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  1. For sure, the longer we don't comply with social distancing, the longer we will have to do it !
  2. So, do we wipe the food with wipes or what? You are sure everyone washes their hands and none have this virus that prepare the food. Do they use gloves and masks that prevent the spread of things from their mouth, nose, etc.Probably so. Sadly, from time to time I have picked up something from prepared food here, but before it was not the China Virus. Maybe it will skip those who prepare the food. Whata ya think?
  3. I'm glad to finally see that people are not putting down others for their health choices.
  4. He is "playing" with you. He loves your reaction. Kinda like a lot of other posters here. They get off on your response. As long as you take it, they are happy.
  5. No matter what you say or how logical you explain things, stupidity can not be convinced otherwise. Stupid is as stupid does. Each year there is more and more of it in this World of ours. Like driving a car, you take care of your business, but it is the others that you need to be really careful of.
  6. No it's not ! Get your facts straight, before you engage !
  7. The news medias have driven many people over the line.
  8. Have been buying NOB for over a week at $1.699 for regular a gallon. Mexico price dropped too?
  9. If you could,crazies would buy it all up and those who could benefit from it might die. Sadly, there are those types among us here.
  10. Sinaloa and D.F. More to come.
  11. So, are you taking these animals to be spayed/neutered, or who will do that so we are not just feeding and letting them multiply? Gotta know this info first.
  12. I am speaking for myself. That was an asinine response. Who else? No one cares whether you are interested in my experiences and what we do about health care, as I am replying to the OP and not you. So, piss off !
  13. Agree 100% with Rony ! We are Not in Mexico because of the health care services and anything the least bit serious, we travel North just as fast as we can ! Seen too many die here that should still be alive, and with God's help, we are not 2 of those. 21 years of living in Mexico 6 months a year.
  14. Walmart has cameras on their parking lot. I had my car keyed, and they looked and saw the guy do it. However, they said they could not read his plates when he drove off.
  15. Sounds like someone that posts here from that the Yucatan board. Playing with us.
  16. Thanks, Rony ! Hope all is good with you and Miss V ! Take care from me and R, and Double Trouble !
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