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  1. 9 minutes ago, David Rodwell said:

    My wife and I are driving to Ajijic very soon. Mexico requires we carry at least liability coverage on our car. Any recommendations for Lakeside companies that offer this tourist car coverage??

    Thank you


    Have used Lewis & Lewis Insurance on the Internet for years. GREAT. Excellent coverage and the best rates. Good luck.


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  2. On 12/29/2022 at 9:54 AM, ibarra said:

    So you are just paying her 50 pesos per hour? Wow, I hope she has other family members helping her with expenses.   That's approximately 413.00 per month U.S. and 560.00 Canadian.  IMO Really, really low.

    I don't really think Mostly cares very much what you think.  But, you certainly are entitled to your opinion. I'm sure Mostly would allow you to make up the difference in salary that you think he should pay. Doubt if you care about his maid that much, right? :D


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  3. 4 hours ago, HoneyBee said:

    Have not set foot in Wallmart for probably over 7 years. I use to go to Soriana to buy coffee but now buy it on Mercado Libre. I go to Pancho's maybe every 4 months when I need a hit of Salami and cheddar cheese. Living in an all Mexican neighborhood everything is in walking distance and at much better prices (yes I go to Costco about every 5 months but mainly for stuff for my golden retriever). Also, the need for a Home Depot in this area is puzzling since in Chapala anyway there is a hardware store about every other block. Happy New years 😊 

    I just read that Mercado  Libre is one of the most hacked businesses in Mexico. Latest hack compromised over 300,000 customers information.

  4. 1 hour ago, Mostlylost said:

    Just checked and the USA is working fine

    If your address is in the USA    the number is 800 772 1213 for the main call center  to call from Mexico 001-880-772-1213

                                                        to call your local office in the USA     866-325-0778      to call from Mexico 001-883-325-0778

    or you can open and/or use your account at ssa.gov for the vast majority of questions and information

    If you are registered as living in Mexico you can contact the FBU at the consulate in GLD for help   


    FWIW: When I call the USA  800 number, I simply dial 001-800---. A message comes on that says this is not toll free and I will be charged IR, but I never have been charged  as I have a 150p  for 25 day plan.

  5. On 12/20/2022 at 8:48 AM, Tingting said:

    And the verdict is...

    I'm not sure.

    I've gone to LLCh twice. The first time was with a friend and it was phenomenal. The food was great, the prices were reasonable, and the service was good. I liked it so much that I decided to bring hubs to try it. Well, it wasn't good. While it wasn't exactly bad, if it had been my first time, I would never have returned. The waiter tried, but he seemed flustered. There weren't so many patrons that he couldn't keep up; he just couldn't handle our order. Why? I have no idea. It wasn't complicated. Our soup was barely lukewarm. Hubs's meat dish was tough and he had to really saw to cut it up. My dish arrived with fries when I asked for a salad. The fries that they brought were a mix of fresh and refried -- a major no-no (the refrieds always make me wonder if they were taken off of someone else's plate, recooked, and then tossed onto ours). My order was clearly forgotten as hubs got his and mine didn't show up for another 10 mins or so and the waiter couldn't look at me as he delivered it. He knew he screwed up and forgot to put my order in. It was a basic dish, nothing special, but our meals should have been together. FWIW, mine was actually quite tasty. I had ordered a dish for takeaway and that never came. There were other problems, but these were the worst.

    I'm keeping the specifics a bit vague because I'd like to give the place another chance without it being too obvious. Hopefully, our experience just happened on an off day, but if my next visit is as bad, then I'll know my first amazing meal was a miracle, not the norm.

    FWIW, We have eaten at fairly nice restaurants in Guadalajara and have been served bread with lipstick on a piece,and a thumb imprint on the bottom; chips with a bite out and lipstick marks; salsa with pieces of chips in it, etc.  So, do Mexican restaurants use food to serve you that  other people have had on their table? Absolutely !!! 

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  6. 1 hour ago, Tingting said:

    You're absolutely right. I unintentionally tied two posts together. Hopefully, everyone got the main gist of my posting. At the end of the day, I know that SuperDavid is just a very, very bitter old man whose life didn't turn out the way he expected it would. 

    BTW, you gave me my first belly laugh of the day with your comment about your dog! 

    Just a FWIW, I have blocked him, among others, so I never get my panties is a wad about his posts, nor do I ever fight myself about whether to respond to his posts. It sure is easy to do that. I strongly suggest you do that and skip on forward with your life. If there is a post by someone responding to him, I just skip on by without reading it. You can do this too. Doesn't take much effort to block and skip on by. Good luck.


