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  1. Thank you. Texas is not listed and has no restrictions.
  2. Is a Covid test required for travel from Guad to Houston?
  3. I know someone who is in serious need and I am not sure about all the available charity organizations here. I don't want to be solely responsible for ongoing financial aid, I would appreciate some suggestions. My church does provide food, however, other things are needed I believe.
  4. I have a handyman desperate for work and he is a very good worker. If anyone has any work, please send me a PM.
  5. Location: Chapala Haciendas Pets: Two small dogs, two cats Time: Possibly one month Starting Date: Undetermined as of yet, however, possibly in ten days or so If you have a recommendation, please send me a PM.
  6. Absolutely agree. I have been told many things by "authorities" which turned out to be false.
  7. I just got a new passport as my old one had expired and so now the Mexico Visa showing my Residencia Permanente is not in it as it was in the old one. What is to be done about that?
  8. I don't see the relevance at this point. I may have misquoted the sign, however, my post does state that your policy has to be on their list. My point was they do not take US insurance for payment.
  9. The large sign in front of San Antonio Hospital states "we accept USA insurances". As a US citizen, when a business states they accept our health insurance, to us, this means we don't pay for the medical service upfront. The medical expenses are billed directly to the insurance provider. Here is the information that two people obtained from Lakeside Medical (located within San Antonio hospital )regarding their claiming acceptance of US Insurance. From several communications with them, this is what became obvious. The service they actually provide is to file a claim for the patient based on the person's policy, providing it is a policy on their list. The fee schedule shown in their office has various names, however, they are all actually a filing service fee. Medicare and any US supplemental policy are not accepted and cannot be used in Mexico. In some cases, your policy may state that you can be reimbursed for emergency services provided within the first 60 days of entering a foreign country. What Lakeside Medical actually does is file those receipts for you and as mentioned above. Their very large sign in front of the hospital is totally misleading based on what I clarified above as to what this actually means to a US citizen. I don't have a problem with a service offering to file forms on behalf of patients, but this method of marketing is a bait and switch, and in no way reflects what they actually do. I am posting this as a public service so people will know what the real story is. Also, when providing feed back to the facility regarding the method and implication of that big sign, they were totally disinterested.
  10. Thank you for this suggestion.
  11. Why don't you people who REALLY want to discuss Covid start your own thread. Seems hardly anyone is capable of sticking to the topic I started.
  12. My question is asking for a restaurant suggestion, not on whether or not I should go out. If you have no suggestion, no need to reply.
  13. Any suggestions on where to have a nice Christmas Dinner that is not too expensive?
  14. El Jardin is a health food store and they have quality products. For the oils they sell Doterra.
  15. We cannot judge that for others as we don't know what their issue is and may have nothing to do with a confined space.
  16. Don't understand about the nudges and winks.
  17. You have opened up a real can of worms here on this web board. The whole Covid thing is really getting old and so many are really tired of it. No one really knows when this will all end. I think there will be some who want to socialize no matter what. How many? It's a best guess. I hope you don't get attacked too much for this question.
  18. Yes. That is my understanding as well. There is a whole range of gardening service and range of pay.
  19. Oh my goodness! Things really get convoluted on this Board sometimes. I do not want or need advice or what to pay or whether or not anyone agrees with me, etc., etc., If you don't have a referral or don't want to provide one, then no need to post.
  20. I think I just understood Upfront's post and to whom he was responding, so thank you for those remarks.
  21. In any event, I have searched this board and that is how I got the maintenance service I now have that is not working out. The rates vary from 70 pesos and up and it changes as to whether or not they have their own equipment and what service they provide. I have my own equipment,but I an flexible. This is my second yard person. The first one would not show up half the time. This one is paid way more and not working out and I don't want to have to go into the details. I don't think I need to state how much I want to pay. I think that decision will be made depending on the service I am being offered and provided. Each person has different skills (landscaping, versus just cutting and edging, etc.). It is equally my understand that the rate varies depending on the location of the house and that is why I provided that information....so I am back to my original request. If you do not have a referral, no need to post.
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