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  1. Friend recommended this Doctor Alberto Solano Sanchez, F.A.C.P. Fellow American College of Physicians Medicina Interna, Endocrinologia y Diabetes Tarascos 3426 In Front of Hospital Del Carmen Guadalajara Frac. Monraz tel 3813 2830
  2. Thanks for the post However, as usual the translation is at best gobbly gook- Maybe Intercasa or Liana can give us the correct version You have been very helpful -I dont think the question has been answered You did state the following- Mexicans can nationalize 10 year old or older cars with no duty or taxes I donĀ“t know if it has to be done at the border. It appears a Mexican can buy your car through a form called Carta Responsiva legal form Then I would assume this person can nationalized the car under the SAT ADUANA rules that apply to everyone including any legal resident of Mexico [you]. What would be the point? Alan I am confused and guess the OP is as well as it is certainly contradictory if the OP sells or transfers the car to his wife Expats with Mexican family members should be able to use this option- -
  3. Sounds like a great career - But also states he RETIRED in 2009 -Is age a factor when doing fine facial surgery- usually surgeons stop practicing when reaching a certain age due to loss of manual dexterity
  4. Thanks for your comment I also respect your point of view- maybe we hae similar view points


  5. I respect your posts, they are very informative. thanks rp

  6. I have tried to post a response to - HEADBORADS- 4 times on different days- but keep getting message of SERVER ERROR- with this one- WHY???

    no problem posting to other topics-

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