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  1. https://worldnewstimes.com/whats-your-expat-economic-footprint-and-how-much-does-it-matter/
  2. When it turned out that vaccination failed to defeat COVID and it was instead conquered by Omicron, Mr. Gates found it sad. Humans missed a great opportunity to show that we are the true masters of the world.
  3. That is because both of you are equally guilty. Makes you feel "powerful" to use his real name, huh?
  4. Actually, those under 16 have a greater chance of dying from the flu than the covid.
  5. They attack the source because they cannot discredit the contents. They are losers and that is all that is left for losers to attack. The whole World is waking up to their misinformation propaganda and is saying Let's Go Brandon !!!
  7. There was a couple from Taxco that sold jewelry in the Ajijic tianguis several years ago that made our wedding bands. His name was Julio.
  8. Leave the guy alone ! He is just trying to help using what he believes in. He is entitled to believe what he wants without you belittling him ! GEEZ !!!
  9. That is not what the OP is asking about. He wants to do it legally. Try reading again the OP.
  10. Does anyone who moves here learn a little basic Spanish?
  11. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/coronavirus/omicron-fuels-record-breaking-case-numbers/ The omicron variant of the coronavirus continues to drive daily case numbers to record highs as pressure on Mexico’s health system grows. Active case tally for January has increased by 607% compared to the end of 2021 The federal Health Ministry reported 47,113 confirmed new cases on Saturday, a figure that broke the single-day record set the day before by almost 3,000 cases or 6%.
  12. Just remember that in Mexico it is Much Easier to pass off "fake" masks as real, especially if not from the US or Korea (verifiable). I.E. what you buy here is probably 'Fake" and that includes those from Amazon that you ordered. Suerte. I was just offered some attractive KF94 from "Korea" for 10 p each, if I bought 10. Upon inspecting the "certificate closely inside the package, they were made in 'china". Fake as a 15p bill. Real KF94 run about $1.79 each USD.
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