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  1. Worth a listen, for those with an open mind (those with a closed mind, don't waste your time): https://www.foxnews.com/science/10-times-experts-predicted-the-world-would-end-by-now
  2. I doubt MC can do anything about that, or you, for that matter. A better response might be you telling us how we get China, Mexico, etc., to do something about it, don't ya think?
  3. This is a really sad post, JB. It is your way, or the Highway, eh? So now you want to kill free speech SOB also !
  4. That also happens, but I would be foolish to leave my common sense at home any time.
  5. No, as RickS says. I also have a 360 card that I usually use at CIBanco (they do not reimburse the ATM fee, but it is so little, I eat it). Between those 2 cards(accounts), covers all I do while in Mexico 6-8 months a year. I am a US Citizen that comes to Mexico when the weather is better in Mexico than where we live NOB. And, when it is better for us NOB, we return there. Been doing that for 20 years. Works well for us.
  6. So, they take out the 94 when you get the money (thus lowering your exchange rate) and then another $3 at your bank. That seems rather high unless you get a lot. My bank reimburses me for the ATM fee and does not charge a fee at their end. Whatever works and makes you happy is what a person should use, no?
  7. I think Johnny is saying that more than 50% of Mexicans live in areas similar to where he lives, which he labels as the "real" Mexico. Most of us live in an area similar to the top 20% of Mexicans, and our "real" Mexico is quite different. Most of us would not care to live as over 50% of Mexicans do. Some of us care nothing for the life that most Mexicans live and are not interested in hearing about it. Our "real" Mexico is the lifestyle similar to the upper classes here, only a few deviate much. We live in protected communities, or have invested in security that these "other real" Mexicans do not have and cannot afford. Most of us "play" the game of living in Mexico among the natives.
  8. Still seems to be the rule here. I have learned that when an 18-wheeler decides he wants to pass, it doesn't matter if you have almost passed him, he is going to pass first. That is still scary !
  9. Our experience is that if you pay first, the chance of getting a refund is 0 %.
  10. The story I have been hearing from several Mexicans is that AMLO informed Pemex he wanted to shut pipeline and Pemex assured him that they could deliver in trucks. They knew that there would be a big disruption, but being afraid that AMLO was about to really crack down on Pemex, thought the people would blame AMLO and not Pemex, and thus slow down AMLO attacking Pemex. Kinda like what you hear NOB: Disrupt, Disrupt, Disrupt ! I am seeing a lot of similarities between those 2 governments.and the Disruptors.
  11. If it is just the mirror that is broken, any place that sells window glass can cut and put in a new mirror for about 50 pesos. Have had 3 done in Mexico from parking on the street with NOB plates. All do a good job. Takes about 20 minutes.
  12. I think the question refers to which has had the most negative impact on the lives of people. Just a guess.
  13. Very similar experiences to yours in Texas for us. I believe that one needs to be involved and plan ahead to be prepared when you need health care. The lack of preparation in advance can cause much angst.
  14. I was asking MC, sorry you misunderstood. As for us, we have never had a doctor refuse us because he/she/it/whatever did not accept medicare.
  15. Try a 50p note, and if that doesn't work, a 100p note will !
  16. Are you allowed to select the doctors of your choice, without referrals, or must you use "their" doctors?
  17. 🇺🇸 "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt!" 🇺🇸
  18. At least AMLO is trying to do what he promised against corruption. Mexico did not get the way it is in 6 years, and AMLO will not be able to rectify what Mexico has become in his 6 years. People must understand that they must help AMLO in their desire for less corruption, otherwise nothing will change. AMLO cannot just wave his "magic" wand.
  19. In our 19 years of coming to Mexico. we have maintained a home NOB also, like BisbeeGal. Appears as if our experiences/thinking agrees with her 100%. After events where both of us could have wound up dead because of treatments received here, other than basic services, all serious treatments will continue to be handled NOB. BTW, we have had excellent experiences NOB, and have personal telephone numbers of our major doctors, and they do answer and change treatment because of our calls. Maybe we are fortunate, but all my life I have had very similar treatment and positive experiences. Maybe because I have no problem changing doctors or expressing my dissatisfaction, should the need arise. There is absolutely NO reason anyone should ever accept less than the best from their doctors. WE have not cut ties, but for those who have, I wish you luck, as it seems that you made your choice, too. One size does not fit everyone.
  20. Surely everyone realizes that there will still be a "shortage" for a while; as people gain access to gas they will continue to "top off" and store for a "rainy day" for some time, thus manufacturing a renewed shortage.
  21. I believe that Pemex is saying that they have restored the normal liters that the stations have been buying from them for months/years. However, most of the stations have been buying twice that amount from the thieves, so there is still a big shortage at the pump. The only way to get more is to " fess up" about how much they have really been selling a month. Think that will happen soon?
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