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  1. ??? Costco may carry items that aren't available anywhere else, but the same brand and model of an appliance you can find elsewhere isn't going to be of lesser quality if you buy it somewhere other than Costco. And that wasn't the OP's question. He wanted to know people's experience with Mabe brand products.
  2. If you never applied for an RFC number, you don't have one. Banks, car dealerships, etc, cannot apply for an RFC number on your behalf. All the RFC numbers on your documents would be generic RFC numbers, which those entities use if you don't provide them with an official RFC number, which is why they are not all the same. As I explained earlier in the thread, an official RFC number will start with the first 2 letters of your last name, then the firsqt 2 letters of your first name, then your birthdate (YY/Mo/day- 6 numbers- if the day is the 4th, it will read 04), then a letter and 2 numbers (these could be anything- they differentiate your RFC number from someone else's, as 2 people could have the same initials and birtthdate)
  3. Well, I'm sure the OP is going to get wildly differing opinions, but my Mabe stove and fridge were not the higher end models and I had zero issues with them. Higher end models, regardless of the brand, often have more problems- the more bells and whistles, the more things that can go wrong. However, I would never go to Tio Sam's to buy an appliance. I always do comparison shopping and Tio Sam's prices have always been at least 10% higher than the exact same item sold elsewhere. Funny story- my neighbors had bought a new fancy fridge/freezer combo, with water and ice dispenser, think it was Whirlpool. One day she goes to get a glass of cold water and the lever won't move, it's jammed. She thinks, "Oh, great, we've only had it 2 months and it's already broken". On closer inspection, a giant toad had wedged itself up behind the lever.
  4. I've had exclusively Mabe appliances- stoves and fridges. They are good, in my experience. Both my first stove and fridge lasted 10 years with no problems whatsover. And the fridge still worked fine, but the seal was hard and brittle after 10 years and was not replaceable. I would have had to find an entire new fridge door new or in good condition. As I wanted a larger fridge anyway, I just bought a new one. In contrast, no local appliance repairmen worked on Samsung appliances- I had to track down a Samsung technician when my washing machine stopped working, by calling a Samsung dealer and getting the name of the technician they use.
  5. Cute and I know just meant to be funny, but lots of people actually do think it's okay to let little kids take swigs of their beer. Some friends of mine used to do that, and their son, who was only 4 years old at the time, ended up with liver problems. Children's organs can't handle alcohol.
  6. They weren't so much "fake" numbers, as in that they were doing something illegal, as they were just generic numbers assigned to those who didn't provide them with an official RFC. I believe that's just how things worked then. It wasn't just banks that did this- as I have run a business since 2004, there were businesses where I purchased things that were registered with SAT and tax compliant, who would sometimes hand me a factura with a generic number, when I didn't actually ask for a factura, because I couldn't deduct the purchase from my business income, as it wasn't a business expense. Those generic numbers were classified as indicating "publico en general" in the SAT regieme.
  7. No, not necessarily. Banks assigned generic RFC numbers if you never applied for an RFC and or did not give it to them. They used to assume that foreigners didn't have an RFC, and even if you did, they wouldn't know that or know the number unless you provided them with that info. I opened 2 bank accounts years ago and they just wrote in some generic RFC number. It took one of the banks almost a year to change it on my account after I gave them copies of my real RFC papers. I had to keep bugging them about it.
  8. Gee, another right-winger posting an article from a right-biased source. Quel surprise. " Overall, we rate the Brownstone Institute Right Biased based on editorial positions that favor a conservative-libertarian perspective. We also rate them Mixed for factual reporting due to a failed fact check and the promotion of misinformation regarding Covid-19." ( From mediabiasfactcheck.com)
  9. Unless a person has had reason to make SAT appointments before, I'm not sure how they would know, but there has always been the "location" part when making an appointment. In fact, I think it's required to input. How else would they know which office's calendar to display?
  10. This is the same guy who thinks memes comparing proof of Covid vaccination and mask mandates to the Holocaust are appropriate and funny. "Callous" is a mild descriptor.
