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  1. Avoid: mordida, traffic tickets, licensing, operators licensing, vehicle repairs and upkeep, vehicle insurance, concern over police harassment, simplify your lives - RIDE THE BUS - get driven around in a quarter million dollar vehicle to where ever you need to go, enjoy the sights on the way, be entertained and meet strangers - all on the bus
  2. I am looking for a supplier for some baking supplies like peppermint extract, almond extract, canned pumpkin, parchment paper, and someone that sells bulk chocolate by the kilo. for baking.
  3. Alfa Sounds to me like you are describing European hinges, one of the best and most popular hinge styles NoB. There are many different styles of European hinges but the way they attach with the sunken portion is the same for most of them. They have become very popular because of their ease of installation and how they can be adjusted to square after the installation of the door, and over time if for any reason the doors go out of square.
  4. I am looking for a source for cabinet hardware. In this case I am trying to find rustico styled hinges, handles, and lock for an old wooden chest. If you know of a store that handles this type of hardware I would appreciate hearing about it.
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