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  1. https://mexicodailypost.com/2021/04/06/san-miguel-de-allende-leads-in-the-sexual-exploitation-of-women-and-girls-of-5-municipalities-of-guanajuato/?fbclid=IwAR286u1MleXgl0VKpWGQl7mVjZ3bvOxQaEk8yGeyGuwBD66T1bhqvOX5w-U In the state of Guanajuato, there is sexual exploitation of women and girls mainly in the municipalities of Celaya, Silao, Irapuato, Valle de Santiago, and San Miguel Allende, according to an expert.
  2. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/mexicans-traveling-home-from-us-pay-a-tip-to-cops-and-extortion-to-criminals/?utm_source=The+Whole+Enchilada&utm_campaign=2d41af22cd-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN+The+Whole+Enchilada&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_f17425060f-2d41af22cd-350176874 Easter travelers report being pressured to pay to pass through Tamaulipas Published on Friday, April 2, 2021
  3. Pfizer says COVID-19 vaccine 100% effective, safe in kids as young as12. Researchers said there were 0 instances of coronavirus among the vaccinated group.
  4. Agree. I don't see them stopping, but moving ahead.
  5. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/mar/28/mexico-covid-death-toll-rise-60-percent Mexico’s government has acknowledged that the country’s true death toll from the coronavirus pandemic now stands above 321,000, almost 60% more than the official test-confirmed number of 201,429. Mexico does little testing, and, because hospitals were overwhelmed, many Mexicans died at home without getting a test. The only way to get a clear picture is to review “excess deaths” and review death certificates. On Saturday, the government quietly published a report based on those figures, which found there were 294,287 deaths linked to Covid-19 from the start of the pandemic through 14 February. Since 15 February there have been an additional 26,772 test-confirmed deaths. The higher toll would exceed that of Brazil, which has the world’s second-highest number of deaths after the US. The Johns Hopkins coronavirus tracker puts Brazil’s toll at about 307,000 and the United States’ at 548,000, but Mexico’s population of 126 million is far smaller than those of either of those countries.
  6. Do you drive there? Not all inclusive is it?
  7. Results of an Inegi survey on the pandemic’s impact on education show that 8.8 million children, teenagers and young adults were forced to abandon their studies this academic year, which began virtually last August. That figure is higher than the entire population of Jalisco and almost equal to that of Mexico City (excluding the greater metropolitan area). https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/coronavirus/nearly-9-million-students-have-dropped-out/?utm_source=The+Whole+Enchilada&utm_campaign=09c1694c67-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN+The+Whole+Enchilada&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_f17425060f-09c1694c67-350176874
  8. A senior official warned Mexico to be wary of their Covid-19 vaccines because they are motivated by their own political interests. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/coronavirus/beware-the-politics-behind-vaccines-from-china-russia-us-official-warns/?utm_source=The+Whole+Enchilada&utm_campaign=09c1694c67-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN+The+Whole+Enchilada&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_f17425060f-09c1694c67-350176874
  9. Report on 3-20-2021 is that there have been 13 people in Texas out of almost 3M vaccinated that have become positive with the virus more than 14 days after getting their 2nd shot. No mention if any have died. So glad we got our Pfizers there.
  10. Yep, let Mexican Citizens get them first. We need to wait, or return to where you your citizenship country is.
  11. Ours could not have gone any smoother or quicker NOB. Extremely prepared and professional. January, in Texas.
  12. Louvered swinging doors, maybe, like in a saloon? https://www.swingingcafedoors.com/blog/5-reasons-why-swing-saloon-doors-are-ideal-for-your-home/ or https://www.amazon.com/zonxn-Western-Swinging-Bathroom-Decor-72inX78in/dp/B07TLZQ2S3
  13. I would take a 2-3 day easy trip to Dolores Hidalgo, where they are made, and where there are thousands to select from.
  14. So, how many have the CCP virus right now here, in hospital and at home.?
  15. So, this info is for what time period? Maybe you can explain it, as I have trouble. Confirmed-233 + 34 more they believe have it. 45 have died, of this 233+34 ??? Also, there are 148 recovering (of the 233+34 ???), but not out of the woods yet. Active=3 ??? I guess that may mean they can still pass the virus at this time. Notice that over 1/3 are in the hospital and of those, 2/3 are on ventilators, where a very high % die in Mexico. Be interesting to know if this is for the past week, etc.
  16. Even 1 new case will make the total continue to rise. That total does not tell us where we are currently and what the current situation is doing. So, the total is of little use for our current situation.
  17. Actually, what is meaningful at this time is not the total # of cases, but the number of active cases currently, and the # of new cases daily/weekly. Those 2 stats will tell us where we are; the other just tells us where we have been.
  18. Actually, I have no guilt, as my rent included all utilities and furniture. He did ok having me as a renter, but I believe he knew all along what was up. Since my electric was cut till he paid, I actually had no choice. That clear your conscience a little? Good luck with your problem.
  19. No, someone has "fooled" with your electric and you are robbing the electric company. Have seen it before. The same happened to me several years ago, except I was not the owner of the house, so he was stuck with a massive amount to pay. I moved.
  20. The person who set you up for electric has "rigged" things so you do not pay electric, except the min. Like no one lives in your house. That is fraud and one day there will be a massive fine. I wish you luck, but CFE will not accept any excuses like "i did not know anything about it".
  21. Mexico-US summit: ‘Lucky Mexico, so close to God and not too far from the United States’ President López Obrador and United States President Joe Biden reaffirmed the 'enduring partnership' between the two nations Monday.
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