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  1. Interesting, the cold in Texas. Although in several places new low temps were set for a particular day of the week, Texas has had several other days with lower temps, mostly cold records being set in the late 1800s or early 1900s. This is certainly not the coldest Texas has been over the last 100+ years records have been kept. The interesting fact is that most people living in Texas now were not living there back when Texas had a lot of really cold winters. Therein is a big difference. The same applies to the Texas Heat Records. Is Texas colder this year than last year? Yep. Is Texas getting colder each year and hotter each year? Nope ! Does the Climate in Texas change from year to year? Yep ! Has been that way since records have been kept, and even before.
  2. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/coronavirus/official-count-is-2-million-coronavirus-cases-but-university-says-its-at-least-17-million/ Official count is 2 million coronavirus cases but university says it’s at least 17 million UNAM estimates there could have been as many as 53 million
  3. New Administration NOB. That is what a lot predicted would happen.
  4. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/author-of-book-about-sexual-violence-urges-action-on-child-sex-tourism/ According to Vázquez, Mexico is the second-highest country in the world for sex tourism involving minors, after Thailand. It also producers 70% of the world’s child pornography, she said.
  5. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/coronavirus/mexico-to-raise-objection-at-un-to-global-inequality-in-access-to-vaccines/ Ebrard, who has played a leading role in the federal government’s efforts to secure vaccines for Mexico, said the countries that produce the Covid-19 shots have high vaccination rates whereas they are much lower in Latin American and Caribbean countries.
  6. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-02-09/mexico-now-has-the-most-deadly-covid-outbreak-in-latin-america Country passed Panama to have 59.2 fatalities per million Mexico City excess deaths highest in world per capita: report
  7. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/morena-presents-proposal-to-regulate-social-media-networks/
  8. Who feeds, clothes, and pays for rent/house pmt and doctors during lockdowns if people cannot work?
  9. I hope you get it before the summer. Good luck.
  10. . Re: Registration for COVID-19 Vaccine in Mexico - 60+ From: Jim Pierce Date: Sat, 06 Feb 2021 10:52:54 PST Interesting about Microsoft Edge on the vaccine registration site. I had earlier tried that when Chrome didn't work. I had no success on Edge, and when I returned to Chrome, it worked just fine. Go figure! Jim Pierce Morelia
  11. Not only Mexico, you would be surprised at how many still will not accept Chrome. Even doctor e-visits.
  12. Re: Registration for COVID-19 Vaccine in Mexico - 60+ From: Liliana Rodriguez Date: Fri, 05 Feb 2021 06:46:46 PST Hi all!! After trying several attempts to register my parents, I was finally able to get it done!! It was yesterday around 9pm (though I heard that a lot of my friends could do it around 7:00pm). Some of my friends recommended Firefox, but I used Chrome. You just have to try over and over again (in a row), until it gives in. I think I maybe tried it 8-10 times. Other than the CURP, they ask for: - State of residency - City - Zip code - Phone number - Secondary phone number - Email - Secondary email Those extra phone numbers and emails could belong to a friend or relative. There is also an area for “notes”, you can leave it blank. Btw, once you introduce the CURP and it lets you in, the full name and date of birth appears automatically, so make sure that info is correct before you proceed. I feel that now it’s gonna be easier, as yesterday a lot of people I know were able to do it. But if you keep getting the “sin respuesta” message, just go back and try again. Good luck! Lily Rodríguez
  13. The registration for the vaccination against COVID of older adults (60+ years) has started. Background To register for the Covid Vaccine in Mexico currently requires a CURP number. Residents (permanent and temporary) and citizens have a CURP number. Those on a tourist visa do not. I don't know if there might be a future option for people without a CURP number or, if there is, when that might be. The English language instructions below include a section on locating and printing your CURP number. The number is on your Mexican Driver's License and Permanent or Temporary Resident Card. At least it is on mine. Also see this post on SMAFAQ: Locating and Printing Your Mexican CURP. You have to enter the website and enter your data. Before you start, you need to have your CURP number. You will also need a Mexican phone number (you must enter 10 digits so there is no room to enter a country code) where you or someone you trust can later take a call for you with your appointment information. The website is in operation from 8 am to midnight seven days a week. It may take a while to get through. If you can not open the website during those hours it is probably because it is saturated...try again later. When you get through and complete the information and then hit send (enviar) the advice is 'if you don’t get a response, don’t start over. Just hit it every 15 minutes or so. Reports are that it takes a long time to process the confirmation.' On the first day of operation there were some reports of interruptions / errors in the service. If you encounter an error try again later. Instructions are from the wonderful folks at Covid-19 SMA 1. Enter the page https://mivacuna.salud.gob.mx/ 2. Enter your CURP. In case you don't know it or don't have it on hand, first follow instructions later in this tutorial on “Locating and Printing Your CURP” 3. Verify that your data is correct. 4. Select the option "I want to be vaccinated." More ... Read through all of the steps at the link below before you start. Instructions are from the wonderful folks at Covid-19 SMA ... Vaccine Registration Instructions. | Español. Which vaccine will I get? We don't know at this time which vaccine will be used for any particular person, place or date. What does it mean to be registered? It means that you are on the list. You do not yet have an appointment but you will be contacted later with appointment information based on your age and location. Best time to register is before 7 a.m.
  14. You understand so little about the relationships between and among the various governments in the US and their powers. It would benefit you, if you desire to post accurate information, to study the US Constitution. I doubt you care whether your opinion is valid or not. You just enjoy ROATM. Just MHO.
  15. Many of my friends (75-78 y.o.) have already received their 1B first shot. Depends on location. I see where amazon has said they can get the vaccines anywhere quickly and are offering their services today. Wonder why they did not do that a month ago?
  16. Already driven back. My appointment is next week. I am very high risk and don't need to wait forever. You need to do what is best for you. Good luck.
  17. Let me repeat, as you ,missed it the first time ! None of those who came from the US to Mexico came blind and deaf, as the US has made it perfectly clear that government provided health services will never be provided in any country except the US. They will NOT provide that service for you or anyone else visiting/living in Mexico. No matter how much you want to cry or pay. So, give it a rest !
  18. The Mexican government does not have the money to buy the vaccine for everyone of its citizens, let alone foreigners. That is why AMLO encourages private buying and administering. Also, none of those who came from the US to Mexico came blind and deaf, as the US has made it perfectly clear that government provided health services will never be provided in any country except the US. No one should be a bit surprised or disappointed by that on this "free" vaccine. If that was a deal breaker, you should have stayed home. Look in the mirror if you want to complain and cry.
  19. I would guess that decision is up to the new administration.
  20. In Texas you must bring proof of age and residency, so that Texas residents get the Texas allotment. Mine is scheduled for next week, pending the arrival of a new supply.
  21. I believe you are correct. Since Mexico has over 200,000 more "yearly deaths this year than in a normal year, NOT related to CV, makes a person wonder what's up, Doc, no?
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