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  1. Who cares!!! It should not be imposed on others.
  2. The Admins do not read all the posts, so you have to contact them if there is a problem. I do agree that too much nastiness is tolerated.
  3. The health care is not better, but more accessible. Not so many restrictions and barriers to the doctors. You get the doctor's cell number and can communicate directly. That part is an improvement. You will not have endless waits at an emergency room. You will encounter a lot of inefficiency here such as equipment not working and incompetent clerical workers. Some don't even know how to answer the phone, so they just say hello so you have to ask if you have the doctor's office, etc. Certainly, less expensive than in the US particularly for dental and some other specialties that you could not afford in the US.
  4. Read your comment about the gardener problem which became legal issue.  As I am looking for someone, dd your remarks pertain to Gustavo, the one that was being recommended?

    I have already had legal issue with a handyman/thief, so don't want to go there again.  Appreciate any comments you may have.

    1. lakeside7


      Zeb my situation happened about 20 years ago, the guy was from San Juan Cosala, overqualified, but good. Cheers

  5. They only had the small ones.
  6. I cannot find this and I searched under the person's name. The search feature here is not good.
  7. My opinion, La Publita is way too expensive. We are , after all in Mexico, so it should not cos that much.
  8. Where would be a place I could get some medium size red volcanic rocks? Perhaps they are called river rocks. Not sure the of the name. I can only get small ones at the Azucena nursery and a couple of others I asked don't have them.
  9. Anyone going to the US within the next ten days! I have a small item that UPS needs to pick up from anywhere in the US. And, no it cannot be picked up from the UPS here as it is an Amazon USA return.
  10. You were one of the lucky ones. However, some of the others who have received no care or terrible care .......
  11. The only option when no one can explain a charge is to not pay it unless they come up with a logical explanation.
  12. I totally agree. We just are money sources, not patients. Most of these medical facilities don' t have a clue how to take care of a patient, especially one that has been hospitalized. I personally had a bad experience at San Antonio Hospital.
  13. In answer to your question, you should not have any problem with your AT&T cell phone service if your plan includes being able to call in North America. What happened to me was that I purchased my plan from AT&T in Mexico and when I arrived in the US, I was unable to call anyone. I was able to use WhatsApp. My thinking at the time was that since my contract is with AT&T, that I could simply go into a branch and get help. They had no record of my plan as the company is not associated, so they would or could not help me. Interestingly, I just purchased a new cell phone in the US, and with the same Sims and number from the old phone, everything works. It is a mystery.
  14. When I had trouble with my phone in the US (which is AT&T service), I went to to AT&T stores. I was told there was no record of my contract and that, although they are AT&T, there is connection between the two, so forget about getting any help.
  15. I don't think the search feature is working on the forum. I put the work "airport" in and got nothing. Hard to believe the lack of results. My questions is, if anyone has left Mexico recently, is it still necessary to go to Immigration prior to checking in with the airline?
  16. Yes, of course. That is a fact. Landlords are also terrible at doing what the lease states, so therein the comment that they are pretty useless . I have known so many people with landlord problems and they end up having to move, and sometimes multiple times because of all the aggravation. Owning is no picnic either here with all the labor problems....workers no showing up and doing crappy work, etc.
  17. They are meaningless in the sense that it's almost impossible to enforce them. Getting a deposit back. is almost impossible. They do have uses for some of the things you mention above, but not worth much for the original intent. They can be litigated. Ok. Good luck with that and even if you win, no way to enforce and get payment.
  18. So Chuy Lopez did come out to discuss work I needed done. We made an appointment. He got sick and did not make the appointment. He told me he really wanted the job, so we rescheduled. No Show. I called and sent WhatsApp. No replies.
  19. I did not read every detail on the posts above mine. Smog inspection wise, my mechanic's daughter is offering a service where she picks up your car in the morning, gets it done and returns it in the afternoon. For me, it was well worth it.
  20. Probably looks good on paper, but I have no confidence in the system.
  21. Leases mean nothing in Mexico. People rarely get deposits back. Best to just not pay the last month. There is no reasonable due process here and as stated above, it can last years and then EVEN if you win, how to collect is an issue. I have heard lots of horror stories from people I know.
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