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  1. Sorry, but I just can't imagine anyone who was able to make the move to Mexico actually being gullible enough to fall for something like this. One would think people here have enough common sense to recognize this.
  2. You can't do much better than GTO.
  3. Casa de las Brujas in Guanajuato.
  4. Please do it before he changes his mind like Whoopi !
  5. Most here feel very comfortable with the number being reported here. Not much to worry about, right?
  6. Normally, 2.81 million die in the US every year, so this is nothing new. If this year 3.5 million die, we will know that the virus caused an additional 690,000 deaths.
  7. According to Bill Gates, everyones all-american boy, the benefits of re-opening schools far out weigh the costs. Seems if anyone has a good handle on this virus and its effects, he does. Has Lots of money invested in it.
  8. So, how was the breakfast? Are you planning to go again soon?
  9. https://themazatlanpost.com/2020/07/27/video-cartel-assaults-increase-on-foreign-plated-vehicles-on-nuevo-laredo-monterrey-highway/?fbclid=IwAR0FriNSNIeGbElINbDn6YjHCiC5FWpODzU9G2w2tR0HsJk8dFI9sNI2HTw
  10. I understand those gloves are about the worse thing you could do, as they pick up LOTS and everything you touch with them becomes contaminated. Check it out.
  11. Why are you in quarantine? I thought everything in Seattle was peaceful, or is that not the truth?
  12. Exactly. Wonder how many people have thought about how many others they may have killed with the flu because they went to work or shopping or family reunions while infected themselves? They never give that a thought.Those people didn't die because they got it on their own.
  13. Sure it does, to the Left. You can't be a member of their "pack" if you are a "free" thinker. You either agree 100% with their narrative or you are a racist, etc. , etc,. etc. You have heard the drill a thousand times. If you ain't with them you are against them ! Either all, or none. They weed out and eat their own, sooner or later. They only use you while you benefit them. Lots of evidence of this everywhere. Keep thinking for your survival.
  14. Smart move, Alan (not Debra). You will be much happier and free from worry staying here and never returning. Now if you could just figure out how to convince your family members of that so they could come and join you here would maybe be saving their lives. Don't give that idea up, maybe it will blossom soon and everyone can be at peace and worry free. As I said before, good luck and "stay safe" !
  15. It is terrible out there. Survival rate is what 98+ %? 37 children in the US below the age of 16 have died, almost all had other problems ( normal flu season, 191 die). It's terrible for the average person without other problems.
  16. Please don't go to Texas, Things are really bad there and you would be wise never to go there. Please tell all your friends that Texas people are crazies, and run around without masks, have guns, and are just complete $%&/()s that become unbalanced at any provocation. Dangerous there. Stay away. Just trying to help keep you and your friends safe !
  17. Either live with it, find another tienda, or move. That is about all I can think of.Good luck.
  18. You are correct and everyone on this Board have been aware of these low life since they have been on this Board. They are about themselves and no one else. They need help, but maybe it is too late.
  19. Yep, did it several years ago when I did not have on "auto pay" and never had a problem. Since I am on "auto pay" now in States, so never expires.
  20. That is exactly what the writer states ! He finally decided to pack it up.
  21. That is what the writer states, there is no "rule of law in Mexico" and there is no "enforcement of contracts". That is why Mexico is still 3rd World and will always be. Corruption has always been the theme of governments and now, I agree, it has become "incompetence".
  22. Just checked in Texas and found this. Hopefully this is from being better prepared than some. Maybe that is the secret, being prepared, or leadership, or both. (one probably complements the other) Today in Texas there are 15,852 Active Cases, 17,622 RECOVERED Cases, and just 948 deaths. That is something to celebrate, compared to the 2018 flu season ! 2,000 more recovered than current cases ! WOW !
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