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  1. Lucky Dog's Garage Sale is next Saturday!!! Mark your calendars and come out! We've got great bargains and the lucky dogs have been excited all week about visitors coming to see them!
  2. We want to let our readers and donors know that the Ancianita’s Home lost their source of water and that's why we're having a Matching Funds Campaign to drill a new well. The farmer who was giving them water from his well now doesn’t have sufficient water for himself. The home has been forced to buy 200,000 liter pipa trucks for 1600 pesos for their drinking water, bath water, etc. One truck only lasts the home for three days. We have told the Ancianita’s Home that we will try to raise money to pay for part of the new well. The home has cut back on baths, laundry, etc., but there is only so much they can cut back and still provide a hygienic environment for the ancianitas. If you can donate to this cause, you can donate directly via the Ancianita’s Home Pay Pal account at: https://www.paypal.me/ancianitas. If you donate, please also message Linda Rudisell-Hinesso she can track the Matching Funds. Thank you!
  3. Lucky Dog has a generous anonymous donor who will donate 20,000 peso in Matching Funds! It's easy to donate. Click on this link to donate online or find the other ways to donate. https://www.luckydoglakechapala.com/donate.html Please be generous and help us support dogs--in-need at lakeside.
  4. This event usually sells out so buy your tickets early. You won't be disappointed! The arrangements are stunning! For Tickets: Call Janine (376) 766-6044 or Leslie (376) 766-2274
  5. The Ancianita's Home is very low on all pantry essentials so we're having a Pantry Drive. Hope you can help us provide some basics to these elderly indigent Mexican women. The home is on the south side of Lake Chapala. Thank you!
  6. Hope you can come to this dinner to help us buy food and potable water for the women's home on the south side of the lake. The home shelters abandoned and disabled elderly women.
  7. Remember, tomorrow is Lucky Dog's "Mutt Strutt" followed by "Bark in the Park". Hope to see you there!
  8. To sign your dog up for the Talent Show at Mutt Strutt, email Sandi Nichol at funnyfacenichol@hotmail.com: Your name, phone number, name of your dog and what the dog does. It will be fun!
  9. We hope you can join us for this event! The proceeds will go to buy food & potable water for the Ancianitas Home on the south side of the lake. The Ancianitas Home provides care for elderly abandoned and/or incapacitated women. They recently lost a big donor and are in desperate straights right now.
  10. All of the information is on the poster below. There will be the Mutt Strutt, agility demonstrations, food, etc etc. Hope to see you there!
  11. All of the information is on the poster below. There will be the Mutt Strutt, agility demonstrations, food, etc etc. Hope to see you there!
  12. I posted photos earlier. I don't know why they didn't show up. Thanks.
  13. This little angel is looking for a good home. Below is the message Mary sent Lucky Dog: If interested email Mary at: maryeleekz@yahoo.com "My husband and I found little Nikki on the streets several months ago. We fed her, we took her to the Vet and had all her vaccinations done, she was wormed, spayed and begin thriving on her daily diet of chicken and rice. She is an adorable little dog. We do not know what type of dog, but she is small and playful. She is white with tan ears and a fluffy tail. Our situation has changed drastically since we found her. My husband, 88, is now fighting cancer. He just underwent 3 surgeries all at once and is recuperating here at home. I am 78 with feet and leg problems. What seemed not to be very difficult in the beginning has now turned into a very difficult situation. As you know, taking care of someone who is ill is a full time job. Nikki loves her walks and it has gotten to where it is a real chore for me to do this for her. She is a very playful and loving little girl and I would like to know if you would take her in your adoption center and find her a good home."
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