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  1. We are Permanente and are flying out of country starting in Guad with a connecting flight in Mexico City. Can we get our INH form stamped in Guad or do we have to wait until we get to Mexico City.
  2. I would break it down into three days as follows: One day Downtown including Belles Artes, Zocalo, National Palace, Cathedral and Temple Mayor; One day Museum of Anthropology; And ond day visit to the pyramids. Note that Museums are closed on Monday so go to the pyramids on that day.
  3. For several years now, a group of friends have been attending a water exercise class in San Juan Cosalá, Purple Door B & B, using their pool. Purple Door recently was sold, and the new owners want to convert the facility into a religious retreat and they don't want us swimming there anymore. The water exercise class is an hour long, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, starting at 2PM. We do not use obnoxious music (in fact, no music at all). This is water resistance exercise, not aerobics. Each swimmer pays 30 pesos for a one hour class. We bring our own water exercise equipment (floats, styrofoam dumbells, etc.). The average class size ranges from 6 to 10 people, it can vary. When the weather is poor, we cancel, and we would cancel for other reasons as determined by where we end up having our class. So...does anybody have suggestions about a place we could check out for swimming? We need a heated pool, 4 to 5 feet deep. Please don't suggest the Aquatic clubs in Las Redes and Riberas. They want a club membership and are too rigid with their schedule. Montecarlo is out, too expensive, the big pool is not heated. Other suggestions welcomed! Contact Kathy Koches at kkoches@gmail.com
  4. Went there last night and couldn't disagree more. Found the food to be innovative, tasty and very reasonable. Ownership was delightful and considerate. A great addition to our restaurant scene. We are lucky to have them here.
  5. Need a volunteer pianist for Sunday Service for the UU Fellowship to play a few hymns. Please PM me if interested.
  6. The phone land lines are out in the Rancho Del Oro area. It is the fourth day with no service. Any one else having this problem.
  7. Heard five of six gunshots last night around 2:30 am . Didn't sound like a celebration. Rapid and in a row. More like a pistol than a rifle. Live in the Rancho Del Oro area. Anyone hear anything.
  8. Hotel Marlowe. Half a block from Alameda Parque. Walkable to all the churches in Centro Historico. For a little mor upscale Hampton Inn Centro Historico.
  9. bob k

    Love & Fishes

    From their facebook page: We want to thank Just Chillin for everything, and we want to wish them the best of lucks for their upcoming projects. Thank you Just Chillin for the time we shared!! At the same time we want to let our customers know that we will stay at the same Constitucion #32 from tuesday through sunday! 12:00 pm to 10:00. Thank you!!
  10. Where is a good place for automatic transmission repairs
  11. Need to repair or possibly weld a section of my muffler. Any suggestions as to a reliable shop
  12. Need to repair or possibly weld a section of my muffler. Any suggestions as to a reliable shop
  13. It was nice meeting you at LCS yesterday. Feel free to join me when ever you see me siting there.
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