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  1. you can usually find a game at the Cocktail Bar
  2. I really like the rye they bake at Emma's Delli. Pre-order only.
  3. Stymie

    Chili Verde

    Curious about my favorite eatery . Shut or open for takeout
  4. Can I catch a bus from Alamo (major bus stop) to Ajijic? I bus to the new bus terminal and am wondering the best way to catch a bus to Ajijic. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  5. Posted earlier about not caring for the fried rice that came with an order. Last night a white rice portion came with the takeout General Tsao's Chicken. Rice was perfect and the chix was very tastey. Might add a little more heat next time.
  6. had the mongolian chicken delivered. It was excellent. The (sort of ) fried rice was not very good. I look forward to trying certain things on the menu.
  7. nice crowd at the cocktail bar for the last seatle game. Expect lively crowds for all the games including the college championship.
  8. Stymie


    Having trouble with searches here and google and Trip Advisor. What is the (correct) name and address for Mama's ( not the pool bar but where they have karoke and trivia. Thanks for any help.
  9. Two things I go for: mushroom soup and tiramisu.
  10. The Come play Trivia at the Cocktail Bar (Ajijic) on Wednesday at 6:30. Max of 6 players per team. Free, fun and prize for the winners.
  11. Stymie

    Mr Michi

    Made my e first stop at Ajijic's newest (and tiniest) watering holes. Mr Michi (Michilada) is a very nice addition to the neighborhood. Stopped in for a beer and met Alejandro, had a few cervecas and even got to sample my very first Pulque. As the picture shows, there are 7 seats inside and 2 at the curbside table.
  12. When Gdl was getting that freaky sleet storm, what was the weather in Ajijic?
  13. Friends are visiting soon. Which of the thermal baths do you prefer and why? Last time they visited they went to a place that was overrun with kids. Thanks for any help.
  14. are potent indica gummies for sleep issues available lakeside? where/how should I start looking?
  15. Enjoyed a very tasty chili dog at Bar Camaleon.
  16. Closed Tuesday, open til 11. It was delicious!
  17. Anyone know the hours of Fabians, just below Spagos? m.gracias
  18. traveling troubadour visiting by way of Australia and Germany, Jogi Dingo at 8pm tomorrow, Wednesday. Dylan, Stones, Beatles, Blues Brothers at the cowboy bar, etc.
  19. The Cocktail Bar (formerly Tom's Bar) is on Constitucion, 1.5 blocks east of Colon. Music starts at 7:30.
  20. in the USA there is a product called Liquid Skin or Liquid Bandage. Is something similar available lakeside? where? what to ask for? M Gracias
  21. Thursday evening the Cocktail Bar celebrates their one year anniversary. The Time Machine will be playing.
  22. any idea what hours he is there?
  23. thanks for the post, will try to borrow some tools
  24. probiotic value, but I haven't researched it. It just seems to work for me.
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