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  1. We also had an excellent experience with Dr. Valenzuela . He wrote analysis for our doctor in Canada and he was very impressed by the scope and presentation.
  2. Tres Cañadas is the multipurpose development area name. I believe that La Pueblita (assisted living?) is only one part of it.
  3. If you are talking about Tres Cañadas its been in development forever and you are right not much talk about it anywhere. At one point I did see a house there for rent though.
  4. It used to be an Absolut Fenix .....the original club was called "Bananas", established by Dixie (Nicholson) way before Flip came on the Ajijic scene. .....If I remember correctly.
  5. Shaw is being bought by Rogers communications. Game might change.
  6. Swoop will be flying to Puerto Vallarta from Edmonton as early as next week. They will also be offering insurance for Covid-19 https://globalnews.ca/news/7422508/swoop-edmonton-mexico-phoenix-covid-19/
  7. Bats do not like light. Put a flood light there.
  8. We are not down there right now but I'd like to thank you for the warning anyway, Artsnob. It happens way too often. Something to be always aware of. Good job on your quick action.
  9. Thanks MC. I do not know where people see any comparisons in this chart. I only see statistics of total deaths in certain age groups for flu 2018 and Covid 19 2020 The data was provided by government and Wikipedia (see on the bottom ) which is usually more trustworthy than the info on another social media platforms Except, Covid 19 season is not over yet.. So it should say so far...
  10. I remember having lots of problems in CVN with the water supply when we stayed there. I thought that the first time we stayed it was anomaly but we had the some problems the next winter too. That was couple of years ago so it may have changed. Do you live there Mostlylost? Do you know the situation now? Loved it there otherwise. We have lost our contacts there.
  11. They also enjoy sun tanning and just watch the world go by
  12. I do not see any difference between asking here which browser to use and which solar panel to use or which appliance, cigar, medicine. mask, butter (etc) why is research on one subject more valuable than other? Technology is important part of our lives wherever we live.
  13. I am following the air quality regularly. Today, Lakeside is "good"....but avoid Guadalajara if you have any lung problems
  14. Waiting for a specialists appointment in Canada for 6 months is pretty normal. Actually, most are much longer than that. I am just commenting on how good you (we) have it at Lakeside ....in case someone will say "but we are in Mexico not Canada" I was a patient of her mother in early 2000's . She was also very capable and popular .
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