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  1. Got that information Angus thanks. Just wanted to call to confirm. I’m sure your phone is not working too
  2. Does anyone know if they are open today? Can not call them because the phone system is out.
  3. update for SAT. Went in this morning, and they said it would be another month before getting around here.
  4. I know 4 days isn't stat much time, but am reaching out for information on places to stay, what areas, knowing how large the city is, any and all suggestions appreciated . Thanks
  5. GH, I am in SAT also. they told me I had to go to the clinic in Ajijic. can you give me some information on seeing a doctor there?
  6. Wanting to take a three day trip to Tapalpa. Does anyone have any current knowledge on lodging, food, adventures etc.? TIA.
  7. went in today. They said SAT in 3 weeks.lOl they said that 3 weeks ago...
  8. I think malt vinegar is very British, as fish and chips.
  9. Any idea what kind of fish they use?
  10. Thank you Sonia. 40,000P seems like a lot for a 2000 year car...
  11. large flock of snowbirds returning home. It's that time of year.
  12. 300P for the day. 170p with inapam card.
  13. none free that I know of. most of the spas are more than 10P.
  14. Does Dra. Marilu Sanchez have an office lakeside?
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