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  1. I noticed yesterday there's no light bulb on the west side of the Carretera at Galeana either. I live in upper Ajijic and rely on the traffic light there at OXXO to get onto the Carretera going East (a left turn). It's been ridiculously difficult to do that since the accident in late June took out the traffic light. When my light turns green, I try to ease into the intersection with flashers on, windows down, arms outstretched pleading the traffic to stop. Most people look at me angrily and resentfully. I can't figure out why they don't realize the problem, aren't they aware of their surroundings and the loss of the traffic light? I, too, fear there's going to be another dangerous accident before they fix this problem. Valerie
  2. Seems we chose the wrong day to check out this new restaurant, they're closed on Tuesdays. Val
  3. Seems we chose the wrong day to check out this new restaurant, they are closed on Tuesdays! Val
  4. I've used UBER from the Airport to Ajijic a couple of times in the last 6 months and the cost was $220-$280 pesos. That is less than an airport taxi but you need to have the Uber App on your phone and have a signal. Good luck and welcome, Valerie
  5. Very interesting, we've always been told to keep the original safely at home and have copies of these documents in the car (in the event the car is stolen). I, too, would like to hear from someone who knows for sure if we are to have originals instead of copies. Thanks, in advance, Valerie
  6. Oh my!!! Just returned from having 2 GREAT pizzas. We asked if they could make a thicker crust and for just $30 pesos more/pizza, we had thicker crusts and it was delicious. This place lives up to its' reputation. FANTASTIC! Valerie
  7. Going off my low-carb diet today just to enjoy pizza and I want to make sure the calories and carbs are worth it, LOL! Haven't had pizza in over a year. Thanks, Val
  8. Can you tell me if their crust is thick or thin? Thanks, Val
  9. Can someone tell me if their crust is thick or thin? Thanks, Val
  10. COOL! I'm also in Upper Ajijic and would love this speed, CONSISTENTLY! Will check tomorrow. Many thanks for this information, $110 pesos more/month is nothing to almost double speed! Cheers, Valerie
  11. We had LASIK done in GDL with Dra. Laura Choza about 10 years ago. Are they related? Valerie
  12. Many thanks for the input and information. We have had a good relationship with Jesus and AXA these past 8 years and I think he's a great guy, personally. We are disappointed that (without going into details) a relatively minor repair at KIA Dalton has caused us to part ways. I've gotten several messages to check with Parker Insurance as they represent several companies so we'll start there to get quotes and compare our current coverage and rates with what they have to offer. Cheers! Valerie
  13. Seems our long-term contract with Jesus and AXA has come to an end over a situation with a minor auto repair. Sadly, we must move on so I'm asking if anyone can recommend a Mexican company to cover homes(s) and auto(s) who provides good coverage at a fair price with an agent who works for us, the insured. As always, many thanks for your help. Valerie Jones
  14. Indeed! I've seldom had lunch/dinner "in" but often ordered "to go". I DO hope they'll find another location with parking and a more pleasant dining atmosphere. Their food, service and ambiance (inside) was always terrific. Val
  15. We had ours done in Chapala. If you drive in from Ajijic, take the Libramiento, then towards Chapala. Pass the traffic light near Soriana, make the next U-turn. Get on the lateral and turn right at the traffic light beside the Goodyear tire store. As you begin to drive on the cobblestone road, keep an eye out on your left. You'll see a body shop and right next to it is the place that replaces windshields, windows, repairs them, etc. You'll pass him and then have to do an U-turn to come back to him. Fair pricing, quick turn around and friendly people. Good luck, Val
  16. Ron Young and his brother have a shop in Chapala, across from Soriana. Not only are they GREAT car mechanics but they have amazing talent with metal cutting. I'd check with them. His phone number is: 376-765-6387. I've seen some beautiful art work they've created with cutting metal. Good luck, Valerie
  17. Lily, I'm sure that time frame will be fine with Amazon. They're calling me this evening to get the address of my friend in CA who's bringing me the new one. They were cool with it coming back with another person and not needing the original box. I'll ask and let you know. Many thanks for your kind offer. Val
  18. Hi Lily, Many thanks! Another friend has offered to bring it down the end of this month. I will need someone heading back NOB to take the defective one for me. I appreciate your willingness to help me. Safe travels! Val
  19. NEW info!!! Just talked with Amazon and they've agreed to let me have someone bring the new unit down and send the defective unit back with someone else. I just need to print the shipping label to give the person returning NOB with the defective unit. It doesn't have to be in the same box nor packaging. I'll be asking that person to drop it off at an UPS store. So, anyone coming down later this month who's willing to receive the new Amazon Echo and bring it to Ajijic? Thanks, in advance, Val
  20. Hi all, Sadly my Amazon Alexa has died and fortunately they are willing to send a replacement but to an address NOB. Looking for someone who's willing to receive my new Alexa, bring it to Ajijic, and return with the defective Alexa. It'll need to be put back in the box Amazon sends the new one and returned. Any takers? Thanks, in advance, if anyone can and will do this for me. Valerie
  21. I've used it around GDL and from the GDL airport to Ajijic. Mostly prompt and professional. Can't comment on local Ajijic/Chapala/Joco runs but a friend has used them and she has been pleased with the prices and service. Valerie
  22. No, he doesn't do wheels. I checked several months ago. I did find a shop in el Centro in GDL that repaired/replaced the wheels on my large case. I'm sorry but I don't remember the name of the shop but if you go into GDL, take Gonzales Gallo, turn right onto 16 de Septiembre and follow it towards the Cathedral, you'll see the large State building on your left with lots of State Police/Security vehicles. Park as close to that building as possible and this repair shop is on the street just behind this State building. I'm sure if you walk behind the building and ask at either the parking lot there or a nearby shop, they can direct you down the block to the shop. The cost was minimal and done in a few days. Hope this helps. Val
  23. Cheering for Mexico! I know Brazil has a really solid team but c'mon Mexico!!! Viva, Viva Mexico! Val
  24. Great, thanks! We had to give up on our hummingbird feeders several years ago. The bees would take over and it was just miserable to try to even go into our garden. Our little male Chihuahua got stung when walking down the sidewalk about 10 feet from one of the feeders. The bees just go into a frenzy, gunk up the feeder(s) and even the hummingbirds can't drink. We bought the expensive feeders that are supposed to keep bees away but that was a waste of money. Anyway, now that the other birds seem to be enjoying the seed out on the ledge, we'd like to provide a better option for them. We'll check out these stores and hopefully, find success. Thanks for the help and info. Valerie
  25. Seems the sparrows have found our tiny glass bowl with bird seed so I'd like to purchase a bird feeder to accommodate the masses, LOL. Anyone know where, locally, I can find a basic bird feeder? Many thanks, Val Jones
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