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  1. Yes, Katya (Enrique) has been with us well over 15 years. He used to deliver for Bonafont (but we couldn't afford it) and when he changed to Katya, we happily asked him to become our regular water delivery specialist. Always pleasant, professional and prompt.

    Take care, y'all!

    Val :)

  2. My sister, Selecia Young-Jones, can provide affordable Apostilles along with RON (remote on-line Notary) for American documents. Please feel free to contact her at: 904rainbow@gmail.com or 904-333-7311 on WhatsApp or www.904rainbow.com.

    She's helped many local Ex-Pats, lakeside, as well as other Americans with US documents, worldwide.

    Feel free to contact Selecia for additional information.


    Val Jones :)

  3. Please accept heartfelt condolences. I'm so very sorry you're in this difficult situation. As you have already recognized, it's the loving and humane decision but that doesn't make it any easier. Sadly, we've been in this same place before and since we are still owners of fur babies, I know we will be in this situation again. I hope you can find some solace and comfort in knowing you provided a loving, safe environment and home for Max. I choose to believe he and others before him will await your arrival at the Rainbow Bridge. Sending hugs, peaceful and healing energy.

    I'm so sorry,

    Val. :(

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  4. We have a dear friend who currently lives at Dr. Leon's "Hotel" on the Carretera in Ajijic Centro. Every Sunday, I pick him up for a Sunday Fun-Day at our home. When I arrive, the two blue parking spaces are NEVER available for pick-up of our friend. I have to go to Intercam, call the care-taker and ask her to bring him out to the street. She calls when he's there and I have to double park in the middle of the Carretera with my flashers on while he tries to get into the car as quickly as possible. He has mobility issues and it takes a few minutes. The cars immediately behind me can see what's happening but those further up the hill are laying on their car horns. It's frustrating for all parties, EXCEPT for the people who have parked in Dr. Leon's 2 handicapped parking spaces.

    Usually, when I return with my friend on Sunday evening at least one space is open or a space close enough to walk with him into the "Hotel" has become available.

    It's unfortunate and frustrating. I don't know there's an answer to the problem. Dr. Leon has told me many times that there's nothing he can do about it even though he's paid for the specially marked spaces.


    Val Jones

  5. Yes, unfortunately, a friend and I did the Tijuana, crossed over the bridge, UBER to pharmacy at Target and returned that night. VERY LONG 25 hours without sleep but grateful to get the Omicron booster as well as the Flu shot. Many friends have done the same but spent the night. In hind-sight, that would have been so much easier.

    Safe travels!

    Val. :)

  6. Hoping for suggestions of dinner options, lakeside, that are open at least until 9 pm or even 10 pm. Participating in the BRAVO! Theatre production of "Wizard of Oz" tonight and thinking we won't be out and able to head for dinner until about 8:30 pm. Post-pandemic, we haven't been out to dinner much and definitely not at this time of night. So, unsure who's open.

    Thanks, in advance, for your suggestions.  "FOLLOW THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD!"

    Val Jones. :)

  7. LOL, I got into the car and saw the time on the KIA display and thought "Oh my gosh, I'm LATE!!!" Then, I checked the time on my Fitbit and iPhone and they confirmed I was still on time.

    Now, to figure out how to change the clock time on the KIA..... First world problems.

    Happy Spring, everyone!

    Val :)

  8. Sadly, we have lost Malaga. Celebrated my Birthday there and had 2 other wonderful meals since November and very sorry to see them go. I realize parking was difficult/almost non-existent on Hidalgo and their entry was just a simple doorway but the ambiance, quality of food, presentation and wait staff were top notch on each of my 3 visits.

    Wishing them luck in the future.


  9. Once again, St. Patrick's Day has snuck up on me and I am trying to prepare a beef brisket. Seems I can get it done with the proper brine and spices in time for March 17th. Based on the recipe I'm trying to follow, I really need pink curing salt.

    (Pink curing salt is made using sodium nitrite that prevents food from going bad and spoiling while it’s being stored for a time. )

    Hoping someone here knows what this is and where I can find it, locally.

    Thanks, in advance!

    Val :)

  10. Thanks for sharing this terribly sad and unexpected news. Adrian was a wonderful man, great technician and loving Dad. He was not just our computer technician but a friend as well. We're so very sorry for this loss. Thinking of his family during this upsetting and difficult time.

    Val :(

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  11. Such a wonderful lady. This is terribly sad and unexpected news. I agree, she was very young and has always been such a kind and generous person with her time and philanthropy. My heart hurts for her family.

    Sending heartfelt condolences.

    Val Jones

  12. mexijims1, while I agree the money spent on the Auditorio has been poorly used, I must point out that locals use this space far more than Ex-Pats. As a local performer and audience member of local performances, we definitely needed upgrades to A.C., lighting, sound and general technological improvements for the performance space. Instead, we have a ridiculous amount of brick work, a narrow and claustrophobic arch entry, reflecting pools that will attract mosquitos and be the cause of many mishaps by attendees to events, a palapa that was not needed and limited access to load in/out sets/lighting, etc. 

    The Auditorio (once up and running fully again) is the space for many events presented and attended by our wonderful Mexican hosts. I've enjoyed recitals, graduations, dance/music/chorale performances from all over Mexico.

    Ex-Pats do rent the Auditorio for various events but it is definitely a small percentage of the total events held there.

    Enjoy the wonderful artistic events, lakeside.  :)


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  13. Helping a friend find a dog walker for 3 dogs in Riberas Del Pilar.
    Failing health of my elderly friend has made it difficult and now impossible for him to walk and feed the dogs twice/day.
    I'm unaware of the going rate for this type of service but would like to hear from someone who would be interested in this type of work.
    Please contact me via PM for details and to share the fees involved.
    As always, thanks in advance.
    Val Jones :)
  14. Well, as a regular performer at this venue, I can certainly speak for myself and others....we WISH the funds had been focused on sound, lighting, air ventilation/air conditioning, acoustics, etc. While the brick work may be lovely, it does absolutely nothing for the quality of the performances. We can only hope for a more professional experience for performers and audiences along with the incredible brick work noted on the exterior of the structure.

    Val Jones :)

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    Hey all!

    As one of the dancers in this fantastic Barb Clippinger production, I wanted to take a moment to share the details and hope you'll all come support the shows.

    It's scripted as the History of Dance with dynamic dance numbers and wonderful singers to take you on a 2 hour journey. We are performing starting tomorrow (Wednesday/Thursday/Friday) at 4pm at Club Exotica which is a great space just behind the popular Ajijic Plaza restaurant, El Jardin. You can purchase tickets at the door for General Admission ($450 pesos) and enjoy a table for 4 on the main level or opt for VIP seating in the Balcony for $750 pesos. This includes champagne and truffles along with bar service throughout the show.

    All profits go to the School for Special Needs Children in Joco and The Turning Pointe Project. Both charities work to provide opportunities for local children.

    I hope you'll join us!

    Val Jones :)

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