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  1. https://www.androidcentral.com/how-enable-volte-samsung-galaxy-phone
  2. Thanks for all the info. Right now it looks like a Samsung A10S is a good choice for me since it is compatible with Mint Mobile service. Actually a new phone number might have more pluses than minuses. Maybe Telcel can enable VOLTE for me.
  3. Any suggestions on phone to buy $200 or lower? Would prefer phone from Tracphone phone listing for easier transfer of number and data. Otherwise new number is okay.
  4. Will be moving to Lakeside permanently in Nov. Plan to leave my flip top Tracphone in the US. Where is best place to buy a new smartphone and how do I get a US phone number to receive calls from US or Canada as if I were in the US? Any suggestions on what phone to buy?
  5. It pays to be old in New Mexico. Got my first Moderna injection Jan 16th. Only Alaska is ahead in distribution rate per Fox News. Local hospital actually called me yesterday wanting to know if I needed the vaccine. After many years of being a snowbird will become a full time Mexico resident in Nov. Received much better treatment at Villa Nova clinic for my knee arthritis and calve peripheral neuropathy at a price less than my deductible in the US.
  6. Excellent post. Am flying down after many trips by car. Need to force myself to walk for health reasons. Fortunately for me southeast Chapala is my preferred location(halfway between the park and the plaza). Infrequent trips by bus and taxi are okay with me as long as you avoid the rush hour times for school children. Walking also forces me to interact more with the locals and less with expats(nothing personal).
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