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  1. Still out today - Chatted with Telmex...parts of Riberas are out of service. No estimate on its return. Walking in the area, I haven't seen any service workers.
  2. Thanks folks. We are two blocks away from you OasisCloud. 4G on the roof
  3. Anyone else in Riberas lose the net this morning?
  4. I am curious if anyone here has a purchased an iPhone from Telcel here Lakeside. If so, do you know if it was sold as unlocked phone?
  5. I usually pick up a few when here lakeside..typically 4-5 inhalers. I have not had any problems at US customs bringing them in. This has been on 4 different trips and always flying in. I have never checked them and always had them in a carry on. While technically a liquid, it hasn't seemed to matter flying in either direction....TSA (and equivalent) haven't recognized it as such, and I do not put it in my liquids ziplock.
  6. Thanks bmh. Anyone have ideas about Saturday?
  7. Does anyone know how late in the evening the buses from GDL still go into Ixtlahuacan and continue onto Chapala and beyond? Not sure if there would be daily variance, but my interest is in Saturday night. Thanks in advance!
  8. Yes - have done two in the last two years...both at Telcel in the Plaza Bugambillias (El Torito). Sylvia does it. It can take several days. Price was around 750 pesos if I recall.
  9. Thanks again for the thoughts on this post. @AlongTheWay - I dropped a line your way via the messages here on the forum.
  10. Some great responses and intelligent words of warning. Thank you.
  11. Hello - my wife and I are entertaining the idea of living over in San Luis Soyatlan. We have been down in the Ajijic/San Antonio area for roughly 20 months cumulatively over 5 years. Love the area, but also note the increasing crowdedness and prices. Our Spanish is alright and we enjoy speaking Spanish. We are mid 40s. I am looking for comments on the following: Boat docking in San Luis Soyatlan & Boat docking in Ajijic or San Antonio. -Our gut feeling is that we would rather not have a car, and prefer bringing down a small boat..would rather run errands on weekly basis in Ajijic (rather than Jocotopec)if possible. We have lived on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala in the past (and enjoyed the boat rides...when the waves weren't coming over the front of the boat . ) Internet speed and reliability - we need the internet for work. Is iLox laying cable on that side of the lake as well? Are Telecable or Telmex available? I have heard that there is Telcel service - is this just a rumor? If anyone has speediest.net data, that is very helpful. As would reliability. Telcel Service - Is it decent? Property sales - Here in Ajijic and S.A., I notice that properties are sold both by realtors and direct sale (though my observation would tell me that there has been a decline in trato directo signs). In SLS, are most sales Trato Directo (this is fine, we don’t mind navigating the system)? We are not necessarily looking for a Fraccionamiento….but would not rule it out either. Any other experiential or anecdotes welcome. We are aware that the town has a more Mexican feel, not to rely on English…etc. Thanks in advance.
  12. Just used an Uber on the 3rd of October from GDL to Ajijic. Price was 277 MXN at 5:30am. Used Uber for a couple trips to the airport last year and had great experiences...usually price was around 210 MXN. Locally, it has been inexpensive and filling a need when taxi drivers were not available.
  13. Hello - my wife and I are back living in the Lake Chapala area and available for house sitting. We have house sat at multiple homes in the Ajijic/San Antonio area, and work with a house sitting service in the US called TrustedHouseSitters.com through which we have house/pet sat in North Carolina, Florida, Texas, Nevada, Colorado, and California over the past 2 years. Our profile on TrustedHouseSitters.com: https://www.trustedhousesitters.com/house-and-pet-sitters/united-states/new-hampshire/concord/l/14229/ Drop me a line if you have a short or long term need for housesitting: other.br@gmail.com ~ Brian
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