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  1. 2 hours ago, AngusMactavish said:

    She reminds you of your grandma, eh?

    What exactly is your problem ? You keep making an ### out of yourself for no reason.Grow up. Why is it necessary for you to personally attack some people here?

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  2. 3 hours ago, pedro malo said:

    Good!  Now how about Peña Nieto, Calderon, Salinas, etc., etc. to follow who are the real criminals.

    Remember, who gave Chapo to the US ! The Elites will sacrifice anyone to protect their power. That is true in any country, NOB or SOB.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Xena said:

    We take the normal precautions we did NOB, not one thing different. We feel just as safe as we did NOB — and, in some cases, more so. We never considered this “paradise” and still don’t. It is a lovely, lively place to live. We are having fun, a lot more fun than we would be having NOB. So, when you speak, please remember that you are speaking only for yourself and those sad people who think like you do. Sorry about that pig you’re stuck with but we are loving our purses. They may not be silk, but they are a beautiful, durable fabric that brings us pleasure every single day. 

    Actually, most here at Lakeside never had anything near what we have here in "protection", for our homes NOB. Sure, with all the "protection" we have installed here, most feel that their home/belongings are generally safe. (Since we don't have insurance in case of theft here). I'm sure there are some that do have more fun here than NOB, but I can tell you as one who spends about 1/2 time NOB, to enjoy the weather there, we have as much or more fun when there., So when I speak, I am referring to myself and my better half, and those intelligent people who see things as I have described them. Do we enjoy Lakeside?  We have not cut all ties NOB, nor are we forced to stay here for other reasons. We would not continue to return if we did not enjoy our time here. We do admit that we have been staying longer and longer NOB each trip, Still come back.

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  4. 3 hours ago, kimanjome said:

    Thanks, Alpha1, good to know when/if in Guadalajara.

    Returned from Maskaras, 1 chest x-ray (Siemens digital machine) and office visit combined, 700 pesos, fair price, I think. Pneumonia.

    BTW was told the new San Antonio hospital to open in April, so let's call it May. 

    Get a sputum culture so you know which antibiotic will work against it and do not have to guess.

  5. On 1/31/2019 at 6:28 PM, gringal said:

    The poster who believes he has the right to walk with five unleashed dogs has the kind of attitude that makes it difficult for all of us to occupy the same space in comfort.  It's possible that the man "waving his arms" has had a previous encounter with dogs where he was hurt and has been in fear of them since.

    My wife has the scars from a childhood incident with an unleashed dog. Every time she sees an unleashed dog, she gets behind me and is terrified. She should not have to relive that experience in a city park, or anywhere else. Some people have absolutely no feelings when it comes to another innocent human being. :(


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  6. 30 minutes ago, Tiny said:

    My comments were for the ones that were making general statements/assumptions about the health care here. 

    Too bad you and others had a bad experience by picking the wrong doctor/hospital/clinic.

    Yep, totally OUR fault for picking the wrong doctor/hospital. We will try to do better like you next time, ok? Will try to be more like you.That make you happier?


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  7. 2 hours ago, Tiny said:

    That's right.  Rush back to your foreign trained doctors in the US.  Just because it is the US it must be better, right?


    Those of us who go NOB for health care actually go there because in our own experiences here in Mexico, the health care WE receive NOB has been MUCH better than WE have received here in Mexico. Can you please not "put us down" because of our experiences? You are welcome to your doctors and health care, why can't you respectfully allow that for us without "putting us down"?

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  8. 22 minutes ago, gringal said:

    Okay.  I'll go back to Google and provide several more references that will, essentially, say the same thing about where the U.S. ranks.  I chose that one because it was most recent.  I'd save the salt.  It's not good for you.😉

    Back again:  The query I used for Google was  "where does the U.S. rank for quality of health care"  The  following was one reference for a long page of other references which anyone who wants to do so can check out on their own.  I know that this is not what most people have been told or want to believe, but there it is.


    What I don't understand about some posters is why they find it necessary to provide "statistics" that try to justify that they made the "right choice" and anyone who 'did not make their choice is a "loser". Do they really feel so insecure about the choices they have made that they have to continue to put others down so they feel good about their own choice? What works for one often does not for everyone. I think it would be valuable to quit putting others down (that includes the countries of their choice) and simply show some respect for everyone being secure in their own choice and decisions. You do not have to agree with their choice ( because your experiences have been different), but "shame on you" if you try to infer they made the wrong choice because it is not what you chose ( sounds like .what is happening NOB?) Everyone does not have to agree with you to be right in their personal decisions !

