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  1. No worries. ๐Ÿ˜€๐ŸŽŠ๐Ÿ˜€ She has a great service, especially during this dreadful situation with COVID-19. Salud, Val ๐Ÿ˜€
  2. Rick, my sister, Selecia Young-Jones, is a Florida Notary who has obtained her Remote On-Line Notary certification. Sheโ€™s visited lakeside many times over the past 20 years and has many friends and acquaintances here as well. She serves as a wedding officiant and provides in-person Notary services as well as on-line Notary services. If you are questioning the name of her business, check out her website at www.rainbownotaryandnuptials.com. She is happy to officiate for any couple who has a valid marriage license. She does not discriminate, love is love. Therefore, Rainbow ๐ŸŒˆ encompasses everyone and is all-inclusive. Feel free to give her a call at 904-333-7311 if you have any questions or concerns about the validity of the services she can provide Ex-Pats. Sheโ€™ll be happy to answer your questions and assist you and others, as needed. Salud! Val Jones ๐ŸŽŠ๐Ÿ˜€๐ŸŽŠ
  3. My sister, Selecia Young-Jones, is a Notary in Florida. Due to COVID-19, Remote On-Line Notary is now available for people living outside of the U.S. Her company is called Rainbow Notary and Nuptials Network. Her website is: rainbownotaryandnuptials.com where you can read about the legality, access and acceptance of this new technology. She can also help people get an Apostille for documents. Selecia is on WhatsApp and her number is 904-333-7311. She is available and can answer your questions about the acceptance and validity of Remote On-Line Notary services. Salud! Val Jones
  4. I went for a single stem cell injection in my left hip as my cartilage is almost gone after 51 years of dancing on it. I forget the man's name, but he also comes from GDL and provides this service in Dra. Justina's Clinic. I had an x-ray before the procedure to confirm my suspicions of diminishing cartilage. He told me to wait about 5-6 months and get another x-ray. I did and my cartilage is growing. I can only speak for my experience but I'm grateful I caught it in time while I still had cartilage for the stem cells to initiate re-growth. I did research before choosing this procedure and these practitioners. As always, do your own research and determine what you feel is safe and in your best interest. Stay safe out there! Val Jones
  5. Great, thanks! I have an elderly friend who lives in Roca Azul who was quite certain that there weren't any cases in Joco. I told her that there were but wanted the statistics to back up my claim. I appreciate the details and your daily report. Stay safe and healthy, Val
  6. How do I get information regarding cases in Jocotepec? Thanks, Val
  7. Sounds FANTASTIC! Can't wait to give them a try. Val
  8. Thanks MtnMama. I'm eager to get my GA ballot and have it ready to return via "snail mail." Any information regarding people driving NOB or flying NOB and willing to transport ballots would be appreciated as well. Also, good to know if we can rely on the Diplomatic Pouch for this election. Too much is at stake to miss a single cast ballot. Everyone should exercise their right to VOTE! Val
  9. Thanks, I'll tell John. Tried to do it via ZOOM but just didn't quite work. Stay safe and healthy! Val
  10. Can't reach a friend in lower Riberas near the 7-11 and trying to report the phone outage to TelMex but can't get through to them. Is anyone else in lower Riberas having telephone problems this afternoon? Thanks, Val
  11. This is terrible! I did not hear about this on the news. How very difficult it must be for the residents and businesses. I do hope they get some help from state and federal authorities. Val
  12. Have had several over the past 3-5 years. As a dancer, it's extremely important to prevent injuries and then treat those ASAP. I've had the pleasure of meeting several wonderful local PT's. Jorge Ulloa is my first choice. His office is across from Mom's Deli in Riberas. VERY professional and after my hip replacement at the age of 55 (51 years of dancing on it), he and Angel came each day Monday-Friday and did intensive PT with me for an hour to an hour and 1/2. After 2 weeks, they had Christmas holiday and I continued my exercises while they were away for 2 weeks. Once they returned, my 30 days of "no driving" had expired so I drove to their office and after one visit, they sent me home. I was scuba diving in Nicaragua a few weeks later. Can't recommend them strongly enough. Also, Caesar at URDI in the Plaza on the Libramiento near Lake Tako and the car wash is also excellent. I did about 9 months of intensive PT at his place to try and avoid the eventual hip replacement. He also does home visits. Fortunately, we have wonderful P.T.'s locally who actually care about you and your condition and will visit you in your home. Wishing you great luck and success with your recovery! Val Jones
  13. Thanks for sharing the information about this wonderful and professional driver. Great to know! Salud, Val
  14. I've read 2 articles from different sources suggesting we delay our flu shots until late September or early October to help carry us through what is imagined to be a "longer than usual" flu season. Just something to consider. I encourage everyone to get a flu shot, this year, more than ever. Might add that if your pneumonia vaccination isn't up to date, you may consider having that as well. Please stay safe and healthy. Salud, Val
  15. Can't wait to give this place a try. Many thanks for the wonderful photo and information. Salud! Val
  16. GREAT news! So happy to hear Jose is well and Isabel is on the mend. Many thanks for the update! Cyber hugs, Val
  17. Kyle, that sounds wonderful. Do you recall the price/kilo for the imported and local options? Thanks, Val
  18. Ours went out yesterday, August 24th, about 11 am. After multiple (answered) calls up until 9 pm, we were assured it would be back up and running soon. Stopped by Ajijic Office today (August 25th) about 10:30 am and the kind lady at reception told us there was a lakeside outage and some got service last night and we should have service in a few hours. We returned home in upper Ajijic to see 3 large CFE trucks beginning the process to replace a large cement pole. We were told our power would be out about 4 hours. Our electricity returned about 2 pm as well as internet. We were so pleased until the internet quit AGAIN about 5:30 pm. Called ALL possible numbers listed for ILox without any success. ARGH!!! Seems we arenโ€™t alone in this frustration. Drove by Ajijic TelMex Office to see what fiber optic packages they have but they are still closed. VERY frustrated ILox customers right now. Does anyone have a way to reach ILox this evening? Val ๐Ÿ˜ก
  19. Saw post by NEWBIE from early July re: Walmart. If someone knows this person or is this person, please contact me. I have information that may help not only you but others who have experienced similar situation this past month. Val Jones
  20. Hi,

    Trying to reach you regarding your Walmart mis-adventure. ย Please contact me ASAP.

    Val Jones

    I've sent you a private message with my personal contact details. ย :)

  21. Santiago Paz, great, professional and courteous driver. 331-302-3227 or 331-739-7613. Salud! Val
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