a mistake on his specialty when I posted.
  9. Ah here we go, I am somehow to blame even though I was sick........and needed help. If someone asks me for help or water, I stop and help. It's the right thing to do.
  10. He has staff. When a patient is not well and requests water, doctor should help by either getting staff to bring it or get it. This is human kindness! I am not surprised I am being made the one at fault on this forum. It is pretty well what I expected from some of the people here. No one is no high and mighty in their credentials that they should refuse to get water for a patient.
  11. I rgot medication etc. he recommended and followed instructions and none was helping. I decided to get another opinion and saw someone in Guadalajara. He gave me a completed different diagnosis and treatment and the problem was solved in a short time. So...Dr. V made be good at surgery, but not much else.
  12. Here is my experience with the Gastroenterologist, Valenzuela at Quality Care. It was my first visit and I was in some pain. When I got into his office, I realized I had forgotten my water in the car, so I asked him if had some water. Here is the conversation below: 1. Do you have water? Him: no Me: No water in the entire office? Him: No. What about in the lobby? Him: Yes Me: Could you please mind get me some? Him: No Me: Why? Him: Because I am in here with you in a consultation. So, instead him simply asking his staff to bring me some water, I got up and asked the staff myself and they did bring it into his office for me. If I had not been in pain and in need of some quick help, I would have walked out. For this type of treatment, I paid a ridiculous 1,000 pesos, which way more money than is reasonable for being in Mexico.
  13. I had an emergency about a month ago and had someone take me there. The care was pretty good, although my case was simple. One criticism I do have of their procedure and that is, that the guard should not be stopping people to get their information when they are going to the Emergency Entrance. The can get your name once you check in.
  14. Here is my experience. It was not good. I had colonoscopy there. I was left in a cold hallway waiting outside the OR. I told them I was cold. No one make any attempt to get a blanket. After the procedure, I was put in bed and neglected. Bed was not cleaned. I asked for help three times. I was then told them had staff shortage. Not my problem. I am paying a high price (for Mexico) for care. I was also placed on a bed near the emergency entrance so everything was open. Only bathroom nearby by was one everyone used. I will never go there again voluntarily. I also want to comment on Dr. Carlos Garcia. When my spouse was alive, we got scripts from him for pain. He made a mistake so that it would not be filled. That of itself is not good, but can be corrected. I went to his office to get a new one and he was incredibly rude and kept me waiting while he saw two other patients. He knew this was an urgent need and could easily excused himself, just re-written it and given it to me. He was angry with me when I stopped in before he took yet another patient. I want to add that I was very calm and polite with him. I was not angry when I got there, but really, he was aggravated that he got interrupted. This was a prescription for Morphine, so it was urgent. I can say two more things and I am sure someone will not like it. This week a friend overhead him say "we need to stick it to the gringos." Also, another physician told me that Garcia really didn't care about patients, only making plenty of money.
  15. Very good. I was able to reach him at that number. Thank you.
  16. I have called twice. Goes directly to voice mail. Any other options?
  17. I find the search feature on this site really frustrating. Maybe there is a better way to do it than the way I do it. If I put in the full name of a person, I get results with one of the names but not both. Anyone have a better way?
  18. I have the same question.
  19. I agree. I am almost sorry I ever mentioned Greenland!
  20. Yes, of course. Climate change is normal. Greenland is all ice, but got its name because one it was at one time, green and lush.
  21. I do realize that. I was just describing.
  22. Well this is a recently built elevated flower bed that was recently filled with new soil from the Garden Center, so should be no bad soil, however, weeds have come up.
  23. What would be the "proper" preparation of the base?
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