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  1. I believe you are correct. Since Mexico has over 200,000 more "yearly deaths this year than in a normal year, NOT related to CV, makes a person wonder what's up, Doc, no?
  3. I see where Pfizer is now shipping vaccine to all 50 States. So, looks like some people will get theirs in the next few days. Great news !
  4. Spoke with my Pulmonologist in Texas yesterday and he informed me that he was confident that I would be able to get my vaccine for covid within 4 weeks, max. Great news. He expects to get his next week. Said distribution plans have been in place for a while. Good luck to me and everyone also at high risk !!! (he currently treats 15 hospitalized, mostly elderly, but is seeing a rise in 30-50, he believes because of failure to wear masks and distance.).
  5. Gene pool gets weaker each year. Lots of "cry babies" born over the last 30 or so years.
  6. My blood doctor in the US says he believes that only certain health care workers will get the vaccine starting mid December, as many health care workers (such as he) do not work with CV patients, thus no immediate need before older, high risk, people like me get it.
  7. Not here, but in the US in mid December. CDC.
  8. Trump promised it before the end of this year !
  9. Since wearing a mask offers a lot less protection for the wearer than the other people, therein lies the major reason many don't wear. Love thy neighbor is greatly missing with many.
  10. My understanding has always been that the purpose behind people wearing a mask was that the mask offered protection to others, not a lot to the person wearing the mask. The virus is basically spread from a cough, sneeze, or talking/singing and the mask prevents it from traveling rapidly to where it would go provided the infected person had no mask. I thought that was the science behind the mask wearing.
  11. https://themazatlanpost.com/2020/11/17/family-attacked-and-robbed-on-tamaulipas-highway/?fbclid=IwAR3D8sWg15Gkd_O7FFHJ1YEFDPkAyNqSePe6DcgtXCM4EP0jEd9jJTTCFeA
  12. A doctor can not look at you and say you do not have the CV. Only a test and sometimes te test is not accurate. Therein lies a Big problem. Loss of appetite and sleepiness are big symptoms, as is fever and cough. IT is more out there now than 6 months ago.
  13. Those Canadians considering returning might consider this: Just an FYI -- the Diario de Yucatan published an article today where they cite the Asociacion Mexicana de Instituciones de Seguros that the average cost of treatment for CV is 10,603 pesos (no hospital stay), 416,526 pesos if hospitalized, and can reach 972,517 pesos (average) if in intensive care. I'll add the citation if I can find it! bingo -- here's the link: https://www.yucatan.com.mx/.../aseguradoras-adaptan-su...
  14. Have noticed quite a few Canadians in Central Texas in the last 2 weeks.
  15. Hugo López Gatell declaró hoy, que lo peor del rebrote COVID será entre noviembre y febrero del próximo año. Hasta abril tendremos noticias de una probable vacuna. Por lo que exhortó a las autoridades educativas a no volver a las aulas hasta mediados del siguiente año.
  16. Sounds to me like our chains are being pulled, as no one would wait 3 months to check about renewing their expired FMM.
  17. Where is that information located, or is that just more smoke?
  18. Actually, those of us that are at high risk will be able to waltz into that center with the first responders and med workers for our injection.
  19. It appears that Europe is beginning the "second wave" as cases are more now than at the beginning there. Reminds me that by the end of October was when Mexico was expected to have its second wave. It is still among us !
  20. Better check with Texas, they can tell you better than anyone here.You are sure the car was not stolen and brought to Mexico? And, you have proof that the original US owner sold the car?
  21. Most, you ASSUME a lot. Sonia never said they were clients of hers, nor that they had ANY paper work. I'd bet a taco that if they had marriage certificates and she had a visa and he had his pp, they both could ave passed. I think this is a "they said", without all the details. Of course, Sonia could have given all the details,;maybe she gave all she "heard". Let her fill in the blanks, then we may know 'the rest of the story".
  22. Really had that paper work?I didn't read that in the post, so I guess you know the people?
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