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  1. Caution: A New Variant will be discovered Every time people stop being afraid. (Mark my words)
  2. More diversion when you are faced with the truth and have no valid response.
  3. No 2 people react the same to covid. So, your point is ? You have not forgotten that none of the shots give 100% protection, have you?
  4. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/mexicolife/how-to-get-rich-quick-in-a-country-that-loves-deafeningly-loud-music/?utm_source=The+Whole+Enchilada&utm_campaign=0ad73fe3e5-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN+The+Whole+Enchilada&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_f17425060f-0ad73fe3e5-350176874
  5. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/guadalajara-motorists-stuck-with-poor-quality-gasoline-until-2025/?utm_source=The+Whole+Enchilada&utm_campaign=91477aab98-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN+The+Whole+Enchilada&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_f17425060f-91477aab98-350176874 Gasoline sold by Pemex in Guadalajara, Jalisco, contains excessive levels of aromatics, base components of the fuel and a major contaminant. According to Mexican regulations, 25% of gasoline content should be aromatics – mixtures of chemicals such as benzene, toluene and xylene – but gas supplied to Pemex stations in Guadalajara from the state oil company’s refinery in Salamanca, Guanajuato, is up to 35% aromatics, according to a report by the newspaper El Universal.
  6. I strongly advise checking the actual vial/box the B-12 comes in, as I tried several pharmacies a few years ago and they were giving B-6 and calling it B12. Fortunately, I read things before I take them. YMMD, but this is Mexico.
  7. Why would anyone go to a doctor for anything if you can't trust what they tell you.?
  8. As much as this concept has been discussed here on this Board, I am really surprised there are still people that are not aware of the process or do not understand it. Go figure !
  9. Why would you pay that??? I pay zero fees, as most people lakeside do. If you pay those fees, either you have money to throw away, or you have not done your homework before coming here.
  10. Looks like a possible cheese "knockoff" or counterfeit cheese. Looks very similar, but it might not be the real thingy ! I doubt the real one would have a "typo".
  11. Safe to one person is not always the same to another. A LOT depends on your Common Sense. Lots of new people coming to Mexico don't have any.
  12. There is a tax that should be paid when you cross to the US side. That is one of the things you should declare. Failure to declare and found upon inspection will cause big problems. Your decision.
  13. He is playing with you. You are wasting your time with him.
  14. You make every effort to make this simple process extremely difficult. Just do what Mostly tells you and don't be such a cry baby. Just follow what he says to the letter. GEEZ, Louise !!!
  15. We like the Chapala American Legion for breakfast.
  16. Mr. Google is your best friend to answer that. Just sayin' !
  17. That is right. Notice it does NOT say it is in their house and has comida casera a HOME cooked meal. In Chapala, the 2 that come quickly to mind in the Plaza are "La Fonda" and "Jose's Place". Both are Fondas, but they are not in their houses, nor is the meal cooked in their house (a home cooked meal). Get it yet? (food cooked in their house)
  18. My wife, Mexican, says they are restaurants that serve Comide Casera. Just a restaurant that serves a home cooked meal.
  19. Fonda is usually a place, separate from the house, that is a family operated restaurant. There are Fondas in the plaza in Chapala.
  20. I would think you would get the best answer to that question by calling them yourself and asking them directly. Just sayin'.
  21. Sounds like what happened to one of my cats NOB about 2 years ago. To take care of the abscess, give antibiotics, it cost almost $300 USD. Maybe that is about right . I remember telling my wife that we could buy a lot of cats for that money.
  22. Actually, I believe I had just simple "trigger finger" so my solution will not benefit you. Sorry and good luck.
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