  11. It isn't just a matter of "needing"it. If you own a home in Mexico, it is to one's advantage to have an RFC and ask for facturas for anything related to construction, upgrades, appliances, AC, solar, or other permanent installations, etc. These can be deducted from the capital gains calculation if you sell the place. Of course, a local small time abanil is not going to give you a factura- he doesn't even report his earnings or pay tax. But for purchase and services which are reporting and tax compliant and adding the 16% IVA regardless of whether you ask for a factura or not, you might as well accumulate those facturas if you own a house.
  12. Doesn't require "exchanging" bodily fluids. Anyone can walk by and cough on you.
  13. As I understand it, the poster already had an RFC number, they just wanted to check on what it actually was.
  14. No it didn't. From the article you obviously failed to fully read or comprehend: " Person-to-person transmission isn't common, as it requires close contact with bodily fluids, such as saliva from coughing or pus from the lesions. " And goes on to say, "What is even more bizarre is finding cases that appear to have acquired the infection via sexual contact," epidemiologist Mateo Prochazka at the UKHSA tweeted. "This is a novel route of transmission that will have implications for outbreak response and control."
  15. Thank you. You never said that before.
  16. I already told you that. But some generic number they assign will not read like what I stated. How many times do you need to be told that? I have had an RFC nuumber for 16 years- I run a business and pay taxes. There is nothing for me to "get"- I don't use facilitators, I know how this stuff works. Before I had an RFC, yes my bank assigned a generic number that looks nothing like an a real RFC- it doesn't have your initials or birthdate. When I got an RFC, I gave it to my bank and they changed the generic one to my real one.
  17. You may be making sense to yourself, but you aren't making sense to me. If you have a legitimate RFC number, you have to give it to whatever entity you want to use it on your paperwork. How would they know what your RFC number is if you don't tell them?
  18. Assigned by whom? On what, your car papers? A generic RFC number will not read like I explained to you above- if it reads like I showed, it isn't generic. I am trying to help you, but you really are difficult to understand.
  19. So what are you trying to do, if you already have an RFC #? Why are you trying to access the SAT site? And just below the lines on the SAT site where you input your password, it says "Olvidaste su contrasena?"
  20. I understand you are in a very difficult situation, and feeling frantic, but trying to guilt people out about adopting them is not the way to go about it. Not everyone wants, or can take on a dog, and some have their hands full with the dogs they already have. You just posted this less than 24 hours ago- maybe have a bit of patience. But I assume you realize that finding homes for 8 dogs asap is a pretty tall order.
  21. If you never applied for an RFC, you don't have one. Many entities, like banks, will just use a generic RFC on the receipts if you don't provide them with an RFC #. A real RFC starts with the first 2 letters of your last name, then the first 2 letters of your first name,, then your birthdate YY/MO/DAY, then a letter and 2 numbers. If you have a real RFC on your car tag payments, there is a place to change your password if you forgot it or have never accessed the SAT site before. You don't need an efirma.
  22. Mexican websites are often browser-fussy. It's always worth trying a different browser if a site isn't working properly. And people can often offer advice as to how to do something if you mention what you tried and what happened, (got an error message, got nothing, couldn't fill in your CURP) rather than just "I couldn't do it".
  23. Same here, and I live in a different area of Mexico.. I don't think they understand what topsoil is. It's either full of clay or really sandy when they scoop it from the arroyo beds, or it's like dust. I also make my own compost, which is essentially enriched soil. There is lots of soil in it, from the soil clinging to the roots of the weeds I throw in there.
  24. While I totally agreee about the kindness and helpfulness of Mexicans ( I would add to that easy-going natures, sense of humor, and not taking themselves too seriously) as a Canadian, I don't find it unusual- people in Canada also are generally caring of and helpful to their neighbors. So that isn't a factor than would keep me in Mexico if I was considering moving back up north.
  25. That's really the worst part of electrical outages for me. I can manage without lights, using candles, if I remember not to open the fridge unnecessarily and open and close it quickly, the food doesn't go bad, and I can even do without fans during the day, but trying to sleep when it's hot with no fan is awful.
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