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  1. You are pathetic, Judge and jury. Others are not entitled to squat. I am not on trial, except in your perverted mind. You dream. You imagine. You make up things. I did not equate anything. I reported someone (I don't even know who they were) giving a reason for moving here, I thought that was the purpose of this post. See, you don't even know what you are talking about here. I suggest you may need professional help. Get it together. I saw her point means I understood what she was saying, I did not need a translator. It does not show agreement, but if it did, it is still none of your business, as I am entitled to my own personal opinion. Tough, if you don't agree with it !!! The more you hound me here the more silly you are looking. I will express my own opinion and you can cry all you want about it, but I will never allow you to take away my right to express my opinion.
  2. Why do you want to know? Plan on being my "judge"? People are entitled to their own comments, get used to it or go cry about it.
  3. What did you expect me to do about her comment? Beat her up? Call the police? Turn her in to Immigration? She was entitled to her opinion, the last time I checked, just like you are. No one has to agree with what you think about anything, and there isn't anything you can do about it. That is the way it is in life, get used to it, or look for a safe place where you can cry about it.
  4. Someone told me several years ago that living here with a comfortable amount of retirement money was probably like living on a plantation prior to the civil war. I could see her point.
  5. Ever notice who posts threads like this one? They never seem to learn and are "surprised" when something like this happens.
  6. I've never lost anything from CC use either and I am older than you. I don't carry my purse while shopping either. Too much of a target. Only use a Debit at the ATM, nowhere else. I do carry some"chump change" here in Mexico, but NOB, never, for many years. Love those "points".
  7. Sometimes I am amazed at what you say: thousands of pesos for a typical day at Lakeside? Really? So, if they steal your purse at Walmart, can they use your CCs if you also have your phone in your purse too? I understand you cannot lose more than 50$, but you lose those cards, so...
  8. Anyone that has lived at Lakeside for at least a year should have recognized that Debit Cards are for ATM only here, and need to stay at home unless you are going to get money that day. Also Credit Cards are for online only, unless major purchase. Otherwise, cash. Failure to follow these guidelines, you accept the risk and the lost.
  9. They must have the pin to use the card, but, sadly, there are some debit cards that can be used as a credit card, without the pin. I don't think that will be taken out of your checking account when it is charged.
  10. Has anyone paid much attention to this thread? Remind you of some other threads?
  11. Looks like you accepted their rate. Don't do that.
  12. My ATT is paid each 25 days, 150p. After 6 payments, I get one 25 days free. 2.3 GB + all the other stuff. Seems cheaper than the 2 year plan, no?
  13. Ready for incoming? Looks like you have been here for at least a week. Takes about that long to rile up the "gang".
  14. Sorry, but I just can't imagine anyone who was able to make the move to Mexico actually being gullible enough to fall for something like this. One would think people here have enough common sense to recognize this.
  15. You can't do much better than GTO.
  16. Casa de las Brujas in Guanajuato.
  17. Please do it before he changes his mind like Whoopi !
  18. Most here feel very comfortable with the number being reported here. Not much to worry about, right?
  19. Normally, 2.81 million die in the US every year, so this is nothing new. If this year 3.5 million die, we will know that the virus caused an additional 690,000 deaths.
  20. According to Bill Gates, everyones all-american boy, the benefits of re-opening schools far out weigh the costs. Seems if anyone has a good handle on this virus and its effects, he does. Has Lots of money invested in it.
  21. So, how was the breakfast? Are you planning to go again soon?
  22. https://themazatlanpost.com/2020/07/27/video-cartel-assaults-increase-on-foreign-plated-vehicles-on-nuevo-laredo-monterrey-highway/?fbclid=IwAR0FriNSNIeGbElINbDn6YjHCiC5FWpODzU9G2w2tR0HsJk8dFI9sNI2HTw
  23. I understand those gloves are about the worse thing you could do, as they pick up LOTS and everything you touch with them becomes contaminated. Check it out.
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