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  1. Copied from a Facebook page.

    Hello community
    My neighbor, Dennis Marshall Mc Cann, passed away. I am very sorry for your lost if you knew him. He lived in San Antonio de Tlayapacan on Jesus Garcia near the malecon. 
    I know very little about him, I do not believe he had family here, but he was a very kind man who loved dogs. He had two on his own. I’ve talked to the police and they will bring them to Ecologia in Chapala. I am unable to take care of them and I’ve asked Annette and all fosters home are full. I am concern of what will happen to them and I am hoping to find someone who would be interest to take care of them. 
    If there is any chance you know Dennis or you want to take /foster his dogs, please let me know.

    Here's a pic of one of them from afar.

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  2. 1 hour ago, CHILLIN said:

    Most people would use Mexican Tres Coronas Sherry, which is medium sweet. Leave out any added sugar to your dish until final testing. It has a rich, fruiity sherry flavor and is inexpensive (especially compared to imported dry sherries). I find that I can substitute this sherry for Japanese Mirin and Chinese Shangxoi. An expert taster would probably notice the difference though.

    Cooking wines went out of favor quite a few years ago. They are usually vastly inferior table wines.

    Available locally? Paz ?

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