    P.S. I see the damage being caused by those who respond, because if they simply ignored, he would stop posting. He lives for the responses, and those who respond live to respond to him. Life should be more than that, but those types do live among us. and they always will.

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  7. 17 hours ago, dottiejane said:

    I have been here for exactly 6 months and it has been a very expensive (for me) and stressful one.  I thought I did the necessary research before coming down but did not consider as I should have, the possibility of a serious illness and what it would cost.  I will not go into details but quite obviously since I don[t have  medicare or  medicare advantage which I had in the states.  the cost of paying for many blood tests, doctor visits and a Pet Scan for $1400 US set me back far more than it would have in the states.  The symptoms started appearing barely a month after arriving and  knowing very few people, I had to maneuvre the very different way of doing health care here pretty much on my own.  


    I know I am in Mexico - I love it here - so please no GO BACK HOME replies.  I am just trying to alert people to consider how they will pay out of pocket once here.  I Knew I would not have insurance but being very  healthy and hardly ever at the doctor, i just didn't think about the What IF's long enough.


       I have no complaints about the quality of doctors but I didn't realize that when they order blood tests, they can cost a lot of out of pocket  money and I would recommend asking the doctor why these particular tests are necessary l what he/she is looking for and then doing research as to whether or not you need that test.  I had one well known doctor  in town order a $700 US  blood test which, when I did the research before having it done, found out was for a disease I knew I didn't have   I didn't and don't  have the disease in question and didn't get the test and changed doctors.  The blood lady at Chopco and I became fast friends I was there so often and she told me she takes her father to GDL for his treatmennt since they cost  half what they charge here. 

    Luckily the Pet Scan showed nothing abnormal so it was worth the charge and obviously gave me peace of mind.      The blood tests did show the possibility of a serious condition which is why I continued to track down what it could be.  There is still no real diagnosis but I am still up and around plus  it occured to me I would need a tranfusion if I gave any more blood.to Chopco.    . I   I know my way around much better and have a doctor who is not particularly  well known or the owner of her  own medical clinic, but comes with superb recommendations from people I trust. 

    Don't know if this is or would be helpful to anyone - if not - just ignore it.  If it helps, good.





    We have found over the 25 years we have been in Mexico that if it is routine, we use local doctors and meds. BUT, if we  feel it is more than that, we go back to the US, as more than routine can quickly get very expensive when paying out of pocket in Mexico. Medicare and Advantage have been very good to us over the last 15-18 years when we needed them. Cost of going back and forth there is not that much. Be prepared for the unexpected. Fortunately for them, many here in Mexico have no money concerns so they find the cost of more than routine health care here to be an insignificant expense. A few of us need to return NOB for expensive treatments. Good luck, DottieJane.

  8. 51 minutes ago, Ollie said:

    It expires on February 4, 2023.

    That is the question do I have to take the car out of Mexico, because we are leaving to US with friends and the are driving us with them.


    Thank you,

    You need to take the car out of Mexico by Feb. 4. You can go with your friends, but  must return in time to take it out. But, if you go with your friends, DO NOT turn in your FMM at the Border, as you need that when driving your car out and also when returning to Mexico to get the car. Failure to take it out by Feb, 4  will open you up to lots of possibly Bad things that (let me assure you)you do NOT want to experience in Mexico. Mexico can be a country you don't want to mess with.   Good luck.

  9. 33 minutes ago, lakeside7 said:

    Natasha. Did you read in this weeks GR on page 13?

    It seems that Ajijic attorney and activist Snr Velazquez made a written complaint to Jalisco Infrastructure and Public Works about a triangular planter recently built on the corner of Avendia Madero and Hidalgo in Chapala.

    This has prompted a visit from the department to evaluate the reconstruction.

    Maybe if you could get Snr Velazquez or a Mexican National to write a complaint  about the Wallymart junction, it will received more consideration than from " those  whinging  and whining Lakeside Gringos?

    Well said ! Common sense is a virtue that, unfortunately, all do not possess

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  10. 3 hours ago, Mostlylost said:

    Read the OP's posts. They were asking if they could leave Mexico after 5 months on a 180 day visa and leave their car here. 


    3 hours ago, Mostlylost said:

    Read the OP's posts. They were asking if they could leave Mexico after 5 months on a 180 day visa and leave their car here. 

    They can go for most of that other month, not turn in their Fmm and use it to return before it expires, and drive that car out of Mexico on time. Failure to take it out on time puts them at risk of possibly losing their car 

  11. I find, more and more, that people coming to Mexico (especially those where money is not a concern for them) expect to live a life very similar to what they experience where they are coming from. And, they are put off by people suggesting to them that they need to modify their expectations to fit in to the reality that is Mexico. Just my observations...

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