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  1. I also had terrible experience at Pancho's. Was there one evening by myself and ordered a salad. I was the only customer. Salad never came. After about thirty minutes, I just left. Another time, I was there with friends for their steak dinner and it was terrible.
  2. I tried completing the form on their web site and it will not accept my phone number. I called the phone numbers, and it is taking me nowhere. Perhaps I don't understand all that it says. Any suggestions?
  3. My experience with On Line Notary. First thing to know, is that many government entities and private ones are unfamiliar with the validity of on line notary servies, and therefore, will not accept the document as notarized. I had many documents I needed notarized and the on line service did have the good sense to suggest I call the government agency to see if they would accept this notary. They would not. The problem is this is a fairly new way of getting this done, and they have no experience with it. I did get one document done by the on line notary, (that the recipient would accept) however, I was unable to get a legible printed copy although it was clear on the screen.
  4. Met with Arturo. Very nice man, however, he said he has no experience with those types of plants, so if someone has another recommendation, please let me know.
  5. I am adding additional comments to my previous post. After I hired another handyman ( a much more competent one this time), I learned that that the materials to build my fence, which Marcos ordered and had me pay for which were delivered, were not the height I asked for, an insufficient amount of meters and hardware to get the job done.
  6. Everyday police on the highway heading toward the airport have someone pulled over. Does anyone know what that's about?
  7. I should amend my comments. I don't think ALL vaccines are a bad idea. Certainly, there are some worth taking such as polio and others mentioned above. I just think they are overdone in some cases.
  8. I am looking for someone who can design my landscaping to include a few edibles, herbs, medicinal plants. I am in Chapala Haciendas. Any recommendations?
  9. Could you please provide his name and contact information? Thanks!
  10. I don't trust vaccines. Do some research on vaccines in general before you allow someone to inject you. Also, isn't it interesting that vaccines normally take years, and now all of a sudden, one will be available quickly. I don't get vaccines, flu or otherwise. Don't believe what doctors tell you. They don't know everything. They ar sold just like everyone else. A perfect example. A couple of years ago, I overhead a woman say she trusted her doctor and that he said it didn't matter which flu type you were guarding against, and that the flu vaccine strengthened the immune system. When I looked on the CDC website, it stated that anyone with a compromised immune system should not take the flu vaccine........
  11. All those comments about not needing to carry it with you are correct. I do keep a regular copy in my wallet in case I need some type of ID besides my driver's license. I used to use that copy at my bank as ID, however, now they do want the original for withdrawals. In five years, no one has asked to see it other than the bank. Some people just thrive and operate on fear of every rule. Don't let that be you.
  12. Before you do it, may want to read this: https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/microchips-pet/
  13. Does anyone know what the current status of emissions testing is in our area? Is the place in Chapala doing them?
  14. Multiva has both banking and investment sides.
  15. I have had problems getting the curtains hung back up correctly, so I need someone who knows how to do that. Additional, I have draperies that need to be dry cleaned and also hung back up. Recommendations would be appreciated. I spoke with one upholstery shop and they can't help me.
  16. Someone on this Board recommended the handy man Marcos, so I hired him to do various tasks. I want to provide my experience with him. He arrived shortly after 9 am. About thirty minutes after his arrival, he said he was going to stop for Breakfast. His first task was to complete an overhang over my front door. The metal frame was in place, however, it needed some finishing, holes patched, metal painted and tiles installed. About two hours later, after he had installed about 30% of the tile, he said the metal frame was too weak for the weight of the tile, so all that time was wasted and he would have to start over once he returned with his welder (on a different day). I have had someone else come and look at it, who said frame is plenty strong, however, tile needed to be sealed before installing and the frame itself is crooked and not flush against the wall, so it all is needs removing and to be redone.He showed me the problems and I could see exactly that he was correct. I asked Marcos to solve a problem with the toilet which had a leak which I thought was from the base of the toilet. He looked it over, pulled out the toilet installed a new seal and cemented all around it. Couple of hours later, he said he was stopping for lunch. After he left I went to use it, didn't flush, so turned on the water, which then splashed everywhere as he had not installed the connection to the toilet and it was an open hole. I installed it myself. Hours later, water all over the floor. Leak not solved and concrete that he used around the seal was crumbling on the floor. Second maintenance man had over today, immediately showed me the source of the leak and incorrect tape was also used around the connection. Simple repair which will be remedied in a few minutes. Marcos, who supposedly was experienced, should have seen what the problem really was and checked that all was functioning before telling me he was done. The seal did not need replacing as it was not leaking from there to begin with. There were numerous other small things I asked him to do, which handled in the same manner. He told me he was done for the day at 4 p.m. I told him we had agreed to a wage for an entire day, and I consider a day's work 8 hours, so he said he would stay one more hour, and after 45 minutes, he said he was leaving. He doesn't check his work to see if problems for which he is hired are actually remedied. I won't have him back.
  17. Call David -- 52 393 934 9284 - He is looking for work and is dependable, has numerous skills. He has limited English, but he manages and with a little help sometimes from a translation app for those words that are uncertain.
  18. I don't get much either. Sometimes an occasional check which I have them deposit. Do check their web site. They also have excellent customer service, so you can click on the box to message them and they will respond quickly. It is a back and forth instant message. I do not send have any packages sent there as it makes no sense. If I have a package, I have it sent directly to the General Mailbox at Ishop as a private box is not required for that. For paper mail, you request a scan and print on your own home computer. I ask credit card companies to send those UPS directly to my home in Mexico. So far, this has worked well.
  19. Travelingmailbox is a US address and not a post office box. At least check it out on the web.
  20. how did they come out? I have used a steamer in the past and the one I had was ineffective.
  21. I have some large sheer drapes that need ironing. I can't get it done on my ironing board, so I need someone who has a good space and is used to doing this type of thing. Whomever it is will really need to be careful. I'd appreciate some referrals.
  22. I have found what I consider a better option. I use www.travelingmailbox.com. No need to go anywhere. I am notified when mail has arrived. I then select what I want done with it: view, print, delete, shred, forward, etc. and it is done. What I need a paper copy of, I print on my home printer. If I receive a check, they handle the deposit for a small fee. It is less costly and incredibly efficient. I would really consider that instead of the local shops.
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