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  1. The thing is where does government rule stop and who decides what is right. Otherwise, citizens have to do all that they are told, right or wrong and we are just slaves to a system. History is just not on the side of government using restraint.
  2. Thank you for posting this so clearly. People are just too much like compliant sheep and forget that we are in our right to use our own judgment. When the population caves in to these demands, we end up losing our freedoms. Government is not a parent.
  3. Yes. I have asked three people about their gardeners. I used one who worked for a neighbor. He usually failed to show up. I asked two other people, one of which said she was aware that she was really overpaying just because she liked them and the third was a similar story. Based on the responses, it appears the cost of around 70 pesos per hour is more reasonable. I also agree that it is best to pay by the job as you cannot always trust the amount of time they actually work.
  4. I am in Chapala Haciendas. Have tools and there isn't a ton of work. It's mostly grass, not huge. There are Bouganvillas in one area that occasionally need trimming and one small flower bed, a few potted plants on patio. I think usually less than two hours.
  5. I need grass mowed, small amount of plants trimmed and edging done. Suggestions please on what to pay for this.
  6. Good question. I would like to know as well.
  7. I have sent a private message in response to this question.
  8. The US Notary is Yvonne 765.2917 or 2603.

    Your other option is to use an on line notary.

  9. I am in need of a Tech/Security person to work on my existing security system. The person must not be from our area and must be really trust worthy. I would appreciate referrals.
  10. I paid him at the end of each day depending on how long he worked. It was flexible. We had no contract.
  11. That is the situation. He was free to work for others. We would agree to the next work day and hours that worked for both of us. It was basically project oriented.
  12. I actually never terminated him and he never quit. I left the area for a while.
  13. Is everyone just recommending Spencer?
  14. I had someone do work for me for about 2-3 months. I am getting e-mails from him now saying he worked for me for a year and is due finiquido. We have no written agreement and he was on an as needed basis. Comments please.
  15. I don't know what a stimus is.
  16. Thank you . I will have a look at the link.
  17. That's the problem. It has been connected for a long time and cameras are not on. It is not allowing me to log in as I may have incorrect password, and no verification. I want to reset password and everything again, so I can get it working. I have been unable to do that.
  18. All this about a low profile is all well and good, however, it doesn't change the main issue, which is you cannot live the way you want in safety for fear of being a crime victim because in this country there is no rule of law.
  19. If you don't like what someone is posting and are not interested in it, just don't read it or block the poster instead of being nasty.
  20. Thank you. I will check source.
  21. I want to place an order from a US vendor and they can't tell me what I would pay in import fees. Is there any way to find out before my purchase?
  22. I am looking for someone to reset my security camera. Because this is so sensitive, I really don't want to hire a Mexican business to do this. I am looking for an American or Canadian expat who can help me change the password and reset it.
  23. Yes, of course, it should not be political, but when someone wants to ban information they don't agree with, then it's censorship. I don't agree with censoring someone's opinion or experience, even if I don't agree with it. A lot of things treat symptoms. This is what medicine typically does unfortunately. Steroids are used for many different illnesses and disorder. Ideally, we want to be healthy to begin with and not need any of those pharmaceuticals. After all cures, mean no money is being made. I posted that I thought it might be helpful and potentially some good news. Also, I think anecdotal evidence has value. Sometimes it isn't necessary to spend a bunch of money on studies and wait for people do die in the meantime.
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