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  1. The current Interior Secretary is Ryan Zinke, appointed by President Trump, FYI. Bennet is available to do lots of "honey do " stuff, as his voting record is really clear; he is what is referred to in Washington as an "obstructionist", a senator that puts the interest of non-Americans above those of American Citizens. (FYI).
  2. If that ;person can show proof that they live full time in Mexico and are just visiting the US with a Mexican car, there would never be a problem. The only problem is if you live in the US, you cannot have a Mexican plated car. They are sometimes asking lots of questions now, sometimes not. Just be prepared with the proof. I would not be surprised that in the next few years, if you want to enter the US with a Mexican plated car, you might need a visitors permit, like the Mexicans. That is the only way the US will know for sure that you are really just visiting with that car. YOMD.
  3. That is funny ! Don't you think something like that treaty condition is moot, after 170 years! If Mexico does not respect decisions by the US on handling the US Border, how could they EVER expect the US to respect such an obscure condition from 170 years ago. HA ! BTW, that condition was ONLY for those Mexicans living in the territory (about 500 verifiable ), and for NO OTHERS. Prove you are a descendent !
  4. Was that Peter, Paul, and Mary? Great Group ! Loved them !
  5. FYI, I only read as far as your incorrect post, so I responded to it at that point. Did not have the time to read farther. I think you could have deleted it, if I am not mistaken, if you were already aware it was incorrect by the time I posted. If it were me, I would have done that, and I would be more concerned next time to be sure that I did not ;post any more Fake News. But, that is just how I respond. YMMD
  6. Actually, "you don’t hear a peep from Trump" is a false statement. Check out what has been said and done BEFORE you make absurd and foolish statements.
  7. I found (from personal experience) that getting an ice pack on the sting quickly stops the burning/stinging and takes care of the swelling. Certainly an antihistamine will benefit also. Remember, ICE is a very good friend for many injuries.
  8. That is why, RV, people need to trust the advice of Sonia and Spencer when these questions are asked. Other "so called experts" just continue to create panic and confusion for "their personal enjoyment"? Shame on them, no?
  9. I think that is the "kicker". Shaw is talking about CANADA and not about any service in Mexico. They are NOT concerned about their signal being available in Mexico, just to their "Canadian" customers. I think Pete tells it "like it is". I will plan accordingly.
  10. In the US, it appears that the Liberals want those who have earned the most money in their lives to pay a disproportionate share of taxes to pick up the increasing tabs on welfare, etc. You sound like that is not how the Canadians feel. Just sayin' !
  11. Canadians seem to think differently than the US Liberals.
  12. Sorry. RV, but you are not qualified to interpret the Mexican Laws and how they are applied. Your "opinion" lacks credibility. Therein lies the problem that you are creating with misinformation. People here that deal with these laws and Mexican Immigration personnel on a daily basis are telling us that you are wrong. Just let those who deal with these situations give us the real facts, interpretations, and how they are applied.
  13. I believe that those who deal with the law and assist foreigners with various paper work have said that is not the case, RV. I would think that a person here would take the word of someone like that over someone who does not live in Mexico anymore and is not up to date on what is currently happening with immigration, no? Fear mongering has not helped anyone move forward. What you speculate ":might happen" can not be verified by anyone in the last few years. Please do not spread rumors that needlessly put fear into people because "you think it might happen".
  14. We find it cooler NOB for us from mid March until mid June, when we return for the rainy season. YMMD.
  15. I have a nice one for 1800p firm, but I am in the States and will not be back until June. If interested and don't find one, PM me 1st of June.

  16. Actually, snowy is not correct. Mexicans living in the U.S. can get a TIP good for 180 days and bring a car into Mexico to visit family, etc., and return NOB. My wife has done it. Your Mexican neighbor came in as a US citizen, not a Mexican, and he came on a visitor permit. Happens a lot, as Mexicans from NOB often want to keep their US cars, and they go back every 6 months.
  17. Some of the methods they use on some tests are not the standard methods accepted.
  18. I, for one, vote to allow that "shameless advertising". Thanks for Everything you do here for Free, Spencer.
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