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  1. From a bench in Chapala Centro. 3 guys on the bench, I think his name was Larry, but not positive. Had a "pony tail"
  2. If that is a "joke" bubba, it was taken in Very Poor Taste. Go to Texas and offer that "joke".
  3. I was told to expect 25 to 1 by election day. Don't buy yet !
  4. If the solar sector continues to grow and people pay less to CFE, how is CFE going to pay huge employee bonuses and huge retirement pay outs. Think they are like Pemex, no?
  5. Looks like he was "overruled " by the real experts. They didn't seem to like his opinion very much.
  6. Pedro, I use a Banorte bank in Leon, Gto. and I usually get on a Saturday afternoon. I pay a fee of 46 pesos (not refunded by 360, which gives me a better exchange rate than my Schwab, and I come out better) but that is only about $2.50 usd. I first check my balance, then I can get  18,000 pesos at a time), no problem (never tried for more). Never used another bank atm, as this one is very close and I don't have to drive far.

  7. A few years ago, we drove my wife's Mexican plated car into Texas. They asked at the Laredo crossing whose car it was and I said it was hers. They asked where we lived (Texas) and said that a Green Card holder could not legally have a Mexican plated car in the US. I said that we were going to get my car from the repair shop in Mexico and would be bringing it back in 4 months. They let us pass.
  8. MC, do you have your water tested by someone "independent" of those who installed it?
  9. 250p in home is "standard"? Not by my standards. Speak only for your experiences, not mine, ok?
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