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  1. 11 hours ago, chicamysterious said:

    Its not the fee its the conversion. Most charge around 25 to 50 pesos. Which is less than $5. However when you pull money the exchange rates are horrible. It could more than 5 pesos per dollar difference than current posted conversion. So when pulling out a few thousand pesos you just gave the bank 500 pesos or more.

    When you are pulling the money and the screen comes up to show you the rate and asks to accept or decline make a note of what they are offering then press DECLINE. You will still get your money but it will be at your current bank or card rate not theirs. Visa has a posted Rate. Mastercard has a posted rate. You can see what the current rates are on your internet browser. Open your internet browser (Chrome) enter 1 usd Mxn in the search bar google will show you the current exchange of a dollar to pesos. Many think if you press decline you will not get money that is not true. You are declining their exchange rate. That alone is going to save you ten times what charge is. You can also check with your banks website or call. Many reimburse for the charge here or use a network like "Allpoint" and there are ATMs that will have the allpoint logo. But in reality it is only a couple of dollars.youll spend more than that in gas. But Ive seen so many people go to an ATM that charges 25 pesos instead of 40. A difference of basically 1 dollar. They saved the dollar but then lost a 1000 pesos on the Exchange rate the local bank gave them.

    Just remember Press Decline. Compare what you actually received to what they WANTED to give you.

    I upload a screenshot of the current exchange rate shown in google chrome

    See image its 19.02 right now. It changes constantly. Look at ATM when they ask you accept what they are offering but remember DECLINE



    Just interested in how much the bank charges to use their machine. I guess I didn't make myself clear. Actually 25- 50 is not definitive enough, nor is there a name of a bank (location). I'll try to be clearer next time. :(

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  2. On 2/8/2023 at 3:37 AM, CorinneS said:

    When you go out of the country for a few months and don’t have a Mexican credit card how do you pay your bill? I was thinking about putting money on my account at an OXXO but is that even possible? 

    We have a debit card at Citibanamex and when we go out of the country, we use it to pay all bills online. Been doing that for years.

  3. 10 hours ago, gringal said:

    How about keeping your cart in front of you and never turning around to the point where others can access it?  I've noticed that some people even leave their handbags in the cart and wander well away to check out shelves.  I've never lost anything from a cart and only use handbags that hang over my shoulder, made of heavy yarn cord that just about can't be sliced open. In other words, common sense is the best protection.

    Many of those who come to Mexico forget to bring "common sense" with them. After all,  more and more people these days seem to never have acquired it.

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  4. Wife and I went to Chapala Dental Care for cleanings this week. Both Dr. Barragan and wife, Cynthia, were booked until March, so we used Dra. Consuelo and Dra. Christie. While in the office, we learned some interesting information, you may already be aware of. Dra. Consuelo and Dr. Barragan are partners in this Clinic. Dr. Barragan has his wife as one of the dentists, and Dra. Consuelo has her daughter, Dra. Christie, as one of the dentists. I thought that was very interesting, and the reason the Clinic does not bear the Barragan name. So, officially, it is not Dr. Barragan's Office. BTW, both cleanings were 700p each and excellent.

  5. 3 hours ago, tazman said:

    I started the process to open an account at Citibanamex on Tuesday.  It was quite a process, required an appointment, and took well over an hour, but the rep said the basic account needs no phone app to be used. 

    We're in Mexico most of the time so it won't be a problem in the short term, but to my amazement they said it would take the 45 days to actually open the account. 

    Thanks for the info.

    We opened and used the ATM on the same day, but that was a long time ago. Hope it all works as well for you.

  6. 7 minutes ago, tazman said:

    When we opened the HSBC account PC web access was not a problem and then the phone app became a requirement.  The app was needed even to log on use the HSBC web portal.  Upgrading one's phone meant a trip into the bank and at least an hour long wait, plus a great deal of time to get the app activated on the new phone, not something we wanted to do during the lockdown. 

    We were told the "security features" we were facing were mandated by the Mexican government and all banks followed them.  It sounds like that wasn't the truth.  Paying bills was also extraordinarily convoluted and difficult to set up. 

    If Citibanamex allows web access through a browser and easy payment of bills, an account with them is worth considering.

    Thanks for the replys.

    Just a FYI, we don't put our payments on "automatic", but I go in on the chromebook and pay them each month( or 2). Just feel better about doing it like that, but maybe we could do "auto" but don't want to.  I do get notified by Telmex and CFE when their bills are available to pay. Not water, but I know the date to check for the bill.

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  7. 11 hours ago, tazman said:

    You receive a new card in the mail in Mexico?  I've never received anything in the mail, only flyers and bills stuck into our gate or mailbox.  HSBC never mailed anything, I had to go to the branch any time I needed something. 

    Admittedly this was a confluence of issues that had a lot to do with COVID, but IMO HSBC deliberately took advantage of the situation when the changed their fee policy when they knew access was a problem.

    A couple of questions:  Does Citibanamex charge fees every month?  Can you access your account with a laptop, or do they require a cell phone app?

    We pay no fees, but we keep a balance so we always have money to pay the bills. You would need to ask them. I always do everything on my computer (chromebook). I don't use a smart phone. We pay water,electric, telmex internet. I'm sure you could pay more, but that is all we use. 


  8. 2 hours ago, tazman said:

    A bit of a story... 

    I lost online access to my no fee HSBC Mexico account at about the same time online payments with US credit cards stopped being generally accepted.  When my ATM card expired a short time later (during the COVID lockdown) I had no way of getting it replaced without waiting an hour+ standing in line outside of the bank at least twice.  And there was the risk of close contact with people inside. 

    When I finally made it back into the bank (and with COVID it was months), I found out that HSBC had started charging fees and had essentially stolen all of my funds.  They wanted about 1,500 pesos to reactivate the account in addition to the thousands i had already lost to their fees.

    Never again.

    We have used Citibanamex for over 15 years without one drop of problems. We receive a new card in the mail a month before the old ones expire. Never a problem. You do what you think is best for you. This is what works best for us and I don't believe you will find another way that is "easier".  Been here at Lakeside since 1997. Good luck.

  9. 20 hours ago, tazman said:

    After years with no problems, like many people I have found that utility bills I used to be able to pay online with an American credit card now require payment at a utility company office or a Mexican store.  I've purchased an an Oxxo prepaid Visa card but unbelievably, that card doesn't work for paying utilities (or much of anything) either.

    Has anyone on here found a way to get a useful prepaid Mexican credit card or other easy way to pay Mexican utilities that no longer accept American credit cards online?

    Open a small saving account and get a debit card. Easy to pay your bills online with that debit card. Just put some money in it to keep from paying a monthly fee. Been doing that for years, here and when we are NOB. EASY.


  10. 1 hour ago, White Pelican said:

    Thanks for your response, yes I know to do this which is why it's frustrating


    "Unlimited for 200p per  month gives you very little use of the Internet. Therein is your problem. Whipstock is "right on ".

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  11. 9 minutes ago, David Rodwell said:

    My wife and I are driving to Ajijic very soon. Mexico requires we carry at least liability coverage on our car. Any recommendations for Lakeside companies that offer this tourist car coverage??

    Thank you


    Have used Lewis & Lewis Insurance on the Internet for years. GREAT. Excellent coverage and the best rates. Good luck.


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