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  1. Got his information from this Board. This is my experience. We had an appointment. Never showed. Never called. I called him the next day. Made some excuse about an emergency, so I said, ""well, you have a phone to call if you cannot make it". His response was "do you want to call me?" He obviously does not need the work. I just made appointment with someone else.
  2. I did message you. However, why not just post the information right here?
  3. I have searched the forum and there are recommendations and comments about different professionals, however, some of those date back to 2015 and the not much recent. If anyone has any recommendations from recent experience, I'd appreciate it.
  4. I cannot answer that question as I don't know. My impression is that they have some things that are loaners.
  5. The owners of this store really know what customer service is and the rest of Mexico should learn from them. If you are in need of a mattress, they will give you one to try for a few days, no money up front. If it does not work out, returning no problem. If you need a mattress topper for it to try out, they will lend you that as well at no cost. Really nice people, owner and brother.
  6. Anyone have a parallel cable I could borrow for a short time? I need it to check the function of an older printer.
  7. I agree. It does not matter your political leaning. Courtesy and respect of others is what matters.
  8. Go sleep somewhere else. No one wants to hear your snoring. This little posting is like what an immature teenager would do.
  9. As I have said before "attack the subject, not the person". It does not matter which side a person is on politically. The topic had to do with masks, not about politics. Why do we always have to check to see how the source leans politically in order to feel that it is acceptable? I think it's insane to do that. I posted something a while back from a reputable Houston doctor and his medical opinion on the vaccines. This physician has been around for a really long time and had a radio show. Immediately, someone looked up his background, and as soon as he saw that he was a conservative and his related involvements, he was discredited. That was hogwash and had nothing do with his medical credentials or medical opinion, but this is what it's come to. It reminds me of when Christians were hunted down for whatever they did, just because of their religious beliefs. This is where society is going....total intolerance towards those who disagree. Very frightening. And quite frankly, I don't know who is moderating this Boards, but it seems that no one really is. We are supposed to have a Code of Conduct on this Board, yet it is not enforced. Posters get away with insulting each other and being snippy. It's high schools all over again. No adult supervision.
  10. Don't know what you are talking about. I just said if it what the other poster wrote bores you, you are not obliged to read or respond. No trashing or baloney.
  11. But what you just wrote is a serious contribution......you are not polite.
  12. If this bores you, don't bother reading or participating.
  13. Totally agree. Some just can't tolerate something that disagrees with their opinion, so they criticise the poster instead of the topic.
  14. Zeb

    Beef Prices

    Very good. Crystal clear now.
  15. Zeb

    Beef Prices

    I am not lazy or dyslexic. I saw the address, however, the location was still unclear to me as it mentions La Floresta and Ajijic. A point of reference is helpful such as the fact that it is near the Telmex Office.
  16. Zeb

    Beef Prices

    I am unclear on the location. Is in by La Floresta or is it in Ajijic?
  17. Any recommendations for a printer repair person?
  18. I am not sure how that is relevant unless he is promoting them as a cure and I did not see that in his article.
  19. Also, based on your comment no physician should ever give any opinion unless he/she could spend money on a research team. My understanding is doctor see patients and get data from labs and places that specialize in the research, and THAT is where owand h they get their data to formulate their opinions and how they advise their own patients.
  20. Nowhere my post did I claim that I had found special research on line that doctors and scientists missed. I simply posted an article written by a physician based on his opinion and expertise. Obviously, you want to make fun of what I did and it seems, for you, if I had posted an article which spoke of the medication favorably, you would be fine with that.
  21. I don't think that would make a good base line research criteria. He is providing data he obtained from other sources and certainly the 40,000 he mentions is worthy of paying attention. I did not see anywhere he claimed that buying his products would cure covid, so I don't think tha
  22. You are free to disagree with his medical expertise and opinion. He may not have his personal research team, however, I am sure he has access to research done by others as almost all doctors do. Most doctors in private practice use data from other researchers as well.
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