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  1. According to the Mexican Emblem, Flag and Hymn law, burning the flag is the correct way to dispose of a damaged or old flag but it should be done with respect. If it is not done respectfully or it's not a damaged flag, burning it will get you fined with the equivalent of 250 days of minimum wage (around $1,000 USD)and can get you 35 days of jail time. Suggest you let someone show you how to use "google", it really is VERY simple. I just "googled" this "how to dispose of an old Mexican flag" and guess what I found?
  2. My guess is he can spell as well as many on this Forum, but he chose his own version just to rattle the chains of those hung up on spelling. Just another way to get some more Feed. YMMD
  3. I think there is another type besides the "Trolls". There are certain people who get as much pleasure as the "Trolls" by continuing to "feed the Trolls". No matter what you tell them, they just keep on every time a "Troll" posts. You can see who they are here, just as you can see the "trolls". These "Feeders" get too much pleasure to stop, just like the "Trolls". Both groups live for their opportunities here.
  4. Hopefully they will start asking what meds we are currently taking and enter that on their App to check for interactions.. So far, we have only been asked once at Lakeside. I have noticed that NOB by all doctors we see. YMMD
  5. You may be looking for an Internist ? What ever you do, if given meds, be sure you check in the Internet to see if Europe, Canada and the US have banned those drugs because of high deaths before you take them. Also, if currently taking meds, often you may be given new meds that could put you at risk if taken with your current meds. Both situations have happened here to both me and my wife. Once from a dentist. Only once have we been asked what meds we currently take by a doctor here. That is why for anything serious, we travel NOB. YMMD
  6. The only thing is that getting the main man sometimes takes a little longer, but I have always thought it was worth the short wait.
  7. So how accurate is what Mostlylost is describing?
  8. DJ, if you went to Haro himself, that is maybe the cost. I think with Barragan, maybe the cost would be a little less. I would only use the head dentist in those offices. I would never use another office, those are the only two "top dentists" Lakeside. BTW, Harro speaks excellent English, but don't use his assistant dentist. Have used Haro since 1997.
  9. Sounds exactly like Mexico.
  10. I bet if you spoke up they would have fixed that. But, why waste your time, right? Just don't go back if you are unhappy.
  11. 4-5 years ago went to Dolores Hidalgo. Got there late one Friday afternoon and about 9:30 p.m. went to the Centro for a snack. The alarm on the bank in the center of town was sounding, but no one paid any attention. Saturday, same thing. Went Sunday about 7:00 p.m., same thing. Alarms scare maybe amateurs, but no one else bothers with them.
  12. I bought a cheap ($39.95) at&t phone at Walmart, includes sim card with US number. Easy to unlock, if you need to for some reason. I use the $0.10 per minute/$ 0.20 per text plan and have $25 added automatically every 3 months ( do that on the Internet). It serves me extremely well. No problem with 800 numbers, just dial like you are in the US. I also use at&t 150p per 25 days plan on my Mexican phone and I can call the US as much as I want in those 25 days, including 800 numbers. Think about it. For us, easy way to go. Suerte, Dj !
  13. I didn't know you were a Texas Longhorn fan ! Hook 'Em, Horns !!!
  14. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/tourism-in-mazatlan/?utm_source=TWE&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=tpcc %3D dailynewsletter&pnespid=5qs4CSdbJLoe0eCRrCjkEYjUoR_zWspyLeLimLBi.0xmuEy5VsbO2LXkkNCvF6o5zV.pTwv7
  15. Interesting. Maybe Greenland will go back to being very green like it was millions of years ago. I'm sure there are those there hoping so.
  16. It actually got its name from Erik The Red, an Icelandic murderer who was exiled to the island. He called it “Greenland” in hopes that the name would attract settlers. But according to scientists, Greenland was actually quite green more than 2.5 million years ago. So there is that, LQ !
  17. Yep, climate changes every year for either better or worse. This year we are getting the worse, but it will change and then we will get the better. Just may have to wait a while.
  18. I don't think the OP was asking opinions on what people thought of prices people were paying for the service. Only wanted to know what they were paying. If you feel so strongly about what they should get paid, I am sure MC would allow you to make up the difference in what he will pay and what you want him to pay. Otherwise, if that doesn't float your boat, just continue to piss into the wind.
  19. Everyone I have known here on FMMs have used Lewis & Lewis. Their service is without a doubt currently the best available. Prices are great. Compare rates and you will be pleasantly surprised. Great coverage. https://www.mexicanautoinsurance.com/
  20. WM- Walmart NOB- north of the Border (the US)
  21. Just a FYI from my experiences here: (1) I have seen a Notary that was given POA by a resident like you, clean out a nice house and take the 3 cars (2 antiques worth lots of money)(I'm sure clean out the bank accounts here BEFORE he notified the family NOB. (2) I keep a prepaid, cheap, at&t telephone bought at WM NOB where I put $25 every 3 months on it to use for those bank security messages. Seems a cheap and convenient way to manage that problem. (3) Here, you know no one and please don't place your trust and your life in the hands of someone so sweet and caring that you are not 100% sure about. Remember you are in Mexico, not Kansas. Don't get in such a hurry that you just accept anyone or anything. Unless you are on the verge of Hospice Care, you will have time to do it correctly. BELIEVE ! Best wishes.
  22. Amazing how few people spend the 2 minutes it takes to go outside to read your meter at the beginning of the cycle and at the end of the cycle so you will know exactly if what was charges is correct. Such a simple process, basic add and subtract. 2nd grade level?
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