  9. 6 hours ago, gringal said:

    Am I imagining things, or is this turning into a big, fat, POLITICAL discussion???

    Naah.  Couldn't be, could it?'

    But since the glass is already broken, I have a question about Hud's statement:

    " This Republican Congress has never had enough votes to do anything, but they would have the same situation if they did have the votes. So, the administration is left to do the best it can with drug/human/illegal traffickers, with little to work with. It is sad that more people do not understand what is actually happening in the US Government. Many things are not what you read and hear"

    Since the Republicans held a majority of votes in BOTH houses of  Congress, are you claiming that the Republican POTUS wasn't  able to get anything done?  Seriously???

    As far as I can determine, what's actually been happening  in the US Government lately would cause the U.S.Constitution to weep if it could. 



    The President does not control the Congress, The Presidency is a separate branch of government. Each has their own function and responsibilities. (I wish people knew more about how the US Government works).( Surely because Government was one of my undergraduate degrees does not make me the only knowledgeable person about its workings on this forum?) I would suggest that you really brush up on US Government before you make a statement like your last one that is impossible to defend. :(


  10. 11 hours ago, Bisbee Gal said:

    That is just words taken out of context and interpretation of what was said. That is not what was suggested in that presentation. However, I see that you are not interested in the truth, so that in itself

    tells us a lot, no?


  11. 5 hours ago, Bisbee Gal said:

    The current US administration has purposely stymied the review process at the border stations in order to frustrate and grind the process of asylum applications to a virtual standstill.  The administration can at any time increase the number of agents and judges at the border stations to process asylum seekers in a fair and timely manner.  They do not want to do this, that is not their agenda.  

    You need to check your facts, as what you say is NOT true. The US administration asked Congress last year for funds to employee 175 new immigration judges, for the backlog of over 800,000 applicants, and Congress funded 3. Basically, because that is all the Democrats would fund to secure their vote on the Budget.

    The previous administration added a lot of "new" categories to the law (essentially making a "new" law, but only Congress can make laws) to allow more people to claim asylum. That was not legal, yet no one in power protested(like when the previous administration separated parents and children for 8 years and no one complained). The new administration has removed those "illegal" reasons from the process and is using the 5 reasons that are in the Law. Therefore, less people qualify under the actual Law that the President is sworn to enforce on his election(the current President is trying to take that oath seriously and do what he swore to do.). The new administration wants desperately to correct an underfunded and overly burdened immigration system, but too much money is made by the Elitists using the cheap labor of illegals and they control too much of the Congress, so Congress will never do its job and solve the problem. My best example for you was in the first 2 years of the previous administration, when the Democrats had more than enough votes to do what they wanted with Immigration, yet they could not get enough votes to pass anything on Immigration. This Republican Congress has never had enough votes to do anything, but they would have the same situation if they did have the votes. So, the administration is left to do the best it can with drug/human/illegal traffickers, with little to work with. It is sad that more people do not understand what is actually happening in the US Government. Many things are not what you read and hear.


    20 hours ago, AngusMactavish said:

    They would if they could but they can't. The unmentionable orange guy is stonewalling most that even try by not allowing them to pass on the bridges to enter the port facilities.


    If your house was full, then what would you do? I'm sure that if you wanted to rent them rooms at the local hotels, they would appreciate it.



  13. Anyone care to explain why, if they are legitimate Asylum/Refugee seekers, and not just coming to place a burden on the US system, do they Not Cross at any of the many available ports of entry and make their case? Seems to me only those who are trying to enter for reasons that violate the US law would try to enter illegally, no? The law seems clear to grant asylum/refugee st6atus if they can show they qualify under these reasons:  Race, Religion, Nationality, Membership in a social group, Political opinions, and no other reasons are allowed by law.

  14. 1 hour ago, camillenparadise said:

    It's in the block east of Gossip's. Al, glad you got decent service. I just got screwed.

    Seems your problem was you failed to take it back within the 3 month warranty. Not their fault if you did not give them a chance to fix it again. :(



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