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  1. Sounds like someone that posts here from that the Yucatan board. Playing with us.
  2. Thanks, Rony ! Hope all is good with you and Miss V ! Take care from me and R, and Double Trouble !
  3. Trying to reach the Lady Dentist in Chapala named Lourdes. Would very much appreciate any one that can give me her phone number. She is on the Main street in Chapala, upstairs. Thank you.
  4. Really, ten times over the years ! Impressive ! And one would have thought you were a resident expert on traveling around Mexico.
  5. Actually, wife and I were stopped and pulled over once there in Laredo and asked how much money we had with us. When we responded, they told us to show them and count it in front of them. That was about 14 years ago. Really curious that the same thing happened later that morning at the last checkpoint leaving Nuevo Laredo. Whatta ya think?
  6. Geez, give us a break ! Take your BS somewhere else. You know nothing about what type of people they are. My Mexican friends say they are trash. I think they know much better than you .
  7. I hear that because of the government attack on those stealing gasoline (around Salamanca, Gto. area, etc.) those sources of revenue have dried up, so these "gangs" have been hurting for money. As a result, they have spread out into extortion, drugs, kidnappings, and home invasions. Kinda what a lot of people say will happen when hard drugs are legalized and the drug revenue dries up. Maybe we are getting a preview of things to come.
  8. Just as any "Gringo Enclave" in Mexico, no one wants to report the truth about violence and killings in their "paradise", or else values, buyers, etc. will dry up. That should not be a surprise to anyone here who does not have their head stuck in the sand. Deny, deny, deny !
  9. Read in various Mexican Papers and Facebook posts about the terrible situations taking place in SMA and warnings to not go there, nor buy property there. People there are warned to shop, etc. in Queretaro. Seems the entire State of Guanajuato has become a dangerous place.
  10. You are correct, nothing in this World is "free" not even "Free Medicare for All", "Free College Tuition", "Welfare", "Free Housing", etc.
  11. The secret to that is to maintain a Primary Care doctor and easily establish appointments with them for a set time in the future. Our experience is about 2 months lead time, unless it is an emergency, then we get in sooner. Same applies to the Specialists, but we have enjoyed much less wait time with both, as getting on a "cancel" list has always allowed us to get something in about 10 days. YMMD, but we have been like this for almost the 11 years we have been on Medicare. Just a little planning and taking responsibility for your health care goes a LONG way.
  12. Actually, the Economists I follow say that the World would do themselves a big favor for their economies if they were to follow the lead of the US on economic policy. US economic leadership and policies continue to impress and set new highs.
  13. Agreed. NEVER (in Mexico, or anywhere else) offer any more info to officials than is absolutely necessary, as they often become confused and you will wind up regretting that you didn't give a quick and simple response to any question they ask you.Let them ask, don't volunteer !
  14. The US economy is stronger than it has been in lots of years, it is the other countries who have been and are having trouble with their economies. Lots of people are praying for a recession and fabricating all kinds of statistics and "warning signs" to encourage people to get scared. They will try every trick they can imagine to gain power and control. Don't become a sheep. Snowyco is trying to add to those scare tactics.
  15. My wife was listed as " Maria del Rosario" on many agencies in Mexico. She got a Notary to draw a paper and list maybe 8 different names she had been called by those different agencies and it said that they were all "Maria Rosario". We took that paper (time consuming) to each agency and they changed her name on their forms, and combined some, as they sometimes had 3 accounts for her with different names. Cost was 500 pesos for 3 official papers. She has a different name on her US passport than her Mexican passport, but never a problem in the US or Mexico.
  16. But, not for those on the winning side. Only for those on the poor losers side !
  17. Just trying to "sneak" it in "disguised" like you really care. LOL Why should you? No longer your Country and the people who live there make their own decisions, whether you like it or not. Reference their new Administration. LOL Why don't you tell us about how much you are helping the poor in the country where you live; that would maybe encourage more to do more here, instead of continually bitching about what the US is doing. Choose to not live with them, but can't live without them, huh? LOL Surely you can afford to sponsor many poor families and children, not just 1 or 2, or 3, full time. Let us hear it from you bitchers ! LOL
  18. Interesting how common sense seems to "kick in" at different ages for different people, no?
  19. I see why you want out of the US with the prospect of Socialism ahead, unless you are filthy rich, then you are among the elite that Socialism doesn't affect.
  20. My wife says that the stores that sell "cheaper" bras don't allow, but the expensive stores do.
  21. Actually mine said it covered me for emergencies out of the US. YMMV
  22. There is another one who can't alway seem to get her way, so thinks its ok to trash others.
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