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  1. Just got a small vacuum, no bags. Any vacuum shops in the area anyone knows of?
  2. Question: Has everyone that has gotten a flu shot at a SP clinic, a SP member? Maybe this will help. Maybe...
  3. Just got my shot at SP in SAT this morning. One other person in front of me getting a shot also. She had her SP passport with her. I had brought mine with me, glad I did.
  4. Ramon Velasquez left hand side.block- 1/2 down. same street as Sunrise restaurant.Monday market is on.
  5. Francisco at quick blinds recommended Ruben Alcantar Mendoza who works at the fan store in Riberas. He did a great job on my fan. Needed a receiver. I can recommend him. 331 2549660
  6. With my iLox phone number, is it free to call the US? not meaning to hijack .
  7. Tried the steaming method. Worked just ok. eggs did turn out good. The peeling was so so 4/6. Still can't figure how to get the yolk more centered for deviled eggs. 0/6.not even close.
  8. Mr Google, if it floats, throw it out.
  9. Any first hand experience with Dra. Carla ? Looking for a local GP. She is close to where I live.
  10. I have misplaced the information of the female doctor in SAT. Any information appreciated .
  11. John , any idea on what the ISR would be on a 7.8%cd. ?
  12. Do you have to pay Mexico income tax on interest received on a 90 day cd ?
  13. CG bottom one . I saw some come out yesterday, a bit over cooked. May want to give them a word ahead of time 🤔
  14. Thick. I don’t know the coating. It isn’t thin like a tempura batter. More like a beer batter.
  15. Mama's pool bar , across the street from super lake is now making their own onion rings 50p. Well worth a try.
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