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  1. On 7/13/2023 at 11:10 PM, SunFan said:


    Same story I got on the phone to AT&T. Their agent should never have sold me the plan. But no admission of any responsibility for employing crooks to service their customers.

    Seems like a new Narco enterprize.


    Same old crap.  They do not take responsibility for anything.  Happened to me as well,

  2. I am in need of some help to get my art work and a few personal items brought to me from Chapala to Houston.  It would also work if someone is coming somewhere in Texas as those items could then be sent via Fedex.

    The professional movers are just too expensive!!!!

    If someone is coming this way, I'd appreciate the help.

  3. 22 hours ago, lakeside7 said:

    Yes you are correct...BUT....... I have many times used, Guillermo Cuen, who is an attorney at 325 Zaragoza, Chapala,,  and partners with this Notario:

    Remember there is a sliding scale of charges that all attorneys and Notaria's use, I have found him to be very professional and reasonable...no tinsel and glitter office but does a good job
    Pascual Avila Perez, Notaria Publica No. 1
    Ixtlahuacan De Los Membrillos, Jal
    376 762 0240 or 376 762 0040

    Except they do not answer the phone or reply to e-mails.  I have tried to reach him many times.

  4. 12 hours ago, Kiko said:

    I suggest you ask a trusted neighbor.  You may be surprised how caring and helpful your Mexican neighbor on your street will be.  Mexicans know that their govt will not help them so they depend upon each other.  

    Sorry, but this is not what I asked for.  You do not know my circumstances and what I requested is what will work for me.

  5. 1 hour ago, ibarra said:

    Zeb has made it clear she needs more than the occasional trip to a store by a neighbor.  She needs someone to cook on a regular basis and provide other services as needed.  She, IMO, is asking for an employee, not a volunteer.

    Thank you Ibarra.  You understood my request perfectly.  It seems others do not.

  6. AT& T is just not a responsive, customer service company.  In Mexico, the philosophy of the business always seems to keep to keep the customer's money no matter who is responsible for a problem.

    I got a message on my phone that my service would end in one week when my contract states I paid until June of 2023.  They are such $%&/()s there.  They said my complaint was against the employee (Girardo Marquez Flores) who handled my transaction.  Of course, I said that the problem was with the company and the theft of their employee is not my problem, but theirs.  They said they could not modify the information in the computer!  How ridiculous is that!

    It seems I will probably file a complaint with Profeco.  In the meantime, I really have no option, but to start another contract.   I will not go with Telcel as they are equally dishonest.  One month they cut off my service claiming I made too many calls although I paid for UNLIMITED calls.

  7. 1 hour ago, ibarra said:
    Teléfono: 3877620240
    Email: licpascualavila@hotmail.com.mx

    As I mentioned earlier, when I dialed that number, I got a recording that states the number does not exist. I have not yet tried e-mail.  I have a friend going by that way tomorrow, so she may be able to get a working number for me.

  8. 2 hours ago, Natasha said:

    Ixtlahuacan is NOT 376 exchange     TingTIng is most likely correct

    This is the third time I am typing and submitting this reply.  The site is not posting my responses.  On line it shows that the number starts with 376.  However, I tried the other area code and the recording states number does not exist.

  9. We also have had bad experiences with doctors who were simply lying about what they could and could not do.  There is a special license required for certain narcotics and I would also ask ahead of the appointment if the physician had the  necessary license for this type of medication (which my spouse had been on for years and needed) .  One physician said no problem.  Well, guess what??? Problem.  He agreed it was the right medication during the visit but did not have the license and I could go on, but you get the picture.  There was no language problem with this guy, so he was clear from the start.

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  10. 13 hours ago, sm1mex said:

    I have had many hospitalization and surgeries here. More excellent care than US. I have medical insurance here and recommend it. If you need a Dr.  call their cell phone. They answer and will take care of you. 

    Not all patients have had your experience.   I also had my spouse hospitalized three times here and I cannot say it was that good.  I remember one hospital in Guadalajara where I had to ask for towels and basics that are normally provided in the bathroom.  It took 24 hours to get towels and then it was a battle as they kept saying it was housekeeping's job, but housekeeping never came....

    In  a different hospital, there were other much bigger issues such as them insisting I sign a form stating that I would pay interest if the bill was not paid and refusing to fill in the amount of the interest.  I had to get two doctors and administrator involved.  My husband died a few hours later.  Of course, I paid in full before leaving, but that was not the point.  There was much more that was simply incompetence, but  I won't go into it here.

    My experience on this forum is that when you write these things, you get attacked by people who have had a different experience.  Some have had good experiences.  We did not.

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