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  1. I won't give it away as I can't type numbers above 99.
  2. Economy was in a great place during last US Administration and we were reaping benefits here in Mexico. Now, as you say. food and gas prices have risen and the rest of the economy is under stress. This is not "normal" inflation; it was created by poor economic decisions. Simple as that. It was bad before Putin jumped in, so this is not on him, contrary to some.
  3. I heard that same thing earlier today.
  4. What happens if a palmetto bug bites you? Although they may seem scary, palmetto bugs do not pose an immediate danger. They rarely ever bite people. Palmetto bug bites are not serious or painful, but may leave a small, red mark. These pests can contaminate your food with bacteria such as salmonella because of their tendency to hide in unsanitary areas. Always remember fish, ICE is your best friend for ANY bite(after you have washed it with soap and water to get rid of the bacteria) and the quicker you get it on the faster it works to help you.
  5. There seem to be a lot of "Cornhuskers" in Nebraska. Wonder if they also make flowers?
  6. They live among us and more are coming each day.
  7. Interesting. I just check mine about once a year for refills. Whatever rings Your bell.
  8. Mine says on the tank. Remember, no more than 85% full, so if yours is 300 liters, only put the # of liters to bring the total to 255 ! My gauge is very accurate. Last time I got propane, my gauge read 20%, so 85% - 20% = 65%. So, .65 x 300 = 195. Thus, I told the truck guy to put in 195 liters. He did, and my gauge read 85%. I paid for 195 liters. Since the price of propane was 12.65 at that time, I also could have done 195 x 12.65p = 2466.75pesos and told him to put in 2,467 pesos of propane. Either way, he is not cheating me, as I know exactly what he puts in and what the cost is. Easy, huh?
  9. I'm commenting on cjack's post, today. Don't know what you are commenting on.
  10. It is such simple basic math to determine how many liters of propane or gasoline you need for your tank. If people would just tell them how many liters to put in, it would be next to impossible to fake a receipt for those quantities. Have done that since 1997 and never a problem with gasoline for car or propane for house.
  11. Sounds like you still have several important things to learn before making such a Big commitment to mexico. I would say you need to come rent and live a while till you learn the answers to your questions and decide IF Mexico is really for you. Many come here and find they can not manage life here and return NOB. You don't seem to leave that option available. Mexico is way different than NOB.
  12. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/legislation-domestic-workers-health-insurance/?utm_source=The+Whole+Enchilada&utm_campaign=8a7ee8783d-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN+The+Whole+Enchilada&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_f17425060f-8a7ee8783d-350176874 It would create new legal obligations for employers of housekeepers, gardeners and more
  13. https://worldnewstimes.com/whats-your-expat-economic-footprint-and-how-much-does-it-matter/
  14. That is because both of you are equally guilty. Makes you feel "powerful" to use his real name, huh?
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