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  1. More Reality : 2019-2020 U.S. Flu Season: Preliminary Burden Estimates Other Languages CDC estimates* that, from October 1, 2019, through March 28, 2020, there have been: 39,000,000 – 55,000,000 flu illnesses 18,000,000 – 26,000,000 flu medical visits 400,000 – 730,000 flu hospitalizations 24,000 – 63,000 flu deaths
  2. What an animal you are !!! Lets not go from apples to oranges. Lets stay with apples. 90 deaths is .0003% of the Texas population. You just wantta make it sound like more die than do. That get you off?
  3. Thanks, I am enjoying it. Have a wonderful afternoon !
  4. Another Payaso ! Welcome to the Club. Truth smarts, doesn't it?
  5. Catching a lot of haters and jealous fish right here ! My bait is working fine !!!
  6. Thanks for joining the group !
  7. You know, if you were really concerned about deaths, why haven't you continuously spoken up about the hundreds of thousands killed here in Mexico where you live? You care nothing about lives in Texas. You are just "show" and that is sad.
  8. I've always known you were a Payaso, with a capital P !
  9. What's not happening? If you mean the world is about to come to an end, then I'm not preparing for that. I am preparing for things that I can control. Is this virus bad? Sure it is, especially for me, if I get it. But, to be honest, if I didn't have my flu shot and they didn't know how to treat the flu like they do now, the flu would probably be worse than this virus. Certainly for me. Will we get through this? Well, I guess so. We got through the flu, cause when millions die each year from it, no one notices much any more. So, whatta ya think?
  10. Evidently you are so jealous, you gotta respond. Haters will hate ! Go for it !
  11. Some places do better than others. Why? Preparedness,? People following guidelines? Less fake news? Tougher people? Looks like as of today, Louisiana has .19 % infected or well from the virus since January. And, .007% deaths.
  12. An interesting statistic I found, for those who 'have not completely lost their minds by now: as of today (4-3-2020), .01 % of the people in Texas have the virus, or are recovered. Another statistic worth noting: as of today, .0003 % of Texans have died. These are totals since January, when the Trump Adm stopped flights from China.The MSM will NOT show you those stats, because some of you might realize they have been trying to destroy the US with their scare tactics. Does this mean this virus is not serious. No, but it needs to be put into perspective with reality.
  13. And, you used to live where?
  14. Check it out yourself, you claim to understand it. Who did he tell? Any idea? The wind?
  15. Thanks for proving that those jealous of the US do not understand a Republic and its division of powers. Perfect example of both .
  16. Lots of people here do not desire to understand our Republic, they just want to bash because they are jealous of America. That is just the way it is and they don't even deny it any more.
  17. I posted that information for those not educated beyond their intelligence. I see you came across it by mistake.
  18. Maybe this will shed LIGHT on the hospital situation in each state. Check which states are prepared for emergencies and who fall behind. Some that are a little short on ICU easily have enough to cover with other beds they can convert, in several cases, so are not short at all. See a pattern, or not? https://covid19.healthdata.org/projections?fbclid=IwAR1LkiC25CT3YpAwPK24m_bNWg-dZ2aKq2XAFIEhh1x7SbCCtrOCZ2NhYNk
  19. I would kinda doubt it, what with all the requirements you must meet, plus the blood work and chest x-rays you must first take to your doctor. I think if you are very old and have severe symptoms, the doctors might certify you for testing. Of course, some doctors here seem to like money, so maybe arrangements could be made.
  20. Cal-o-Rex is great. 2 "D" batteries, last years. almost no gas usage.
  21. Try to wrap your head around this. Until there is an effective Covid-19 vaccine produced and given to you and everyone you come in contact with you will never be safe. Why? Because there are tons of asymptomatic carriers of Covid-19 walking among us who could infect everyone they come in contact with without even knowing they have the virus. (Copied from another Ex-pat Board).
  22. That is not true. You are not paying attention to facts here, but aren't you a US basher from another country? Then, that is par for you people that do that.
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