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  1. Brian Stockman ‭(333) 451-8139‬ bdstockman@efficientwealth.com Has been doing our Canadian taxes for years.
  2. If you purchased a vehicle 8 days ago and changed the registration without an appointment, then you are correct it has changed. I purchased and changed the registration 6 days ago. To sit in the office with the lady who reviews the vehicles' documentation and before you stand in the almost empty Payment Lines, you must make an appointment online.
  3. https://sefinenlinea.jalisco.gob.mx/agendarecaudadora/Agenda.aspx You need copies of everything mentioned above including both sides of your immigration card. Also the "transfer wording" mentioned above with the previous owners signature. You must make an appointment first at the above website Set up a username and password first.
  4. When they wire the fiber optic line to your home you will only have one phone jack. The other phone jacks in your home will not work, they are copper wires and are not compatible with fiber. We have an old set of wireless phones and needed no special adapter.
  5. https://www.amazon.com.mx/gp/product/B07VMHGBJ3/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1 We have fiber and the WiFi with the new modem was poor. We installed a TP-Link Mesh System. Easy to install and works extremely well.
  6. I have been using Wise (formerly Transfer Wise) monthly for more than five years and I have been very pleased.
  7. We have used Edgar for four or five years. He does a good job and the dog likes him. He comes to your home and grooms your pet there.
  8. I just purchased a hearing aid from Doctor Carlos Alonso Flores. His contact information is in one of the above posts. Although I did purchase Oticon his first suggestion was not Oticon but a model that had all the features I requested - rechargeable batteries and Blue Tooth. The reason I choose an Oticon model was because it had 48 channels to work with for optimum tuning. The highly optioned other brand he had suggested had 8 channels to work with. When I received the hearing aids Doctor Carlos made an appointment for one week later to answer any questions I might have. I currently have the level one hearing aid setting. The change to level two and three are each 60 days apart. The appointment for level two has been set. I am very pleased with the Doctor Carlos, the service and quality of product I purchased.
  9. I've been told that S&S has a Canadian bank account. You can just transfer the money from your Canadian account to theirs.
  10. The time it takes to receive your money through TransferWise decreases the longer you use their service. In the beginning it took 2-3 days, then 1-2 days, then same day. Now I receive the money in hours and lately in seconds. You close their app after you made the transfer, go to BBVA and the money is already there. Love their service.
  11. https://transferwise.com We have been using TransferWise every month for years. Money from USA and Canada directly into our BBVA account.
  12. This is available off and on at Gourmet Garage, Ponchos and Super Lake. I'm Canadian and grew up with Kraft 1000 Islands. Ken's might even be a little better.
  13. Brain has completed our Canadian NR tax returns online and we never left the house. Brian did a great job and I can highly recommend him.
  14. Ordered ground coffee this morning by WhatsApp and it was delivered to Chapala Haciendas in two hours. Great service.
  15. I use Line2 https://www.line2.com. Like Ooma you can choose any city, record your own voice mail message, etc, etc.
  16. I have being using US Global Mail for many years and I am very satisfied with the service. They will even deposit a check you receive into your US Bank. https://www.usglobalmail.com/pricing/
  17. Three years ago I sold my 2004 NAFTA car with expired Canadian plates to a Mexican friend. He drove it to the border and imported the car. It took him two days. He paid sales tax, duties, etc. He also had to do something with the car in Guadalajara after he returned. I purchased the car back a month later. Not cheap but it can be done.
  18. I have used Halls a few times and was very happy with the repair and service. They pick up and deliver at IShop.
  19. Just to be clear this is the link - https://www.usglobalmail.com
  20. We have used US Globalmail for the last 4 years and are very happy. Excellent customer service.
  21. The Apple rep who comes to IShop each week is from http://www.hall.com.mx. Phone 333 630-1010 or email clarisa@hall.com.mx to set up an appointment to meet at IShop. They replaced my iPhone 6 battery last month.
  22. Thank you barcelonaman! I knew there had to be away to stop UNO TV spam.
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