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Status Updates posted by Zeb

  1. Sent message to Mod 3 and got to response.  Today again, I typed a response to a post and hit submit and it does not submit.

    1. chapalence


      You posted four responses on your only thread.

      Were there supposed to be more?

    2. moderator-2
    3. moderator-2
  2. Zeb

    The site is not working correctly.  I am replying within the person's post or individually and it is not posting.

  3. Read your comment about the gardener problem which became legal issue.  As I am looking for someone, dd your remarks pertain to Gustavo, the one that was being recommended?

    I have already had legal issue with a handyman/thief, so don't want to go there again.  Appreciate any comments you may have.

    1. lakeside7


      Zeb my situation happened about 20 years ago, the guy was from San Juan Cosala, overqualified, but good. Cheers

  4. Please stop this person.  Calling people snakes are personal attacks. Please do not tolerate this on the Forum.   I had blocked this Pedro person more than a year ago, but he must have re=registered under another name.   This last message he signed his name.

    These are attacks:


    "You and yer bag of snakes can not upset me. no nimrod on this board can do that and the ones who think they can, I laugh in your face. I have helped more people on this board than the likes of you ever will."


  5. The US Notary is Yvonne 765.2917 or 2603.

    Your other option is to use an on line notary.

  6. Zeb

    Hi there,

    I'm glad to learn that someone else goes to a Naturopath.  It seems all the advertising from Big Pharma has completed programmed, or should I say afflicted,  the entire population.

    Wanted to send you a private message as I am tired of the attacks by Angus.

    I think the Moderator is not doing his job.  It seems we have rules that he is not enforcing  I think the only way to stop this guy is for no one to respond to his posts.

  7. Warnings do nothing for this poster.  He just keeps on the attack no matter the topic. Please do something about this, so we don't have be subject to insults.  Rules about personal attacks mean nothing if not enforced at the onset.

  8. Zeb

    Thanks for the offer to see you house.  I would love to do that.  Let me know when is a good time and your address.  I could probably come by on he week-end if you are available.

    1. sue


      You may come after 3 Saturday or Sunday I volunteer at the LFA shelter and am home by 3 Saturday

      333-903-1685  Give me a shout when you plan to come and I will put some of the dogs away.

      Cerro Colorado 3  This is on the mountain side Colorado runs behind OXXO up the mountain



    2. Zeb


      Thanks!  I will call you when I can come by.

    3. johs


      ..weekend is fine..please e-mail or call us....vandywells@aol.com   765-7446...probably afternoon is best  Judy

  9. Hi there,

    You had asked about pain management.  I really wanted to PM you, but don't see how to do that.  I wanted to offer some info that might help you.  Please let me know how to send you a private message, not through the forum.

  10. I don't know how this new messaging system is supposed to work as it is asking for your e-m address, which I wouldn't have.  Just wanted to say I appreciated your comments about GMO.  The other issue about that is that this type of produce is not labelled for what is really is and people don't even know what they are eating.  I was in line at Sam's yesterday and asked a woman if the produce she chose was GMO.  She didn't even know what that meant.

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