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  1. Why would you mention the facebook page on there. Take it down, Anita Caldwell


  2. Well Harry, looks like a threat to move a "Banda" bar has been made.  Could you look into this and perhaps if we are proactive it won't happen.  4 has virtually no patrons - maybe a smattering of a dozen or so on weekend nights.  High season is a bit better but not much as we were aware of a major downturn in business this winter.    Thanks, Anita


    Anyway, here it is:


    Dear Neighbors,

    We do no frequent this board, but this post was mentioned by guests.

    “4” Management apologizes to the complaining neighbor(s), regarding any sound(s) that may have come out of the premises after hours. There was indeed ONE private birthday party after hours. We sincerely regret that anyone was bothered.

    Now, we have a water bottling business to our right, a couple of apartments and a hotel to our left, so we have a mixed use neighborhood, and some of our neighbors actually work at “4”. Furthermore, there were several other parties going on that night in the area, with much louder music (our sound system has bookshelves speakers). We think we know where the issue is, so it's an easy fix.

    That been said, ignorance seems to permeates a few of the posts here, while others are plain stupid. And like Ron white said, you can’t fix stupid. So we won’t waste time with that non sense. The obvious smart one being the one asking: What is “4” response? Well “4” could not have responded since NO ONE talked to Management. To remediate this “4” is inviting you, our neighbors, to cross the street, visit with us and talk around a glass of wine, like civilized people.

    To set the record straight, Number 4 did not fail miserably. Being from Toronto, Kim brought with her exacting standards and a level of sophistication still unequalled around these shores. She got tired, for reasons we now clearly understand.


    Finally, “4” enjoys what is referred to as the “Banda Put”. So you should actually pray and even patronize the new “4” to ensure its success for two powerful reasons.

    1 - It will keep up the value of your real estate investment by maintaining a certain level of guests.

    2 - If it is not, there is an open ended offer from Guad promoters: they'll turn it into a Mexican Cantina complete with live Banda (they own several and have approval).


    Now, just picture what a Live Banda place would do for your Real Estate investment (not to mention your ears). Just in case, we recently fitted our live music stage and had it made more than twice the necessary size: it is large enough to accommodate a 12 piece Banda.



    “4” Management

  3. shoot, used that years ago when chaairing a community fundraiser...new is caldwell7661653@gmail.com

  4. has not set their status

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